Ways your pet is healing you

Explore some of the ways your pet provides you with healing energy to boost your overall health and sense of well being.

When your pet steps all over you, they are actually stretching out connective tissue that is wrapped around your muscles and bones like cellophane. It can improve the mobility of your joints and muscles. It can even alleviate pain.

There are enzymes in your baby’s saliva. When they lick your face, perhaps it can rejuvenate your skin.

When your cat purrs, it moves energy on a subtle level. Your cat’s purr can help stagnant energy in your body move out. It is a form of jump-starting issues in your body.

A person is supposed to have four hugs a day to stay healthy and balanced. Your pets are perpetual hugs. They provide all the physical contact we need.

Pets give us an incentive to get up out of bed and do what needs to be done. People can get in a funk. Your pets’ needs will prevent you from staying in it. They need to be cared for. Our love for them spills over into self-love.

Two energy systems share information. A stronger energy system can override the deficiencies of a weaker energy system. When you have young healthy pets, they can reprogram your body to youth and enthusiasm.

Pets are very compassionate beings. They absorb our pain as their own issues. People may never recognize how their pets have literally sacrificed their health and even their lives out of love for them.

Pets are a means to give ourselves love with one degree of separation. We will give to and care for our pets in ways we refuse to give to ourselves. For many people who feel unworthy, this is an upgrade to teach them how to indirectly care for themselves.

Pets provide company. They prevent people from feeling isolated and alone. They show us compassion and offer a nonjudgmental environment which is very healing.

Pets give us a sense of family. They add so much love and encouragement to our lives. Our pets think we are perfect. They allow us to be better than we believe we are. They are our children, best friends and even our life partners. They fill in all the gaps when other humans fall short and fall through the cracks.

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