The small world bookstore

Journey through the enigmatic corridors of the Small World Bookstore in Rochester, NY, where the legacy of Madame Blavatsky resurfaces. Dive into a tale where past meets present, and history intertwines with memories, revealing a soul’s timeless voyage.

A modern connection with Madame Blavatsky

My friends Mike and Therese and I went to the bookstore were Madame Blavatsky published her first book. Coincidentally enough it was in Rochester, New York. All these years later, it is a used bookstore instead of the literary center it was over a hundred years ago. It was amazing that this bookstore existed in my then hometown and I never knew of it. My friends went in with a handful of my books to talk to the proprietor. I followed behind them.

The store was on a street downtown where I have never visited before. It was a couple blocks away from a trendy coffee hangout next to a foreign film movie theater. There was a timeless peacefulness to the building and the surrounding block. Although there were fences, houses, and brick walls around it, I was imagining it and perceiving it as if we were back in the eighteen hundreds and THIS was the trendy spot for the curious to congregate.

A surreal experience at a vintage bookstore

The layout I was envisioning from a hundred years ago was so different to its present state. It was a standalone building back then with no other buildings around it crowding it in. In my imagination, I was drawn into an elegant garden where people would sit outside having tea and finger sandwiches. The women were dressed in long dresses with hats and gloves, tipping their fingers as they sipped their tea. I could almost feel the discomfort of my flesh fighting for space in an unforgiving corset. I could actually get a sense of rebellion against such social conformity back then; all the while being trapped into societal conformity.

Mike and Therese brought with them the book in which the front cover image depicts how similar I resemble Madame Blavatsky. I went inside the store which had books scattered everywhere. There were antique nick-knacks on the shelves as a reminder of the long history of the store. This building’s history was palpable. It hovered under the surface of its desperation to maintain relevance in the literary world. I hung back as I heard my friends say kind things about my books, my healing work, and my grandiose intentions for world empowerment.

The enigmatic proprietor lost in time

The proprietor seemed to be glazed over. It was as if he had been sitting in his chair behind the counter for a hundred years. The counter was a square enclosure like you would see a judge sit in. Except it wasn’t raised. He seemed distracted with all the books the store was inundated with and all the information that was swimming around in their old covers. He seemed like a very old soul that was experiencing his own private purgatory and anyone who visited the store just happened to be a disturbance to his penance.

As miraculous as it seems, there was actually a line waiting to interact with the proprietor. Someone was having a long slow interaction with him as they checked out a book. My friends were waiting in line to talk to him and then there was a couple waiting in line behind them. I hung back near a column of books to observe the interaction my friends were about to have with the proprietor.

 As Mike and Therese got to the front of the line, the couple behind were giving commentary on my friend’s introduction. The woman, who was eaves dropping, turned to me and quipped that the book of mine they were showing him was too long. She was right. I already knew that the proprietor was saturated with reading material and was not going to read it.

So, I called to my friends to abandon their introduction of me. He seemed half asleep as they spoke. It was obvious that we were wasting our time. He wasn’t interested in anything they said. He was very polite. But he just listened agreeably and half-heartedly as he tipped his chair backward with his arms folded behind his head and his feet pushing against a box of books.

My friends gifted him a poetry book which they placed on the counter for him. There was a mention of possibly hosting a poetry reading in a month if we were interested. But the offer seemed like it was merely a courtesy on his part. There was no enthusiasm in him for an event to happen. It was almost as if even the dust of this old place didn’t want to be disturbed any more than he did. Except something happen as I moved from the column that I was standing to past him with his feet still up on my way out the door.

A journey across lifetimes

As I passed his chair on “sentry duty”, he suddenly seemed alert and eager, 100 years younger. Swiftly, he jumped to his feet with an eager hand out waiting for me to pass. The light came into his eyes, a smile splashed across his face, and he held out an eager hand for me to shake it. I felt like a celebrity meeting a fan. His eyes were wide in seeming admiration. He was respectful and eager. It was a drastic contrast to watching him interact with my friends Therese and Mike.

In a surreal way, I felt that meeting the proprietor was a means of folding time and space somehow. Just as I could sense the grounds a hundred years ago, I sensed that this man was an important part of the experience. Were we friends way back then when I was Madame Blavatsky? It was almost like in that past lifetime, he and I had made a light-hearted agreement to reconnect when I was ready to fulfill my highest purpose. If so, that agreement was a sacred bond that was so strong that it held him in his position of caretaker of the store for way too long. Perhaps in that eager handshake, he was fulfilling an oath that seemed like it would never be fulfilled. Perhaps in this meeting, he could finally be free of a soul contract to wait in the store for my return.

