The giving tree

Discover how self-reflection and connecting with nature can mend the human-nature divide, empowering you to uplift the world and nurture future generations.

There is a book that many parents have read to their children about a tree that gave selflessly of itself to the demands of a boy that grew into a man. At the end of the story all that is left of the tree is a stump, the boy returning as an old man to simply sit and rest with it. The story sheds light on the perspective of a man utilizing the resources around him to create a life for himself, but the more glaring truth shows the superiority and indifference humanity has of the life around him.

In the current world, humans have found themselves in an isolated and self-absorbed state, one that is cut off from their connection with nature and the flow of energy around them. Regardless of when or how this schism occurred, the present question everyone should be asking themselves is, “How do we mend this gap?”

Although many can speculate and play the blame game, a more simple answer is to look within yourself. If more individuals valued self-reflection and accountability of their thoughts, words and actions then life would be a more peaceful place.

Talking with trees and connecting to their wisdom can help humans to find the clarity and truth they need in navigating their inner reflection and growth. On my daily walks, there are many trees that I walk past. All of them have become my best friends. Striding past them, I can feel their energy grab my attention, a wave of greeting and excitement at reuniting with each other. Oftentimes a strong breeze that wasn’t there earlier, brushes past the leaves as I say hello; another greeting from the trees.

One conversation I had with one of my tree friends was on the topic of trees being cut down. The tree showed me the many years that trees have been on Earth. During that time all the creatures co-existing alongside each other. However, that all changed with the evolution of humans. The trees have helped humans with their knowledge to help them grow and evolve. And at one point they did have a closer relationship with the land. The tree asked me in bewilderment, “Why are humans cutting down the trees?” I told him that I was sorry and that many have forgotten their connection to nature.

The call to action for all individuals is to get outside and work with the plants, trees and dirt. To release the superiority and see all life as equals. As you work closely with earth, you’ll begin to bridge the communication with the trees and your own intuition.

Accountability starts within. It is the courage to look at yourself and understand that there is always growth, learning, and transformation to be done. When you choose not to pursue this and stay in denial, it will lead to stagnant energy and apathy. As energy beings you are meant to expand and expound. In what way can you expand your energy? Outflow. Outflowing is giving your energy to all life around you in the intention of spreading encouragement, truth and love. Uplifting all life around you to make the world a higher vibrational place. If you want to know what your purpose is, that is your answer. To empower yourself and empower all life around you.

The questions is, how do you become empowered? Empowerment comes from remembering and embracing the sovereign being that you are. That you matter and you have the ability to affect all life on the planet. With the understanding of that force of your energy and intentions, it should guide you to have your thoughts, words and actions be at the purist and highest intention. That internal work within yourself will also show up in the external world around you.

Now that you are expounding in higher consciousness, that needs to be taken to the next level of teaching and guiding the younger generations. One example of this is through parenting.

As a parent, the challenges of raising children are enriching, but also exhausting. It is the responsibility of proactive parenting, instead of being on autopilot. Being empowered within yourself, as well as, nurturing your children’s empowerment is an important foundation. Raising children that are loved and cared for, that are giving back to the planet, instead of selfishly demanding what is owed to them through a “take” mentality.

With individual accountability and growth, as well as, educating and guiding future generations to be connected to the earth will lead to raising human consciousness, healing of the planet and world peace. Humanity can change the bleak narrative of the story of the giving tree, to humans giving back to the trees, tending to them and respecting their wisdom.

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