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Boost your life with SFT taps! Remove curses, unlock potential, and transform your world with Jen Ward’s powerful energy exercises.

I have participated in SFT tapping events with Jenuine Healing on global issues such as peace in the Middle East, gun violence, healing the environment and so many other important issues. It is empowering to have this amazing energetic exercise to address the ills of society in energy from a higher viewpoint. I learned the SFT taps from world renowned energy healer Jen Ward who created the taps over several years.

In private sessions with Jen Ward, I have done taps on personal issues ranging from dying in battle, to past lives as a religious cleric, and everything in between. And new taps continue to come up either in sessions with Jen or in my daily life which have freed me up to live a life of purpose.

I have also done taps for others who couldn’t do the taps for themselves. Not to interfere or control, but to dissipate negative energies or remove limitations on friends so they can have more choice in their lives. One example of this was someone I knew who had a drug problem and I did the PBJ protocol to help free them from the drug addiction. (To get access to the PBJ protocols, see link here.)

Removing curses and blessings from your life

One of the taps I have done with Jen and seen her do with others is, “We remove all curses put on us; in all moments.” 

Jen explained that curses could be as simple as a mother or teacher saying, “You’ll never amount to much,” or “I couldn’t do that and you won’t be able to either.” In practical terms, a curse could be a word or thought that sticks to someone and prevents them from moving forward or blocks their empowerment in some way. Jen said that blessings needed to be removed, too, especially when they no longer serve the highest purpose. For example, the blessing of living with large family in one lifetime might turn out to be a curse in the next life if the family was not a loving family. Since the SFT taps are “in all moments,” we can do taps to remove curses and blessings from this life and past lives.

Learning how subtle curses can be has made it challenging to be in everyday social situations. People can put limitations (or curses) on others with one casual remark. At school, I have had to stop other professors in the halls from finishing a story about a “hopeless student.” If an administrator warns me of my new class of students who “are so low and can’t learn,” I have to interrupt them and stop them from limiting how they will do in my class. Even this semester I was told before meeting a group of students, “Those students are the weakest students I have seen.” I had to tell the other teacher who made this remark, that this could affect their learning. The limiting remark goes out there into the ethers and could land on some vulnerable student or teacher. One time I asked a teacher, “Please don’t curse my class.” Because that was what they were doing—trying to glue a limiting thought form by casting out the negative remark.

Removing a curse or blessing for someone else doesn’t interfere in anyone’s free will, but it can lift a blockage or dissipate some other energy interfering in a person’s life.

Tapping into the world of sports

I remember one time doing taps on behalf of a tennis player during a match. (I watch a lot of tennis because I played when I was younger, and I usually tune into the big tennis tournaments like Wimbledon.)

I was following this young player’s winning streak on the tennis courts. She was a beautiful player, but many were surprised when she beat Venus Williams to make it to the third round of Wimbledon. She was losing her match and at one point, she shook her fist up at the sky. I felt for her. I remembered my own childhood tennis matches, when nothing felt right on the tennis court but I couldn’t figure out why. It was as if I lost all coordination but was influenced by something outside myself.

When I looked at the teen player, I didn’t think it was her faulty playing; maybe she was feeling the thoughts or even ill wishes of others. This wave of thoughts could be from many people wanting her opponent to win, or it could be the player herself was coming up against her own beliefs or limitations about herself. I know sports announcers make predictions about players to be newsworthy with comments like, “She’s on a winning streak but I don’t think she can beat this person,” or “She lacks experience which will affect her.”

I liked her because she was authentic with the press and I wondered if she had unwittingly opened herself to psychic energies. Older players were sometimes savvy at ignoring remarks or thoughts of others. They were “mentally tough,” but less experienced players were vulnerable to thoughts and wishes of others.

I just wanted this young player to have a fair shot at winning.

Transforming lives with SFT taps

So, at 3-5 down in the second set, very close to losing the match, I wondered if I could help her be free of this interference. To be clear, I did it out of love for the game, love for this kind person, with no thought of who should win the game. I had no intention except to get rid of a psychic obstruction if there was one. If there wasn’t any, nothing would change. So, I said out loud and did the tap, “We immediately remove all curses from (the player’s name), in all moments.” I said the statement three times out loud while tapping continuously on the head, one time while continuously tapping on the chest and one time while continuously tapping on the abdomen.

Immediately following this tap, she hit a winner and Chris Evert who was announcing the game remarked, “You know, a tennis match can turn on a dime.”

And it did. She went on to win the match coming back from losing the first set and being down 3-5 in the second set.

Something was healing in me too. I didn’t have these tools as a kid; I often felt like there was some force affecting my ability to be successful in life and sports. In a competitive tennis game against a familiar rival, I often “choked,” meaning I couldn’t play my best even if I had more experience than my opponent. I remember matches where my opponents’ parents said things to intimidate me from the sidelines. I felt like this young player’s comeback was my comeback.

I watched to see what she would say in the interview following the game. Would she know? Maybe she would say, “I felt a positive force uplifting me,” or some related comment. Instead, she said, “I always knew I could win.” 

Of course, I didn’t do the tap for personal gain so I had to drop the personal investment. And doing a tap for a single tennis player was not the same thing as doing taps to rid the world of autocrats (which I’ve done participating in Jenuine Healing group tapping events). But it was more validation that SFT taps work and it was healing myself to help someone else with similar issues.

The SFT taps continue to work for me and my loved ones to remove layers of conditioning that aren’t serving us any longer. I encourage you to download them here and sign up for a session with Jen Ward who can help you identify the most pressing issues to release and live a more empowered life.

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