How deep is your love

Discover the Bee Gees’ timeless music legacy and how it expanded consciousness. Explore creativity, empowerment, and healing in today’s world. Join us at Jenuine Healing for a journey toward higher vibrations and world peace.

Be tender with my love, you know how easy it is to break me.
Fanny be tender with my love, cause it’s all that I’ve got and my love won’t forsake me.
– Bee Gees

We were watching the documentary, “The Bee Gees, How Deep Is Your Love” the other day. I had loved the group growing up, but I had no idea of breadth of their music and songwriting.

They started performing together as kids in the 1950s and since they were brothers, their voices blended in a way that couldn’t be duplicated. They were known for their vibrato and falsetto voices, voices that had sweet perfect harmonies.

They had early hits and fame in England in the 1960s and were followed by fans the way the Beatles were but broke up after getting famous due to some sibling rivalry. They didn’t speak for 18 months, but something brought them back together again to work together. At one point, in the 70s, they went off to a recording studio in France where Chopin had once composed, and they created songs over a few days which ended up in the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. This launched them into enormous success once again. They were not consciously trying to make “disco music” but somehow got pigeonholed into this one genre from this soundtrack when in truth, their music crossed into many genres including Soul, R&B, and pop.

Music can expand consciousness

In the documentary, musicians who were interviewed about the Gibb brothers explained that the Bee Gees were singing about what men should say about love. I was struck by this remark and realized these three men expressed a softer side of masculinity to humanity. Listening to their harmonies, high pitched falsettos, and lyrics about love and life opened my heart. They explained in the video that their music helped create a dance movement and freer expression by segments of society that had been marginalized. They were expanding consciousness in society through their music.

These brothers had this early vision as kids to sing and be famous, and despite falling away from each other on a couple of occasions, they kept coming back to make more music. Their larger purpose was bigger than personal disagreements. Their motivators of fame and success kept them creating music together which led to uplifting humanity through the synergy of their sound. Being brothers was part of the glue that kept them creating together as well.

But they couldn’t have expected the backlash to their music when in 1979, a conservative media personality decided to demonize disco and take the Bee Gees down with it. These three beautiful voices became the target of some anti disco movement that lasted into the 80s.

They split apart again but found a way to reunite later as if they were bonded together to create uplifting music. They went on to write and perform off and on through the years. They also found a way to keep evolving so they didn’t stagnate.

Creativity and social justice movements

Today, there are movements of creativity and empowered voices popping up all over the world. In Iran, women risk their lives to live with more freedom of expression. In Russia, individuals like Novalny are not afraid to die in order to speak truth to power, and in Ukraine, armed forces are standing up to an invading dictator. There have been social justice movements here in the U.S. such as the MeToo movement and the movement for racial equality and justice that came with George Floyd’s death. There are green movements to protect the earth and trees, and individuals who risk their lives or their families or societal pressure to speak their truth or create something beautiful.

We know better now than we did in the 80s, I hope. We need to nurture and protect these voices and movements whenever they burst through to bloom. Each of is a caretaker for these expressions of beauty and higher consciousness.

We need to protect peace and freedom of expression whenever we see it start to bust through. In your neighborhood, in your school, at the family dinner table. There are many moments in the day when you can address and support space for this higher vibration.

We can’t allow another beautiful thing to be smothered—whether it’s your own beautiful voice, a politician with a pure intention, or the child learning to express himself. It’s up to all of us this time to nurture “perfect harmonies,” gentle masculinity or the empowerment of women. It can lead to peace. But it’s not a passive process.

Strengthen and heal through Jenuine Healing

Jenuine Healing is a place where I have learned how to protect and expand my own empowerment. It’s a place where you learn how to raise your vibration and solve problems in energy. It has strengthened me to have a voice, but more importantly, has offered healing and a community to face little self for support to keep moving through the subtle forces which may be preventing me from continuing to break through limitations. I continue to work through blockages and resistance in myself and others.

We are more than our bodies and personalities. For the Bee Gees, they described in the documentary that the music was already there in the ethers and they just had to go grab it. Problems solving and creativity happen beyond this physical realm. Edison took naps to get an answer in his dreams. He relied on another reality, another dimension for answers to questions. We are waking up to what it’s like to live in an expanded state of consciousness.

But we haven’t been able to solve the problems that have plagued us for eons. Problems such as war, poverty, even the problem of ego and how to transcend it.

Jen Ward has created the SFT tapping protocols which help move stagnant energy and address things in energy. The SFT tapping is a way to both dissipate the fear that blocks you from expanding into your greater purpose or from knowing your own empowerment. I’ve also had private sessions with Jen to get to the root cause extremely quickly and interrupt whatever energy or condition was blocking my empowerment and healing.

We need help navigating through the entanglements of mental energy or forces that slow or separate us from our purpose, to dissipate psychic forces of fear that put muzzles on the creative ones, and those factions that try to control who loves whom.

Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider have created a website at Jenuine Healing that is a community for souls who want to use their energies and awareness to heal themselves and the planet. They help you navigate these ethereal realms for yourself.

World peace in energy

We haven’t succeeded in reaching world peace yet even with all the brilliant souls that have passed through the ages. But we are intuiting more and more that the answers to our deepest problems and questions lay beyond this world, beyond the mind and ego which created most problems.

Over the course of working with Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider of Jenuine Healing, the healing I’ve experienced has been working itself out on many levels. It’s hard to nail it down in words as the healing is happening in energetic spaces including the thoughts, the emotions, the physical body and beingness. The process of facing one’s ego or limitations is messy. But it’s real. The reward of realizing what is possible with the human spirit when you push aside or dissipate limitations and obstacles of the mind, ego, emotions, is an awareness of a connection to all of life as well as your purpose for being here in this moment on the planet.

Humanity is at a tipping point. Be tender with the love as this expansiveness moves through your being and touches others.

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