Extended healing package

Whether you are aware of it or not, almost every person living on the planet right now is working through layers and layers of core issues accumulated over a multitude of past lives. Everything in the universe is energy. Your past life experiences are stored in your soul’s energy field. And while most people have had many positive past life experiences, it is the array of past life trauma that is at the forefront of the core issues that are hold most people back from living their best life of passion and purpose with abundance, health, and success.

A single private healing session with Jen Ward is life transforming. In it, you address deeply rooted core issues stemming from past life trauma and engrams. But image what you can achieve over an extended healing program in a series of private sessions with Jen.

That is why we have put together a package of six healing sessions conducted with Jen Ward over six weeks. Each session will focus on addressing a unique aspect of what is holding you back from experiencing your optimal joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, and success. Earlier sessions will focus on clearing your energy field of negative influences. In those early sessions, Jen will triage what needs to be addressed in each session. As your work with Jen progresses, subsequent sessions will focus on setting the foundations removing all blockages to living your best life of passion and purpose.

When you take the initiative to doing the hard work throughout the extended healing package, with Jen’s assistance, you are taking a quantum step forward toward your own empowerment. You will be literally doing the work that takes most people many lifetimes to achieve.

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