Jenuine Poetry for Life

This book is a compilation of spiritual truth and artwork from Jen Ward with chapter introductions by Marvin Schneider, her soul mate. These writings are Jen’s plea to the universe to provide comfort and understanding to the harshest of human experiences that she has endured. Her poems expand consciousness while providing comfort and direction to the reader as they go through similar experiences. They help you realize you are not alone.

Jen’s poems take you on a spiritual journey that melts the walls around your heart and so inspire you to become the best version of yourself. The world will become a better place when more and more people raise to higher consciousness. This book is a pathway to raising human consciousness.

This book contains a collection of poetry and artwork in twelve chapters that explore the themes of Universal Consciousness, The Human Collective, Nature, Ascension, Self-Awareness, Soul Mate, Healing Goddess, Living a Spiritual Life, Inspiration, Searching for Love, Finding Love, and Erotica.

The prose introducing each chapter delves into a full-out, yet succinct and practical exploration of spiritual truth far beyond mental acrobatics. Marvin underpins the universal questions of love, freedom, creativity, the expansion of awareness, and even erotica, in a discernible way for the reader. He has a unique ability to translate Jen’s whimsical meanings into tangible language that is available to the mainstream.

The artwork in the book is diverse–sometimes playful while other times a poignant exclamation to a freshly revealed truth and vulnerability. You feel the love poured into the artwork and poems because she intentionally expounds the love of Source through all she does. There are few times in literature where the writer can articulate in imagery what is expressed in their words.

This book is a beautiful outcome of the synergy of two souls that came together with the purest intention to uplift all of humanity. It is possible, by immersing yourself in this book, to experience the love and respect Jen and Marvin have for all of humanity.

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Print Length: 364 pages
Weight: 1.55lb or 0.7kg
Language: English
Publication Date: April, 2022
Hardback ISBN: 978-1-7351056-3-5

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