Being an energy healer

Explore the journey of a dynamic energy healer, from a sensitive childhood to mastering healing arts and overcoming life’s challenges.

Being a dynamic energy healer

I was always a sensitive child. I spent so much of my early years crying. It wasn’t until well into my adulthood that I realized I was feeling other people’s pain.

Every day was excruciating. Hearing music and interacting with people elicited such emotional pain that it was difficult for me to think of someone else experiencing loss or feeling sad. From early age, I also had this deep desire to be spiritual. I remember sorting out my personal stance on angels, God and purgatory when I was about four years old.

Surviving a dysfunctional childhood

I was the youngest of ten children in an alcoholic home that was dysfunctional at best. Being introverted and invisible were my best survival tools. The only means of validation was in helping others. I kept all my thoughts and desires to myself and wasn’t aware of the keen insights I was collecting.

Developing spiritual insights and abilities

As I delved into my own spirituality, I would have these dream memories that were so real that I knew them as my past lives. I remembered explicit scenarios of different ways I had died. People will ask me, “How do you know they are memories of you?” I would answer, “How do you know that memory of what you did yesterday was you?” It is a very vivid recollection.

I remember how I was murdered, what it felt like to die slowly, what happened when I died in war. I also remember being dead in one lifetime and not realizing it. I know the special hell of thinking you are alive after the body is killed. Every scenario helps me now with clients who are having difficulties. Everything that happens now whether I am asleep or awake is research to help release people from similar issues.

The way I excelled socially was in listening to people who called me on the phone. I have always listened with reverence. I was so grateful that someone wanted to talk to me that I would do anything I could in the moment to help them feel better. I have always honored it as sacred. It was always a subtle way I used to serve God.

A journey through adulthood challenges

Adulthood brought with it a relentless string of challenges that left me fighting for the simple amenities like food and shelter. Exhausted, broken and nearly defeated, a friend started taking me to have sessions with an energy worker. The sessions lightened my burden like nothing else ever had. I gained some self-esteem and enrolled in massage therapy school.

When I was in school, we learned that tissues carried issues and the was demonstrated when students responded positively to massage. I could feel energy move around the body. I became proficient in massage and was in high demand during clinic hours. Not only could I feel energy in the body when I touched it, I could feel it even when I didn’t touch it. I could also help it flow around the body just by intending it to do so. Each massage was reverent to me, and my intention to help someone feel better seemed to bring more results than the average massage.

Expanding my healing techniques

Other modalities were easy for me to learn. When others would spend thousands of dollars to learn special techniques, they would show them to me and I would just know them. I started to figure out new ways to use modalities and people started to have heightened experiences during my sessions. I brought my knowledge of how to move energy to people I talked to on the phone. I began using the technique of being a medical intuitive. When I talked to someone, I could perceive blockages in their body and would gently will the energy to unblock. I could perceive sick organs and cloudy areas in the body. I would release the cloud with my intent and bring clarity back into the body.

My focus to help others was so intense that it seemed to collapse space in a way. I could feel the dis-ease of their body like a stagnant cloud around me. I somehow learned how to “blow away” the cloud and dissipate someone’s blockages. They would feel much better. It also helped me unplug stuck energy if I emoted sounds. Although uncomfortable to listen to, people tolerated the sounds because of the incredible relief they felt when I made them. The sounds evolved into mimicking the sounds of the issues that were being released. Some of the issues were anger, sadness, frustration etc. I could interpret the sounds I was making to access more information about the issues the person was holding.

Emergency healing and intuitive insights

People started calling me in emergency situations. One friend who had diverticulosis, called me in the middle of the night because she didn’t want to go to the emergency room. Since she refused to call an ambulance, I stayed present with her and tried to make her feel better with my “intention” and sounds. She relaxed after a while and that particular issue never returned. She never had a recurrence of the bleeding that is a symptom of diverticulosis.

I did a similar type of session for my best friend’s mother who was in and out of the hospital with diverticulosis. They were thinking she would not recover from it. Unaware of personal boundaries at the time, I thought about my friend’s mother in the hospital and just started emoting and releasing like I would do if she was on the phone with me. My friend called me the next day to tell me her mother was released from the hospital. The bleeding had stopped. Her mother lived another 20 years and never had another bout with diverticulosis again.

