Reconnecting with the wisdom of the trees

Embark on a spiritual journey of connecting with nature. Discover the profound wisdom and their impact on human consciousness. Rekindle lost bonds and embrace the enchanting realm of fairies.

When I moved into my little cottage on the edge of a wooded area, I brought with me a small forest of tree saplings, each one in their own single pot. They were saplings I had collected the year before that found themselves growing in yards or hedges where they would not survive. If I didn’t intervene, they would be mowed or dug up and discarded like common weeds.

Rescuing saplings

Every time I saw a sapling auspiciously growing in a dangerous place for them, I would dig them up and add them to the rows of saplings on the private balcony of my apartment.  I became caretaker to over four hundred saplings in a very short time. When fall came, and the apartment complex needed my balcony cleared for renovation, the little saplings were moved into my small kitchen. Shelves and light lamps were installed to accommodate the new nursery.

It was a challenge keeping them all hydrated over the winter’s month. My sensitivities became heightened in communicating with them to meet their needs. I learned that they each had a dynamic sense of identity and were well aware of what I was doing to assist them.  It seems that because I was so interested in their survival, and individuality, that they individualized more.

Through the intimate circumstances of helping the saplings thrive out of their elements, their consciousness seemed stronger. In fact, because I worried so much on their behalf and obsessed over where I would plant them in the spring, their personal vantage point veered from the indifference of nature to wishing to thrive.  The intention to thrive was an ecumenical reciprocation from all the saplings for the loving act that they were receiving through my efforts. Trees and humans don’t usually exchange love so intimately. At least not in modern times. Usually, trees give and humans take.

Every night I would try misting all the saplings in the small confines of the kitchen. There was such a indescribable sense of comfort in caring for them. I was amazed at how much physical warmth their presence provided the home. I was also able to get a sense of different personalities and glean different truths through our intimate connection.

The symphony of trees and their timeless melodies

They even gave me a sense of their personal preferences. For instance, when they asked me to play them music to comfort them, they explained that the great composers were tapping into higher consciousness for their music. To hear great music was to be reconnected to nature. All the music that the great artists seemingly composed, already existed in the celestial realms. The composers were merely documenting it for human’s benefit.

They confided in me their preference of Mozart over Beethoven. They told me that Mozart more easily pulled down the chords of music from the ether where Beethoven struggled to get it exact. They could feel Beethoven’s angst in his music where Mozart’s was more integrated with nature. I experienced what they were conveying in different artists and writers. But not knowing enough about classical music, I took them for their word. 

Months later, I was standing at the fringe of a forever-wild area behind my little house where me and the saplings moved. There was something magical about me accruing this little home against all odds. I suspect that the saplings had a hand in helping me find, secure and move into it. As soon as the ground was soft and warm enough after the winter, I planted all the saplings that had made it through the winter into the ground. They were ecstatic.

It was a mixed blessing getting them into the ground. I was so happy that they were happy. Their excitement was palpable. These little personalities that I had nurtured were literally melting into the ground. It was a surreal experience. Once a sapling got placed into the dirt, the little personality that I loved, seemed to scurry away in the earth somehow. It left me so sad and hollow. I was rich and full of their love one moment and the next moment, I was empty.

Profound message for humanity

As I walked away sad and depleted, I sensed one of the personalities of the little saplings run back to the surface to tell me something. The saplings didn’t want me to feel depleted after my dedication to them, so he quickly gifted me with profound insights.

The saplings were so excited to be back into the ground. The mental image I received was of a huge celebration happening underground, like a New Years eve celebration or homecoming for these saplings; that had such a story to tell. Eager to get back to the celebration, the tree hastily but thoroughly gifted me with some profound truths.

All trees can be as individualized as I experienced in the little saplings. But they don’t bother showing their animation to humans because humans have been conditioned to be indifferent to them. Centuries ago, trees and humans would interact with each other, similarly to what I was experiencing with my saplings. But there was a plague of ignorance that swept over the earth that targeted anyone who interacted with trees. Anyone who showed sensitivities that allowed them to perceive in energy was demonized as evil or labelled as a witch.  The terror of being tortured or killed simply for having interactive relationships with trees conditioned humans not to connect to trees.

