Earth, the heart chakra of the universe

Read Mother Earth’s letter to humanity begging you to uplift yourself into higher consciousness and respect your home.

Dear Humanity,

This is a message from your Mother Earth. I am Gaia, Female Energy, Goddess.

If you are reading this, Earth is your home. Earth is also home to many other species of animals, birds, wildlife, insects, and plants and trees.  These also are my children.

I love them. They found life here long before humans arrived. They lived in harmony with each other and with nature. I provide for them just as I provide for you.

It seems that many humans are confused as to why they are here and I have paid a price for that misunderstanding. My other children have also paid a price. So many humans go through life on an unfulfilling linear timeline, looking for ways to make life more uplifting and interesting. Arrogance, particularly with male energy, greed, seeking power over others, over nature and over earth itself have led to conflict and misery instead of peace and tranquility. Please stop being so afraid of each other and of life itself.

Humans are unnecessarily destructive to the life supporting properties I offer. It is not necessary to take everything to the point of destruction with a feeding frenzy of consumption? “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die” is a saying. But what if you don’t really die? What if you reincarnate and come back to me in a new body? You have done this many times. You will have to live with what humanity has done in previous lifetimes. And it may not be pretty. Consider my other life forms. They also want to live. They reincarnate also just as you do. When you excavate for minerals or fossil fuels you leave scars on my surface and below the surface. Too often, they are not repaired.

You are destroying my forests where much of my life force lives, not only wildlife but also plants and trees, especially my trees. Of course, you already know about the destructive things you do. Many of you say that you want to do better. You want to change the world, but do you want to change yourself? I have given you pristine water and fresh air. You have been spoiling them. It’s not too late to turn that around.

Today, humanity is at war with itself causing even more destruction with modern weapons not only to itself, but also to all life and to myself. In the past, you fought over resources. Now you fight over ideas such as religion or nationality. You believe that your religions are about God, but their teachings are not even close.

Balance your male and female energies. Try communicating with nature. That is where you will find the peace you seek. Every tree is your friend and mentor. There is so much you can learn from trees. They willingly give to you if you will stop and listen. Really listen with an open heart. If you can, plant a tree. Nurture a forest. All of these things that have hurt me can be undone with the right intention and love. I can and will heal. It is not too late for humanity to heal, but you must get started now.

Your Mother Earth

Mike Kravetz Avatar

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