My older brother called me in the middle of the night with a terrible headache. He was someone I wanted to help very much. He wasn’t usually one to reach out to me, so it was very special. I started to feel his headache. It was like a vice. Then I started to feel all sweaty and unbearably uncomfortable. I can only explain it this way: I felt like his issues were a river moving like a tube past me. During the most intense part of the experience, a voice within me, my inner guidance, told me NOT to remove the whole river.

I stopped myself before releasing everything that I was capable of. I told him to go to the hospital. Later through the grapevine, I learned he had a mini stroke that night. It was minor but he was left with a slight lisp. Intuitively, I knew that that lisp was the part that I was told not to release for him. He needed that slight reminder for his own spiritual lessons. He never acknowledged my help that night and I don’t even think he realizes what transpired.

I learned the correlation between emotional pain and physical pain from a woman who came to me with excruciating fibromyalgia. She was so sore that she couldn’t be touched. I was still inexperienced, so I blurted out during the assessment, “You were gang raped in a past life.” She just looked at me horrified. I realized what I had done. She hadn’t been gang raped in a past life; it happened to her 30 years before in this life. She never told anyone. But I knew. I saw it.

With her secret exposed between us, I started involuntarily sobbing. She hugged me and was consoling me, but she was really hugging and consoling herself. It was the first time she acknowledged the trauma that she had endured 30 years ago. It took her a few months to come back to me again, but when she did, she reported that the pain was about forty five percent less. After each session, which entailed me touching parts of her body and spontaneously sobbing, she seemed happier and lighter. Her physical issues seemed to correlate directly with the emotional pain, which was so intense, that it bled into the body as pain.

I have developed such deep devotion to helping others. It has created such an acute sensitivity to other’s energy systems that I simply know things about them. It is obvious to me when they aren’t aligned in their center. I can help people shift back into center or realign by using the same intention that I use to release blockages. I have become so accustomed to shifting people back into their center that it seems to happen spontaneously when we connect. This is why I am able to help everyone who attends a group event with me even if we don’t address a particular issue. People seem to shift back into alignment when we connect no matter if it is one-on-one, or there are hundreds of people present.

I am also able to see a pattern with past lives and present-day injuries. I am able to access akashic records and see past experiences layered upon a present-day injury. If someone has a sore neck, for example, I may see layers of lifetimes coming into play. While I am connecting with someone, I can be watching them go to the gallows, be decapitated, choked, etc. From my perceptions, I create a set of SFT taps specifically to fit their trauma. I will have this person release the specific trauma in all moments. This prevents the issue from ever needing to be addressed again.

I can also tell someone how the dynamics of past lives are affecting their present life. This is usually something very specific that I could not know arbitrarily. Being able to tune into a person’s present-day concerns is helpful in creating trust with a client so they can relax enough to let me release their issues.

This was the case for one woman I had seen decapitated in a past life. I saw her as a queen going through a chamber of a castle to be executed by decapitation. I also saw that in the present life, she collected crowns and was very sensitive to people coming up behind her. Knowing these details about her present life allowed her to be more receptive to the SFT taps I gave her to release the trauma she was holding in her neck.

Once there is a conscious understanding of what is causing a specific pain and it is validated, the body is free to let go of the pain. In this way, pain is used by the body as a cry for help to address deep emotional issues that the body has stored from the past.

Understanding the law of attraction and past lives

One thing I never understood is why the law of attraction didn’t work for everyone. If one person could have abundance, why couldn’t everyone? I determined that if the law of attraction didn’t work for someone, it wasn’t because they were too depraved but because they made a different agreement with life that rendered the law of attraction inoperable.

It occurred to me that many of us were in monasteries in past lives. As part of our devotion, we took vows of poverty, silence, solitude, etc. We affirmed different vows as sacred oaths to God. These vows didn’t have the shelf life of one lifetime. These vows were affirmed to last forever. I combined this knowledge with my abilities to assist with energy flow and created a protocol of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps for people to perform as part of a session with me.

