Pet Healing Session

Dive into the profound world of energy healing tailored especially for your furry companions with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward.

Pets are incredibly adept at perceiving the world in energy. In fact, they are probably better at it than most humans. Like humans, their soul carries the memories and experiences from past lives which often influences their current behavior, health, and wellbeing. And because our pets are deeply connected to us, they often take on your stresses, pain and trauma.

In a pet healing session, Jen will access your pet’s akashic record and past life engrams to ascertain what needs to be released. She will then guide you through a series of Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps which you will perform on your pet while she is concurrently working to move stagnant energy. She will often reveal the past life connection between you, family members, and your pet.

Jen has a near perfect track record in helping people find their lost pets. Amid all the energy noise, pets can occasionally forget they have a human family and revert to primal mode. Once in primal mode, their instincts to explore, hunt, roam, and mate might get the better of them. In a lost pet situation, Jen will connect to your pet in energy, knock them out primal mode, and explain to them that they have a loving human family and a warm, cozy home to go to. You will be amazed how effective this is in helping you find your pet.

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