Is there only one way to God?

Exploring spiritual freedom and questioning traditional beliefs, this personal journey delves into reincarnation, energy healing, and finding empowerment beyond conventional religious teachings.

As an abused child, all of my memories began to fade away including my dreams. The only dream I can still remember is a dream with Jesus.

In my dream I was sitting next to Jesus on a cloud. I asked timidly, “Jesus have I been good?’

Jesus replied, “Yes, you have been good.”

I awoke the next morning so relieved I had been a good girl and Jesus told me so.

My parents raised us Christian and every Sunday morning, along with my siblings, we walked to church. My mother continually reminded each of us we needed to be good to see God and heaven. We walked to every church service offered, and my favorite was youth fellowship. I felt relieved to be away from the dysfunctional lifestyle and abusive parents and found comfort interacting with other children. Yet in the back of my mind, I always feared I wasn’t good enough to go to heaven.

During one of many of my mother’s separations from my father’s alcohol and physical abuse, she moved us into an apartment next to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother loved to sing and play beautiful church music on her organ.

Early one Sunday morning I woke up to “The Old Rugged Cross” playing. I opened my eyes and said to my brother, “The world is ending! I hope I was good enough to go to heaven!”

My brother giggled and said it was Grammy playing the organ. I was relieved the world wasn’t ending and tried even harder to be good.

A little while later after bedtime one night, I sleep-walked down the hallway, reached for the crucifixion cross, removed it from the wall, and laid it in the corner on the floor.

The next morning I awoke with a vague recollection of what happened during the night. I hurried down the hallway and there was the cross, lying next to the wall on the hallway floor. It wasn’t a dream. I bent down and placed it back on the wall. This is a memory that has remained with me.

As I grew older and became a young adult, I wondered about my belief system. Burning in Hell and getting through the Pearly Gates on good behavior never made any sense to me.

I married young to find a sense of peace away from my broken and debilitated home life and became a member of a Methodist Church with my two children. Listening to the sermon on Sunday as they tried to instill fear to accept Christ as my Savior for my ticket into heaven did not resonate with my heart.

Later in years, my thoughts and feelings about dying, Heaven and Hell and the afterlife began to shift. I stumbled upon The Book of Dreams by Sylvia Browne. This was the first time I heard of this concept called reincarnation, past lives and all of the realms including the astral, casual, metal and etheric. All of this new information seemed so unbelievable yet so fascinating, I couldn’t get enough. I searched for every book she wrote to continue to learn.

Sylvia’s books were the beginning of my spiritual freedom and now I needed to find a teacher. I was drawn to Pamela Aaralyn’s Oneness Teachings. Separation didn’t seem so real anymore.

One afternoon, Pamela was doing a show with world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward. Jen captivated my interest with her Spiritual Freedom Technique. It was about releasing issues in this lifetime and past lives by saying a phrase while tapping three times on your head, once on your heart and once on your abdomen. Jen told her story about being locked up on the property by a sociopath. She explained how these experiences helped her become a shaman, able to move energy around for others who were dealing with issues from this life and past lives.

I was a caregiver to an adult son with special needs when I booked my first session with Jen. Bradley is nonverbal and Jen immediately picked up on a past life engram with Bradley by reading his akashic records. Bradley had died at war. Jen is not only limited to the SFT protocols she created, but also sings to the client to promote sound healing. She sang songs to Bradley that validated him and what he was feeling, pulled out issues he was feeling and sent him love. Pulling out negative energy and extracting it opened up his energy to receive more love or release some issues. Jen’s expertise and talents throughout the session gave my son and myself hope in the midst of our suffering.

Why did that little girl wake up in the night and sleepwalk to the cross and lay it on the floor? She was having conversations through the night with Jesus.

Jesus wants to be freed and taken down from the Cross. Jesus is tired from being idolized and put on a pedestal. If only humanity could see Jesus as their equal and find their own empowerment.

This is what Jen does with the SFT tapping, group events and the weekly Jenuine Healing Open House. She helps you find your own empowerment.

There are also many wonderful books on her website to purchase, including Jenuine Poetry for Life which are poems to uplift humanity as well as the SFT Lexicon intended to be a guide to help readers resolve whatever issues might be preventing them from experiencing joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, beauty, enthusiasm, contentment, spirituality, enlightenment, confidence, empowerment, sincerity, integrity, imagination and kindness.

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