The goal is to undo past life vows that renounce joy, love, abundance and freedom. Recanting past vows has been very effective in helping others get past limitations that they accepted as inevitable.

I started making the SFT taps specific for certain individuals and the recipient seemed to get great results. My one girlfriend was a successful and attractive woman in her forties who never dated. There was no outer reason for her not to attract a man. I observed her wearing a ring on her wedding band finger. She said it was from her dear aunt who had always worn it on the wedding finger. In that moment, I saw my friend as an old nun who wore a wedding band on her ring finger to depict that she was married to God.

I created an SFT tap for her to recant her vow to be married only to God (in all lifetimes). She obliged. The next day she was asked out by someone she was interested in. It never amounted to anything but it was a validation to her that the tap worked. A couple months later she started to date her old boyfriend and became engaged a couple months later.

I have found that it doesn’t matter if I do a one-on-one session or a group of people at a time. In a group, there seems to be an energetic shift in everyone. It is like they are all having private time with me at once. Many people don’t realize the correlation between the sessions and the positive shifts that transpire after a session. They just feel lighter in the moment and think their life has spontaneously turned around. That is fine. As long as they get what they need and are better people to those around them, I am okay with the oversight.

Encounters with the dark side of spirituality

A few years ago, I met a very intelligent man who suffered silently from being in society. His energy field was distorted and I worked on removing the warps I saw in it. I didn’t realize the depth of his depravity until it was too late. As I assisted him, he became very grateful. He sent me gifts and gave me attention that no man had ever given me. I felt special. He was compelled to connect with me as a means of relieving his suffering from intangible sources.

In my attempts to help him, I delved deeper and deeper into his psyche. It was a dark place. Through his delusions, I learned about alternative realities, UFO’s, the paranormal, Illuminati, etc. My help gave him such relief that he wanted to take care of me.

We moved to an isolated area where neither of us knew anyone. He changed drastically towards me almost at once. Instead of seeing me as a blessing, he saw me as a threat to him and thought my talents were something I stole from him. He became obsessed with my dog and resentful of me. Before we had moved together, I developed Stockholm syndrome and cut off all contact with my friends and family. It became easy for him to control me.

In a short time, I went from being a gift to the world in his eyes to the opposite. In a paranoid state he made me drink vinegar water throughout the day and had me induce niacin flushes upon myself daily. He told me I was evil and created a heightened state of terror and confusion in me that was maintained until I entered an altered state of bliss and non-ego for three days. I had the most horrific experiences with darkness and despair in alternate realities. I also saw the dichotomy of hell and the beauty of creation, and how easy it was to manifest worlds.

I was different after the three-day experience of enlightenment. My perceptions were even more sensitive. I was at peace with whatever happened. I willingly worked outside from morning to night on a small bowl of rice a day. He thought the fat on my body represented the selfishness of the world and he wanted me to lose all excess weight. I was mentally tortured and repeatedly indoctrinated into how disgusting I was. I had to explain to him in the third person how pathetic I was. It would delight him and it became the way we interacted.

Several years ago on April 1st, I was too weak to perform the morning ritual of abuse. As I prepared myself for the workday, something made me stuff my personal ID papers in my work pants. He locked me out of the house for not working and I walked four miles in a weakened state to get help. I escaped but nearly starved to death. It took many months to get my mental faculties back. Again, I relied on an energy worker to balance me out.

A couple years before this experience I had been told and reassured that I was a sangoma. A sangoma is a traditional African healer that emotes sounds and heals through channeling their ancestors. One of the prerequisites of becoming a sangoma is reaching the brink of death and bringing oneself back to life. Ironically, my experience of nearly starving to death satisfied the requirements of being a sangoma. Another prerequisite to becoming a sangoma is to take life. I am sorry to say that this prerequisite was also met on the property as I was forced by his demands to take animal life. I don’t wish to say more about that.

Rebuilding life after trauma

When I got back to my hometown, most of my old friends and family wanted nothing to do with me. I had a difficult time acclimating back into the world. All I wanted to do was to find a nursing home that would accept me, a place where the onslaught of stimuli didn’t bombard me. It was a very lonely and painful time. Life’s pain was magnified many more times than usual. I was afraid to use my talents because of the indoctrination by the psychopath that I was bad. I never wanted to inadvertently hurt anyone.