Discovering the reincarnated self

When I was informed by my spirit guides that I was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky, over a decade ago, I dismissed it at once. She was homely with bulgy eyes. I knew nothing of what she was accredited with. I just stumbled upon her picture on the internet. I didn’t look anything like her a decade ago. In fact, she reminded me of my sister and her daughter. Not me.

It wasn’t until going through the process of enlightenment that I developed any awareness of my own relevance in the scheme of life. Until then, I was just a nobody, struggling to doggy paddle through life and keep my head above water. It didn’t matter if I lived or died in the big scheme of things. Yet when I was held on the property against my will by the sociopath, I didn’t even try to leave. I just took what the sociopath handed out. Inwardly, the Adepts (my spirit guides) kept reassuring me that I would endure. They told me then that I was important to the world and that I would be world renown someday.

Empowering the masses

I didn’t have any evidence that I had anything to contribute to humanity back when I was told that I was Madame Blavatsky. But since leaving the property, I spent all my time on social media honing my writing skills, reaching out to people who were desperate for help. I had stumbled on the ability to move energy around a client’s body with a strong enough intention. The work I do now is moving stagnant energy outside of the client and dissipating it. This affords the client freedom in their energy field that is akin to a miracle to them.

What is happening now is that this same talent I have discovered to free energy in the client and release it from the body, is now happening on a grander scale. I have honed the ability to move stagnant energy out of groups, factions, and long-standing belief systems and return it to the individuals that it was taken from. I can span across the time tract and move stagnant energy out of any embodiment that it is trapped in, regardless of the lifetime.

The SFT tapping that is such an easy tool for people to free up their own energy was painstakingly taught to me by the Adepts. It is a means for all individuals to untether themselves from karmic situations, remove the grip that individuals and groups have on them, and to free up their own dynamic energy for the first time in lifetimes. The fact that it seems so simple is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because I can assist all individuals in getting free if they take the initiative by doing the SFT tapping regularly. It is a curse because compared to all the austere practices of trying to regain empowerment, the SFT protocol makes it seem so easy that individuals overlook its impact because their ego tells them that it can’t be that easy.

Madame Blavatsky’s unfinished legacy

The Small World Book Store, being the place of publication of Madam Blavatsky’s first book, seemed like a bread crumb clue she left me to validate the work that she does as me in this lifetime. Rochester is not a place she lived back then. It seemed that her being published in Rochester seemed relevant to me being born and raised there. Also, in her writings, she mentioned how special Australia is spiritually. Perhaps she was alluding to what I embark on now as I relaunch an upgrade of Jenuine Healing with my husband Marvin in Wodonga, Australia.

After I survived the experience that led to enlightenment, I was trying to come to grips with entertaining the idea that I was Madame Blavatsky. A couple things validated everything I was being told. Besides developing a healing ability that gifts clients with an incredible shift in consciousness, I have an irreverence for similar things that she also had an irreverence for.

Needing validation, I reached out on social media to a psychic friend I had assisted in the past. He had gained popularity for his abilities, and we became friends. I got the courage to ask him years ago if I was Madame Blavatsky. As he tuned in, he was inundated with an absolute “yes” as an answer. To validate this truth, he was drawn to a passage that Madame Blavatsky’s mother had written about her. She lamented how her poor Helena would have to endure such a horrendous life and she was so concerned for her.

My psychic friend pointed out how Madame Blavatsky had an entitled life. He had the absolute understanding that the lifetime that Madame Blavatsky’s mother was lamenting about was my lifetime now, in the present. Blavatsky’s mother knew what I would have to endure to get to the point of writing this article right now.

Also, ten years after being told I was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky, I was joking around with a cousin. I held my image up next to her image on the front cover of the book. His jaw dropped. It wasn’t until I looked at my image next to hers in the picture that he took that I saw the physical resemblance.

A universal mission

Visiting the bookstore and having a surreal sensation of merging two lifetimes as one was perhaps an important event on its own merits. It was like I was folding time and space and merging with myself in another lifetime. Perhaps this is the experience that was necessary to synergize the intentions of two life’s purposes into one. Perhaps this is the strength and fortitude it takes to empower every individual on the planet. Perhaps all of our combined efforts can help eight billion people understand who they are as dynamic spiritual beings. Perhaps this is happening in using the SFT tapping protocols to bring a balance between male and female energies within everyone.

As this is done, much of the suffering dries up in the world. No wonder it took more than one lifetime to achieve.

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