Unlocking the chains of the past

Jen Ward guides a client in healing past traumas, reclaiming dignity, and embracing empowerment in a transformative spiritual journey.


In the profoundly transformative Jenuine Healing private session titled “Unlocking the Chains of the Past,” world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides the client through a deeply introspective and healing journey. This session transcends the conventional boundaries of healing, delving into the layers of the client’s past lives, personal dignity, and the intricate web of family dynamics that have unconsciously shaped her present reality. Through a series of energy taps and spiritual insights, Jen aids the client in shedding the weight of historical burdens and misconceptions that have robbed her of her innate dignity and joy, marking the beginning of a journey towards self-empowerment and spiritual liberation.

As the session unfolds, it becomes clear that the client’s struggles are not merely her own but are echoes of past traumas and unresolved emotional debts. Jen’s empathetic approach brings to light the roles the client has been compelled to play throughout her lifetimes—from the fool to the comic relief—roles that have inadvertently led to a diminishing of her self-worth and personal power. Through the compassionate and skillful guidance of Jen, the client embarks on a path of healing, releasing the engrams of being everyone’s distraction and the deep-seated traumas of selling her children in a past life, symbolizing the release of her most profound fears and the healing of ancient wounds.

“Unlocking the Chains of the Past” is not just a session; it’s a testament to the power of spiritual healing and the resilience of the human spirit. Jen Ward’s unique approach, blending energy healing with actionable insights, empowers the client to reclaim her dignity, embrace her inner strength, and protect her energy from external negativity and judgments. This episode stands as a beacon of hope for all those looking to break free from the chains of their past, encouraging listeners to embark on their healing journey and discover the boundless potential within themselves for transformation and renewal.


00:00:00 Opening Reflections and Emotional Release
00:02:14 Deep Dive into Past Life and Current Challenges
00:03:32 Exploring Dietary Changes and Academic Concerns
00:08:00 Addressing the Relationship with Eugene
00:12:03 Healing from Past Life Traumas
00:23:28 Confronting Family Dynamics and Seeking Protection
00:25:33 Empowering Self and Setting Boundaries
00:33:54 Unveiling Betrayal and Deception
00:36:37 Confronting Family Dynamics and Healing Past Traumas
00:37:00 Releasing Emotional Baggage and Affirmations for Empowerment
00:41:36 Transforming Self-Perception: From Fool to Hero
00:45:33 Building Emotional Defenses Against Negativity
00:50:22 Visualizing Protection and Empowerment
00:57:19 Navigating Family Relationships with New Strength
01:07:37 Embracing Self-Worth and Preparing for Positive Relationships

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