A toad’s tale

Embark on a telepathic journey with Mr. Toad, exploring lifetimes shared between a toad and a human. From Neanderthal caves to modern gardens, discover memories of reincarnation, ancient bonds, and the call for environmental consciousness.

There is a garden in my backyard where a toad lives. I sense that I have known this toad before because we are able to communicate with each other telepathically. He seems to know a lot about me, and I know a lot about him. It’s as if we have spent many lifetimes interacting with each other and this is just one more.

It is Mr Toad if you please …

He told me that his name is Mr. Toad and that he prefers to be thought of as a prominent member of his garden community.  He told me that he is very proud to own his own home. It’s a ceramic toad house. Of course, I ordered it for him out of a catalogue according to his specifications. He insisted that it have his family name on it. And it had to be red.

Across the way is a fairy village. They are his neighbors, as are the fireflies in the warm weather. They are very special neighbors. There is a pond out front that he reminds me to add water to when needed. He wants me to tell you how it is that we came to have many lifetimes together.

Reminiscing lifetimes shared

In a lifetime long ago, we became friends. Well, acquaintances actually. He was a cave toad and I was a human. A Neanderthal, which is sort of human. We both lived in a cave with my clan and we were all careful not to disturb the toad or annoy any of the other small creatures that shared the cave with us. I considered the toad to be my totem who brought good luck to the clan. The toad totem is a lunar symbol of yin and yang and life and death. The toad symbolizes the need to take action. Because toad has to eat constantly, it cannot just sit idly by. Just as I watched the toad, he watched the clan and carefully observed our interactions with each other.

Mr. Toad reminded me that as humanoids, we Neanderthals had to hunt for our food. The prey could be dangerous. Mammoths and big ox-like animals could inflict death at any time. And there were dangerous predators hunting us too, like big cats and wolves. It was a wild world, but we had clothes made from skins, rudimentary tools and weapons and fire. These items made life a little more manageable for us.

Meanwhile, as a toad, he hopped around eating bugs and tried to avoid being caught by a snake that also lived in the cave. The humanoid life was harder than the toad’s life, which was simple. He was proactive in getting his food, but he didn’t have to deal with the other humanoids like I did. We Neanderthals didn’t always cooperate with each other. I don’t know why, but some of us liked to argue.

Rebirth and recognizing old bonds

Eventually, I left my Neanderthal body when a tiger attacked me. I don’t know how the toad left his. But that was not the end of our friendship. Over the centuries we were both reborn many times, and if it were the same time and same place, we continued our friendship. Somehow we recognized each other even though I am a modern human now. I saw him hopping around in the garden and recognized him. On some deep level, I remembered our lives over the years. The toad is still the one hopping around looking for bugs, and he is still making observations, which he communicates to me.

Mr. Toad is very concerned that many people do not remember their past lives and he is very concerned about global warming. He told me that if only humans would give up the idea of just one life after which they go to some place called heaven, whatever that is, for the rest of eternity, they would realize that they personally have to deal with the consequences of their actions today. Toads have to deal with them too. Mr. Toad noticed that sometimes other humans come over to my yard to visit. He doesn’t know who they are. But the other day, he told me that he overheard two humans say they weren’t worried about global warming because they were elderly and wouldn’t be around to be affected by it too much.

Raising earthly consciousness

He then told me that this morning he wandered around the fairy village to meet with the neighbors. The fairies were flitting around enjoying themselves. He said that he doesn’t think most humans see fairies or believe they are real. I explained that some humans have seen them, but many think they are make-believe. The fairies and he talked about the new bush on the other side of the garden that I planted. One of them said it would have pretty flowers in the spring, the kind that attract butterflies and bees. They were happy about that.

I tried to explain to him that there are people on earth helping to raise the consciousness of humans so they won’t do destructive things anymore to each other or the world. They are helping humans to learn more about themselves and see from a higher vantage point.

Mr. Toad said toads are doing their part by protecting plants and eating bugs that can damage them. In the meantime, perhaps you know someone–a human, a pet or other animal, or a tree that seem familiar–like you have known them in past lives. Be on the lookout for them because they may be looking out for you too.

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