The SFT Lexicon: Second Edition

The SFT Lexicon: Second Edition

The second edition of The SFT Lexicon will quickly become your ‘go to’ textbook for achieving a purpose led, fulfilled, and transcended life.

Gifted dynamic healer Jen Ward has spent decades researching the core issues preventing most people from living their best life. Jen’s extraordinary and challenging personal journey has gifted her with a unique ability to perceive in energy and read akashic records. This, along with her Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, allows Jen to work with clients to remove blockages to happiness and effectiveness that exist within any individual.

Over the years, Jen has constructed thousands of SFT taps to remove hundreds of core issues common to a lot of people. Those taps, and the insights underpinning the taps, are now available to you as part of the second edition of The SFT Lexicon. It contains SFT taps focused on removing blockages and core issues dealing with physical ailments, emotional issues, psychological issues, other behavioral issues, and relationship issues.

Affirmations used in many ‘new age’ practices are not always effective because the ego often gets in the way. The ego is constantly scrutinizing and refuting those affirmations. SFT taps are different to other forms of affirmation because they bypass the ego. SFT taps, and the way they are worded, are a means to access the psyche beyond the ego’s scrutiny.

Once blockages and core issues have been removed with SFT tapping, all vestiges of self-doubt and mediocrity are dissolved, and all doors are opened for individuals to realize their potential. This affords them the ability to tap into the holy grail of their life’s purpose.

While the SFT taps and insights provided in this book stem from Jen’s ability to perceive in energy and read akashic records, you do not need to buy-into the notion of past lives and reincarnation to address your own core issues and benefit from the SFT taps. If you prefer, you can simply think about core issues that have been coded into your DNA, and which have been passed down to you through your own lineage and that of your people.



SFT is the most powerful, rewarding, destiny-altering spiritual work I have ever came across. I use my SFT Lexicon daily, and have seen the most mind-blowing miracles. Can’t wait to join you and Marvin for the next SFT Facilitator workshop. Blessings be yours. Leoni Milne, Texas, USA



Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 inches
Print Length: 482
Weight: 2.3lb or 1.05kg
Language: English
Publication Date: August 1, 2021
Hardback ISBN: 978-1-7351056-2-8
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7351056-1-1


The second edition of The SFT Lexicon is available for purchase in three options:

eBoook only (US$50)
Paperback plus eBook (US$85, including postage)
Hardback plus eBook (US$105, including postage)

The eBook is provided as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file with the full layout and page reference of the print book retained. The eBook version can be read on any modern eBook reader, IPad or Android tablet with a PDF reader software installed. The PDF will be watermarked with your name and phone number on the bottom left of each page for personalization purposes. Your eBook will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.

The print versions of the book are available now for pre-order and will be shipped to your delivery address once printing logistics have been completed. Each individual order is specially printed in one of several print-on-demand facilities located in USA, UK and Australia. Once the book has been printed, your order will be dispatched to your delivery address directly from the printing facility. Please allow up to three weeks for printing and delivery. Of course, your eBook version will be available within 48 hours of purchase.

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3 thoughts on “The SFT Lexicon: Second Edition

  1. Azurina Schalk says:

    Dear Facebook family and friends, I’m a pretty private person so I don’t think very many of you know that being quick to anger is something that I’ve struggled with a lot over the last few years. It’s something I’ve really tried to control and work on as it was really affecting one of my most important relationships. After trying countless times to remedy this and find a permanent solution in the “traditional” ways, nothing worked, at least not long-term. Then through a friend I was introduced to “tapping.” Which basically entails tapping on the different chakra points in your body. Tapping has been known to help tremendously when it comes to physical, mental, and emotional issues. Jen Ward who herself is a shaman and dynamic healer has an awesome book that explains the origins and history of tapping.
    ☆☆☆☆I literally felt a shift in my anger after doing just FOUR of the taps she has on anger, and I hadn’t even done the whole page. Also, anyone who knows my husband knows he doesn’t blow smoke and is truly honest, and he will attest to every statement I’m making because this also worked for him!!! Had I truly found a solution? Yes, I had. ☆☆☆☆You guys I have lots of other stories that I have witnessed from those I know who have used Jen’s taps in their personal lives. If you want more information, just DM/call/or text me and I’ll be happy to share more with you. In the meantime, here’s a link to Jen’s website, and her book, “The SFT Lexicon” second edition. SFT a.k.a Spiritual Freedom Taps.

    TL;DR- Get Jen Ward’s book on SFT tapping because it truly does work!!

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