A plushie’s journey of healing the childlike self

Journey with plushies and their mysterious healing power for the child within. Discover how these inanimate companions, with tales beyond imagination, offer solace and bring about transformative healing. Dive deep into the magic of plushie consciousness.

The comforting embrace of plushies

My plushies are my friends. They offer words of encouragement day and night whenever I ask. I can count on them for comfort. And when I talk to them, they look at me with their big eyes and deliver.

The other night I woke up at 2 am in a panic. It felt like life was closing in on me and all the old insecurities pressed down on my chest and gut. Thoughts circled.

I reached out to the plushies for comfort. The lamb, the pig, the cow and the goat. They all had special words of wisdom and encouragement. I went around to each one and asked them for guidance and gave them all a hug. Each had a different message for me. Their words relieved me and put me in a positive mood. I felt the weight of angst leave. Their faces spoke to me. It was a two-way exchange, I was sure of it.

How is it possible to transform from interacting with a plushie? How do these plushies relieve my anxiety more than even a person could? I wondered about why the plushies were so comforting as I picked up my bear Hairy and gave him a big hug too. What was the story of the plushies and their beginning? Did they develop compassion or come in with compassion? I started up a conversation with Hairy about where he began and how he learned to be so loving. He was shy at first but he soon told me his story.

The intriguing tale of Hairy the bear

He remembered that moment of his birth where he came into his bear body and awakened suddenly. Everything was a blur of light as the moving energy settled into his new bear body. He could see all around but it took him a while to make sense of what he saw. There were children everywhere working with fabric, and sewing machines and stuffing bears like him.

He felt a smooth satin rope going around his neck. Little fingers were in front of him tying a bow. The boy tied the bow three times till he was satisfied. From that moment forward, Hairy said, he would do a good job, the best he could. He learned from the boy how to do a good job. His wanted to tell the little boy thank you.

As he focused more on his surroundings, he saw the long wide room with florescent lights on the ceiling. Rows of boys and girls cut the fabrics. Then the pieces of fabric were pushed down the rows to where girls sat by sewing machines stitching parts of the bears before they were filled with white spongy materials.

The room was burning hot and he could see either sweat or tears pour down the cheeks of the children.

When his ears began working, he heard the sounds of the sewing machine competing with the flies that buzzed around florescent lights that hummed. He heard the clicking sound as other bears got their eyes on their faces.

He could expand outward in all directions, and this consciousness kept expanding. He no longer had to use his eyes to see. He could perceive the long, wide room with high ceilings.

He heard some of the children complaining about their sore hands and feet. Others missed their parents and siblings. He could pick up what they were thinking and what they were feeling because of who he was expanded in consciousness.

He learned from children how people wanted love and company. His purpose was to give love to all children of any age. He said he could do this because he was a plushie.

I asked him if he could explain how.

He knows he’s cute. He knows that when you look at him with his nice tie and shirt and shorts and little bear body, that you are revisiting your childlike innocence.

He told me that because he doesn’t have feelings or a mind like people do, he helps children of all ages bypass the brain and be directly in source with them. He says that the quickest way to calmness and knowingness is through really being with inanimate life. He says that it’s a secret in plain sight. He feels it is a joy to help people in this way.

Hairy told me that he knows he is fabric and materials. But he can still love and expand his consciousness. We meet in the space between atoms.

He said to me, “I wouldn’t want a brain like yours but we can connect through the heart and the space between.” He added that all plushies know how to reflect back and magnify all your good intentions.

He said how very important it was for all of us to tune into everything in our life. Tune into the speaking ones in your life like animals and people, but the non-speaking ones too.

The origins of my plushie family

I thought about how plushies came back into my life. It was my friend Jen Ward’s first retreat. She had gathered stray plushies from garage sales over weeks and weeks. She gathered over 50 of them, and held a vision of some day having a retreat to give the plushies out to attendees as a way to heal them.

The retreat manifested, and each attendee got the plushies that spoke to them and resonated with them. I did as well. That was the beginning of a journey with many plushies who have come to heal me and my childlike self.

Hairy confirmed the work that plushies can do when people wake up to them. He said that it’s a well known secret among plushies. When you tune into inanimate life you activate your ability to “be” beyond this mind and emotions. This can propel you into the world of wonder and creation where you can heal.

Have a moment with your plushie today.

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