Donate to Jenuine Healing

I have been working tirelessly for decades to uplift all of humanity. A lot of content that we put on social media is free, including the Jen in her Jammies podcast series, Heal the World group SFT tapping sessions, and Emergency Sound Healing sessions.

We are calling on all those who appreciate our work for assistance in two forms.

The first is by energetically holding the intention that we prevail, by doing taps, and by getting others to do the taps.  It would be wonderful if there were thousands upon thousands of people doing taps, and listeners sharing episodes of the Jen in her Jammies podcast series and other content we post on Youtube.

The second is in monetary form, and there are four ways you might choose to do this. 

  1. You can encourage your friends, colleagues, and people you know, to book a private session with Jen at
  2. You can buy some of my books for yourself or others at They make great Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and holiday gifts. They are also great to donate to your local library.
  3. You can purchase Jenuine Healing merchandise. Our first item – a baseball cap in the colors of the Australian Aboriginal flag and decorated with the Jenuine Healing logo – are available to purchase at
  4. You can make a paypal donation to Jenuine Healing by following the link below.

Thank you for your love and support.