Freeing Richard

An unexpected friendship in a children’s hospital ward leads to a profound realization about life, death, and spiritual connections. Learn how to help souls cross over with SFT taps.

I knew Richard for less than two weeks, but his death made a profound impact on me and I think about him all these years later. I had never watched someone die before.

I was nine years old when I suffered a serious injury while playing sports with my friends. It was a freak accident, it required hospitalization for six weeks before I was healed enough to go home. Remarkably, I did heal even better than the doctors expected.

But while I was lying in bed in the children’s ward for such a long time, I couldn’t help but wonder why did I deserve this pain. What could a nine year old have done that was so terrible that God would punish him like this? There were four beds altogether. Two were side by side on opposite walls of the room. And there were other boys in the room also. 

I remember some of them but not the way I remember Richard. There were the pneumonia boys, the boys with polio and boys with various other afflictions who came and went. But I didn’t have a lot of contact with them or really know them.

Now, many years later, I no longer believe I was there to be punished. During the third week, Richard was admitted to the hospital and was in the bed next to mine. This was the first boy I actually had a conversation with. He was eight years old and we hit it off right away. He was a nice kid from a nice family. We talked about things that boys that age have in common, such as what grade we were in school, what books we read and sports. We both rooted for the Red Sox. It was somewhat comforting to meet someone who I thought could be a friend later even though we lived in different towns. I was sure my parents would arrange for us to get together, but I didn’t know why he was in the hospital.

The painful departure

After a week or so, Richard went home. We said goodbye and wished each other good luck. But a week later he was back in that same bed. We were having a quiet conversation one evening when my father came up to see me after work. He leaned over and whispered in my ear not to be friendly with that boy, meaning Richard. I couldn’t understand why he would say that, but I respected his wishes and I realize now that my father was trying to protect me.

The next night, after visiting hours were over and my parents had left, there was a commotion around Richard’s bed. The doctor was there and a nurse hurrying around. His parents were kneeling helplessly beside his bed. There was an elderly couple standing in the doorway nicely dressed for a solemn occasion. Never before had I seen such grief as I saw on the faces of the grandparents that night. A priest leaned over Richard praying the Last Rites of the Catholic Church. And Richard was dead.

Understanding the beyond

But where did he go? Where was the life? I later learned that Richard had been diagnosed with an illness that was untreatable in those days. (Today it could be treated successfully.) Because Richard was so young, neither his parents nor his doctor would have told him he was going to die. They wouldn’t know how to tell him. They wouldn’t have been able to explain it to him, answer his questions or console him. Instead, they would have been encouraging him to follow the treatment guidelines so he would get better. His death must have been a shock to him.

When someone dies suddenly and without expecting it, they may not even realize their physical body has died. Of course, life should continue in another form in another dimension, but what if the person doesn’t realize that and stays around the physical world wondering what happened. They become a ghost. They are no longer alive in the physical, but have not crossed over to what Richard’s family called heaven. Richard has been wandering around scared, lost and trapped. So this is why I was there, not to be punished, but to help a soul cross over.

SFT tapping to help souls cross over

So we are going to help Richard cross over with Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps. The protocols for these taps can be found at jenuinehealing. com, the website of Jen Ward, world renowned energy healer.  SFT Taps can address any subject in energy. Say each tap three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We remove all blockages to Richard crossing over; in all moments.

We release Richard from being a ghost; in all moments.

We sever all strings and cords between Richard and his family’s grief; in all moments.

We free Richard of his family’s grief; in all moments.

Richard is free to cross over; in all moments.

Thank you for helping Richard.

Perhaps you know of someone who has been unable to cross over. It could be a person or a pet or another animal. It could be someone you know or don’t know. They will be grateful if do SFT taps to help them cross over, just as you have helped Richard.

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