Histories intertwined

In the past, anyone who would commune with trees, was tortured and killed as a precursor to the systemic instillation of a man made god. This god that humans were forced to worship was made in his image and with his limitations. The era of humans being disconnected from the wisdom and companionship of trees was a period of great genocide.

The crusades marked a shift into the ignorance and cruelty for the era of man. The dark ages marked the beginning of this era. That of which man has not yet recovered from. Humans tell themselves that they have come out of the dark ages, but they have merely become more savvy and sophisticated in their defending their ignorance.

During this era, women were demoted from equals to men to servants to them.

Before that time, women were considered wise councilor to kings and would be groomed for their sensitivity. It was similar to how men were groomed for their leadership abilities. Trees were also considered wise sages of the land. Humans could learn the history of the area by asking trees what they recalled. Perceiving in energy as I was doing then with the little sapling was a natural occurrence. This is what the druid community was known for. I was told by the little sapling that me communicating with them was a throwback to an ancient time.

The trees miss those ancient times of interaction with humans. So it was exciting for tree kind to experience this once again through my gesture with the saplings. It is almost as if this small gesture on my part of creating an interactive relationship with trees was the precipice of a greater advancement of enlightenment on the planet.

The tree downloaded so much information into me that day. He told me that trees are as individualized as people. They only show up as inanimate because humans don’t bother to communicate with them anymore. So they are like the teenager on all his devices who tunes out the adults around him who don’t give him the time of day.

If a person truly respects a tree and shows interest in it, the tree will wake up from its apathetic indifference to humans and respond. But because of the engrams of being tortured for their relationship with trees, individuals will avoid that inner turmoil at all costs by shrugging off those who display a respect for trees as tree huggers. In doing that, they are avoiding their own painful engrams of being separated from tree kind.

He told me back a few years what is commonly known now. That trees communicate through their rooting systems. They can connect to any other tree on the planet similarly to how humans can communicate through social media. The reason social media is so important to humans is that it gives them a reference to how trees communicate and, in that way, expands their consciousness.

There was so much that the tree wanted to gift me with but he was eager to go back to the celebration. So and soon as he realized that I had received the information enough to formulate it into thoughts, he returned to the ground and was gone.

From this experience, I seemed to develop an ability to connect to the fairy world. In fact, the ground where I planted the saplings became a place where I could sit and communicate with fairy kind. They have a lot of information that they want to gift to humanity. Perhaps the more that we reconnect our relationship with trees, the more we nurture a safe haven for fairies to exist in this realm.

SFT tapping to connect to the wisdom of trees

Say each statement three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We release the trauma of betraying our tree friends; in all moments.

We release needing to choose self-preservation over our love of the trees; in all moments.

We release disrespecting the wise council of the trees; in all moments.

We release ignoring our greatest teachers, the trees; in all moments.

We release walking in a stupor of ignorance and denial regarding the trees; in all moments.

We dissipate all psychic streams of energy of male superiority; in all moments.

We send all energy matrices into the light and sound that mandate a separation between trees and humans; in all moments.

We command all complex energy matrices that mandate a separation between trees and humans to be escorted into the light and sound; in all  moments.

We remove all the painful engrams of cruelty and carnage done through desecrating trees; in all moments.

We release the systemic practice of invalidating the contribution of trees; in all moments.

We release walking around in a paralyzed stupor of disconnection from tree kind; in all moments.

We release the looming destruction of the human species initiated through disconnection from the wisdom of the trees; in all moments.

We eliminate the first cause in being separated from the wisdom and reverence of trees; in all moments.

All blockages to humans reconnecting in reverence to the wisdom of the trees is removed; in all moments.

Humans are centered and empowered in reverence and deference to tree kind; in all moments.

Humanity resonates, emanates and is interconnected with all life in reverence and deference to tree kind; in all moments.

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