I started talking to a wonderful man who helped me when all the intangible fears came in. He would have me visualize taking him by the hand and diving into the fears. He helped me realize that all my fears were illusions and helped me dissipate them. He helped me overcome my fear of helping others.

People’s deep-seated issues are not intimidating to me because of what I have lived through. My experiences have created a depth of understanding that I could never have attained without the experiences I had.

I began working in a small suburb as an animal communicator. People would seek me out through their pets to get their own issues met. I also became aware of those who crossed over seeking me out to give messages to their loved ones. The loved ones who crossed would tell me things that were very accurate proving it was them. It never seemed dark to me because I treated it like a very matter-of-fact messaging system. I have an aversion to being considered a psychic or medium so I have gone out of my way to not use those labels on myself. I never give people information unless it benefits them in some way. Also, it has been part of my goal to teach people how to help themselves and not rely on a third party.

A year after being back from the property, I ran into my nephew who was a genius in business. He was going through a transition, and I assisted him. In return, he introduced me to his business partners, and they created a website for me so I could help others. They helped me create a cyber- presence and in return I was able to assist them with business issues just like I would address energy shifts in the body. They made me feel safe to share my talents in the world. They even took the time to teach me WordPress and Twitter.

A week after I learned how to use Twitter I connected with Mariel Hemingway. She had lost her dog and kept tweeting about how sad she was. She thought he was dead. I knew he was not. I saw her dog inwardly and tweeted her about it. I assisted her using remote viewing to know where to look for Bindu. I knew things that she had suspected.

Bindu was picked up by a Spanish family. I tuned into Bindu and the two things he told me reassured Mariel that Bindu was alive and well. Bindu told me that he didn’t like the children bothering him and he didn’t like the food. These two things reassured Mariel that I was talking to Bindu and that he was fine. Bindu was returned two days after Christmas and Mariel gave me credit for the return in a Christmas blog she wrote. It gave me more presence on social media and confidence to help more people.

I discovered a protocol for helping lost pets. Animals have a mechanism to help them find their home. (We all have seen The Incredible Journey.) But if they don’t find their way home it is because lost pets go into primal mode. So, if I tune into a pet wherever they are and do an emotional release on them, they snap out of primal mode and get themselves home. This “knocking lost pets out of primal mode” has a very high success rate. I started helping more people find their lost pets and have been working on creating more of a presence for myself in the world.

I do most of my work in remote sessions. It is very easy for me to feel people’s issues even before our session. It is hard to describe what happens in a session. I articulate people’s issues to them better than they are able to articulate themselves. I do an initial release on stagnant energy (blow it away), and then I get a better sense of what needs to be addressed. Clients are shocked into releasing their issues if they are open because their mind has no real way to refute the shifts.

I met Mariel at the Omega Institute to attend her class, and I ended up partially teaching the class. They were very receptive. All that I have experienced in this lifetime has been field study to be able to assist others in becoming their own healer. People who are interested in what I do seem to pick up on what I do and help others. Many clients will say that they were praying or meditating for answers and were told to have a session with me.

I have the stamina to assist large groups to shift back into alignment so that they can continue their own spiritual quest without giving up their power. The more individuals realize what they are capable of, the more that they will empower themselves and those around them.

Embarking on a new life with Marvin

Now that I am married to Marvin, I have found someone with the strength and stamina to be present with me in energy without getting overwhelmed by the vibration. Marvin allows me the ability to maintain an expansiveness that I experience when I do energy work while he provides the grounding that I need. His strength and his abilities create structure around ways to reach eight billion seekers which is our common bond.

Marvin and I have experienced so many lifetimes apart. We have strived to reconnect so we can do the work that we do now. We understand what a sacred opportunity this incarnation is for humans to snap out of the apathy and challenge themselves to awaken. If it is not done in this lifetime, the opportunity may not come around any time soon. Please know this truth and internalize it. Marvin and I pour everything we are into assisting humanity to awaken. Having said that, we don’t choose to incarnate again. If people choose not to transcend, we wish them all the best.

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