Will we meet again?

Reconnecting with a lost pet through reincarnation, dreams, and universal signs. This heartwarming tale of love, loss, and rediscovery highlights the deep bond between humans and animals and the lengths they’ll go to find each other again.

We lost our dog Lily a year ago at 15. She was my trusted friend. She was a part of me. For four years I spent every day with her. I adopted her after my friend and energy healer, Jen Ward messaged me, “You’ve got to see the pet of the week, Therese. She’s at the local shelter now. I know she’s your dog.”

Jen is a dynamic healer and also works a lot to heal animals. She has a unique ability to find lost pets. People reach out to her whenever they lose a pet, and she is able to help pets get out of primal mode so they can find their way home after getting lost. She does all this remotely.

Trusting the intuition

I had trouble believing this message from Jen at the time about the pet of the week. We were taking care of six other animals. But the nudge kept getting stronger each time I tried to talk myself out of it. I visited the shelter on my own to check Lily out. As soon as I peered through the window at this dog, I knew this soul. Something cracked open in my consciousness and I began to cry.

It wasn’t visiting hours with the animals, but I went up the office and told the woman I wanted to put a deposit to hold her till I could adopt her. “Don’t you want to meet her?”

“I already know her,” I told her.

The love was so strong with this dog; we had known each other in other lifetimes. I felt like she had been my childhood dog and before that in other lifetimes, my horse. I had her for four years and when we had to put her to sleep because of an illness, I wondered if she would reincarnate. Could we meet again?

My husband and I moved on with our lives and purchased a new home.

Seeking reincarnation signs

I decided I would do what I could to try to find Lily if she came back in a new body. Maybe she wanted to come back to me as much as I wanted to see her again. I bought a doormat with a picture of a black and white small French bulldog. It was a different breed than her previous life, much smaller, but I wanted a smaller dog so I could take her more places with me. I said out loud to Lily as I put the doormat in front of my home: “Lily, if you want to come back to me, make sure you come back in black and white so I can recognize you.”  And I added, “Please come back a little smaller so I can bring you everywhere with me.”

And we went on with our lives.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream with Lily. She was wagging her long black tail and looked the same as I knew her in her big black body. My heart bounced in joy to be with her. Just like old times. I woke up and wondered how she was doing and where she was in her journey. It didn’t look like she was coming back to me because she was still in her big black body.

The hunt for her new form

I left it there till I got a message from my friend Jen. “Lily is coming through so strong. She might be back in a new body.”

That did it. I immediately got online and looked through every dog adoption agency within 50 miles of where I lived. I hoped Lily could find her way to the area within a 50-mile radius. I knew that the love bond was like a GPS to help pets navigate their way to their loved ones. I’d seen it happen other times. Pets reincarnated and found their way to their previous owners. I hoped she could find her way near us.

After a few searches I found a black and white dog, “Dixie.” One look at the soft big brown eyes and I knew it was my Lily. Then I looked at the other photos. She was black and white! She was small and she was part boxer. It wasn’t an exact duplicate of the doormat I had purchased but close enough. I actually felt her speak to me through the photo. “Hi mommy.”

I quickly filled out an application and sent emails to every address connected to the foster agency.  The email came back to me later that day, “I’m sorry but Dixie was adopted. We have other dogs, though.”

Challenges and hope

It didn’t make sense! How could she already be adopted? I found the black and white dog similar to the one on my doormat. I followed through after Jen had reached out and told me Lily might be coming back.

I sent Jen a message and she responded right away. “Lily (Dixie) will find a way so it doesn’t work out. She will probably make sure it doesn’t work out with the new family.”

I thought it was possible, but I didn’t want to have my dreams crushed. I sent the agency an email. “If Dixie comes back, please let me know. I have a special bond with that dog and if anything doesn’t work out, I would still like to adopt her.”

Then I asked Mike to help me by doing the SFT taps. We did the tap, “We release all blockages to Lily getting the best home in this lifetime; in all moments.” And I let it go. I released any outcome. The foster agency had told me the family they sent her to was “perfect for her.” Well, I thought, If Lily was happy, then I was happy. That was the most important thing that she was safe and loved.

I had almost forgotten about the matter and was outside on my swing underneath the trees a week later. In the company of a light breeze, pine trees, oaks and maples everything seemed so complete. I thanked them for helping me relax.

Nature’s affirmations

All of a sudden, the oaks began dropping acorns. Not just one or two, but dozens and dozens. Big loads of them at once. It was clear they had a message for me: great abundance and joy was coming for me. I thought. Cool! Thank you. When I asked for more detail, they just said, they were excited for me.

I went in and checked my email and there was an email from the adoption agency! It had come through about the same time the acorns had dropped. The adoption had fallen through just like Jen said it would! Dixie (my Lily) was available. Did I still want to adopt her? This was the joy and gift the trees talked about.

Beating the odds

My husband and I got in our car and drove an hour to meet her that night. I jumped out of my car at the meeting place and peered in the foster mom’s car window. I couldn’t wait for her to come out of the car. There she was sitting in the front seat looking out at me with those curious big wide eyes. We made it. We made it back together.  

I had wondered if we would meet again. What are the chances? Turns out, the chances are very good. Still, there are things you can do to beat any odds.

Tips for reconnecting with your pet

Here are a couple of tips if you would like to reconnect with your pet across multiple lives.

  • You can make a plan like I did with the doormat.
  • You can invite your pet back to you by asking out loud to the universe.
  • You can pay attention to your dreams. I didn’t get the message in my dream so I was lucky that Jen reached out to me with her clear message. So, reach out to Jen if you have a question about your pets and write your dreams down.
  • You need to take action. Right away. Even if it means sending a lot of messages that may not make sense to the receiver. (The adoption agency thought it was weird when I emailed about the adoption not working out. But what did I care? I needed to do whatever I could if Lily wanted to be with me.)
  • There may be SFT taps you can do that don’t interfere with the outcome but remove blockages that could interfere.
  • And then release it. Let it go. (I wanted the best for Lily.)
  • Pay attention to the messages from nature. They are conspiring for your best interests and speaking to you.
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