Emergency Healing

$250.00 USD

Throughout the years, many people have reached out to me when they have had an emergency. I have developed a great skill of being able to remotely tune into most issues and expedite the healing or even create outcomes that were unfathomable without the person being aware of my energy work in the background. I hear things after I have assisted in an emergency like:

“The doctors don’t understand why, but the its not as bad as they first thought”

“My aunt is getting released early.  Thank you”

“They say he really dodged a bullet.  The odds of his recovery were so low. The doctors are shaking their head”

Surgeon to the Client- “We thought you were a statistic because of your age and because it was stage 4.  It really is miraculous you are doing so well”


It is so discouraging when someone is at the mercy of a diagnosis or a situation and they feel so helpless. So here is an offer to receive an emergency healing at the time that you need it.

Here is how it works.  Please email me at jen@jenuinehealing.com and request an emergency healing.  I will assist from afar.  When you or your loved one has passed through the issue, just please send me a thank you donation of $250 by completing the checkout transaction on this page.

The beauty of this is that you only send the fee when you get validation that a better outcome was afforded you.  You decide.  This holds individuals accountable for the healing they receive and helps them realize the benefits of reaching out for non-traditional healing and receiving it.

Of course, it would be great to follow up the emergency healing with a private session.