Come make salt with us

Explore a vivid astral journey with a guiding hawk that unveils deep insights on freeing humanity from spiritual bonds, paralleling Gandhi’s salt-making act. Dive into Jenuine Healing

The messenger hawk

Throughout my life, one of my most cherished messengers and spirit symbols is a hawk. A particular hawk often graces my backyard and perches itself on the branches of an apple tree that I am particularly fond of. This hawk has been a guiding force in my life, steering my writings and grounding my presence in the world. I’ve always felt that he is more than just a bird; he’s an Adept, a spiritual guide taking a unique form to communicate with me. So it is not too surprising that my hawk friend is a key character in the story I am about to tell you.

Venturing into the astral realm

Several years ago, I experienced a dream so vivid, it felt intertwined with reality. This wasn’t just any dream; it was an immersive journey into the astral plane. While many might dismiss such experiences, it’s becoming evident that an increasing number of people are operating from the astral plane as a natural extension of their physical selves. One of the most distinguishing features of the astral realm is its semblance to our physical world. Yet, there are notable distortions and nuances. This isn’t merely a reflection of the world as we know it; it’s a realm replete with its own dream symbols, lessons, and messengers. Such is the case with this dream.

On this particular astral voyage in the dream state, I discovered my hawk friend perched in the upper room of my garage, looking out from the front window. The distortions of the astral plane with the hawk looking out the front window were immediately apparent to me. It was clear that the hawk was a messenger in this dream. The essence of his message? A profound insight, one that he wanted to be attributed to him.

A haunting dream of imprisoned women

During the dream, I was on a mission to visit a woman trapped in a frightening house, eerily resembling a fraternity residence. While the owner seemed amiable and ordinary, the atmosphere within was anything but. The woman I intended to visit was paralyzed with fear, positioned like a life-sized doll in a seemingly endless house of horrors.

Looking around, I found the house resembling a large Barbie Dreamhouse. Each room revealed more women from diverse backgrounds and eras, trapped in terror, frozen in time. This wasn’t just a home; it was a gallery of the man’s conquests, each woman imprisoned in a terrified, paralyzed stance to satiate his sinister desires.

This man, on the surface, appeared as a likable frat guy. But beneath that facade lay a monstrous captor. As I moved through the house, with sheer intention and force, I began to free each woman from their imprisoned state. I contained the man with a force field, preventing him from harming the women further. This was not just a rescue mission; it was symbolic of my purpose. I was liberating female energy from centuries of suppression and domination, ensuring the oppressive male force couldn’t intervene.

Throughout this experience, the hawk was telling me that female energy has been held hostage by male energy for epochs. He was saying that I was literally freeing women from bondage all over the lower worlds. Women everywhere have been held hostage in their homes terrorized at the hands of male energy. Perhaps this dream was conveying how the concept of marriage being a “happy ever after” was being ripped off society as a veil of illusion.

The symbolism of making salt

In another part of the dream, there were some quirky scenarios about making salt. There was a huge contraption set up whose solely purpose was to help me make salt. An assistant, who years later I realize is my husband and soul mate, Marvin, kept bothering me with all his attempts at making salt.

My assistant got the contraption working, and he and I commenced making salt in the basement. When I first had this dream, I thought the basement merely represented doing something that impacted the physical world because in my dream symbols of a home, the basement represents the physical realm and the attic represents higher realms.

But in hindsight, the dream symbol is more literal. In our physical life together, Marvin and I have our offices in the downstairs of our home. That is where he works tirelessly on all that is required to keep Jenuine Healing running smoothly. It is also where I facilitate private sessions and write the content that I share.

This part of the dream went on for a long time, so I knew that it contained an important message. At the time, I didn’t recognize at all the significance or importance of making salt. Yet it was satisfying in the dream to know that me and Marvin, after years of effort, were finally successful in making salt thanks to the contraption that Marvin had invented. There was strong symbolism connected with the analogy of making salt, and it was important to the hawk for me to understand and get a sense of its significance.

When I awoke from this experience in the dream state, I sensed the grave importance of the message. I stayed in the space between awaking and sleeping as long as possible so as to piece together an understanding of the symbolism and what it meant regarding my life and our work together to uplift all of humanity.

My guides told me that the significance of that dream was encouragement so that I don’t get too discouraged in the healing and energy work that I do and want to give up. They reminded me of how important it is for me to continue. They reminded me that when I free one individual from their personal karma in a private energy healing session, the client is a surrogate for the masses in society who are tangled in a similar situation. With each private session, the collective weight of karma (energy imbalance) is lessened. I wondered still about the significance of making salt. It was such a pointed message.

The understanding revealed itself to me inwardly. Understanding things inwardly is how tapping into higher truth works. In that moment of inward clarity, I was given the correlation between my life and the analogy of making salt.

A connection to Gandhi and historical defiance

In my past life as Helena Blavatsky, the books I wrote at that time served as an inspiration for Gandhi. In Gandi’s life, his huge act of defiance was making salt when it was illegal for Indians to do so. It was at a time when England claimed India as their own. As a way of subjugating the local population, England made it illegal for Indians to make their own salt in order for them to levy a tax on English controlled salt manufacture.

Gandhi’s hugely extensive impact on the world began with the humble act of making salt. Making salt at the shore of the ocean was a peaceful act of defiance by Gandhi. It was a simple but powerful gesture used to embolden the Indian people everywhere to take back their sovereignty as a people. Making salt was something all the Indian people could do if they had the courage and inclination to do so.

Your modern day salt making machine

When I woke, I was told that my writings and the energy healing sessions that I facilitate seem quiet as well. But the ramifications for humanity of what I do are even far more reaching than Gandhi’s. His intention was to free the enslaved people of India. What the beginning part of the dream depicted is that me and Marvin’s intention is to free all of humanity from being trapped in a yang slanted bias and in doing so, all individuals will be freed from the illusion (dream house) that has them paralyzed.

It is exciting to share this insight with new understanding. There is a literal aspect of the dream that I couldn’t possibly have known until the present when I actually experienced it. Marvin, who was my assistant in the dream, has been working painstakingly on Jenuine Healing as part of our joint mission to uplift all of humanity, one individual at a time. It is a lot of information for one man to absorb, process and implement.

Marvin’s many attempts to perfecting our equivalent of a salt making machine were documented years ago. The Adepts told me in that original dream that this upgraded version of the Jenuine Healing website is efficient at making salt. It is our means of inspiring the masses to awaken and empower themselves. This is the encouragement we have both needed to forge on during these outwardly troubling times.

As I received this interpretation from my guides way back then, the hawk appeared in my apple tree and sat there present for me as an affirmation of this truth – that Jenuine Healing is having a sweeping effect of freeing humanity from the bonds of spiritual enslavement.

Make your own salt with us

Just as Gandhi encouraged individuals to go to the shore and make salt for themselves, we encourage you to use the tool of the SFT protocols, have private sessions with me, and interact with us here in the Jenuine Healing community events. I am excited that you have found your way to reading this message. In doing so, Marvin, me and the Adepts of the ages ask you humbly to come make salt with us.

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