Unlocking inner strength amidst outer turmoil

From exhaustion to empowerment, tap into deep healing and embrace change with hope, resilience, and renewed strength.


In this transformative private session facilitated by world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward, we embark on a profound journey from the depths of exhaustion to the peaks of spiritual and emotional liberation. The client begins the session feeling overwhelmed, physically drained, and unable to engage in her usual self-healing practices. Recognizing the intensity of her energy depletion, Jen gently guides her through a series of personalized tapping protocols and insightful dialogues. These aim to address her immediate sensations of being hit by a proverbial train, while also delving into the deeper, underlying causes of her distress—ranging from personal challenges, such as the daunting prospect of losing her home, to deep-seated engrams rooted in past life traumas.

Jen’s approach weaves together compassionate listening with powerful, energetic interventions, highlighting the session’s unique blend of empathy and efficacy. Through targeted tapping exercises, they explore the client’s intricate web of emotional, spiritual, and physical blockages, touching on themes of loss, change, and the daunting task of moving forward amidst uncertainty. Jen’s insightful comparisons to familiar narratives, like the resilience seen in Harry Potter, serve not just as relatable metaphors but as potent reminders of the spiritual principles at play. This session is not merely about alleviating immediate discomfort but about initiating a profound shift in her consciousness, steering her towards embracing change as an opportunity for growth and empowerment.

As the session progresses, Jen and the client tackle a spectrum of challenges with unwavering determination and hope. From the tangible, such as the need to relocate and its impact on her family and pets, to the intangible, like the emotional and spiritual toll of carrying past life burdens, Jen’s guidance is both grounding and transformative. The session culminates in a series of powerful affirmations and visualizations designed to fortify her sense of security, belonging, and purpose. Through Jen’s skilled facilitation, the client is led to a place of increased resilience, empowerment, and readiness to face her life’s journey with renewed vigor and a deeper connection to her inner strength and wisdom. This session encapsulates the essence of healing: a journey not just back to baseline but forward to a state of greater wholeness and universal alignment.

Quotable Quotes

“So the beauty of that is if you would have had to hear that a month ago, that would have devastated you.”

“So always remind him that it’s great that you feel this empowered, but have compassion for everyone else who was stuck that you were who couldn’t have sessions with Jen and use your superpower of awareness for good.”

“Because the truth of the matter is the universe doesn’t let you down. The fact is that we’re living right now, we’re eternal beings.”

“So someone who’s suing you for divorce and who’s trying to make you feel small and little cannot imagine the joy that you can get from bringing your trees with you.”

“And think about it. No one. Can really hurt you. What they can do is trigger you to hurt yourself.”

“So if you take the trees with you, they won’t have to be sad, and then you won’t have to project the sadness on to yourself as your own.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:42 Discussing the Importance of Taking Breaks
00:05:00 Navigating the Challenges of Relocation
00:10:51 Releasing Limiting Beliefs About the Future
00:16:04 Birthing a New Consciousness
00:18:22 Sharing a Personal Experience of Adversity
00:21:24 Identifying the Ego's Influence
00:26:46 Nurturing the Inner Fire (Dantian)
00:31:29 Tending to the Inner Home
00:37:24 Acknowledging the Significance of Trees
00:41:43 Maintaining a Connection with Special Trees
00:45:09 Releasing Fear and Embracing Opportunity
00:50:39 Receiving a Supportive Vibration
00:53:17 Offering Ongoing Support
00:56:13 Encouraging a Positive Mindset
00:58:49 Extending Compassion to All
01:00:48 Conclusion

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