Pitfalls of those awakening

Explore the journey of spiritual awakening and its challenges. From reincarnation beliefs, Feng Shui disappointments, and experiences with energy healing, learn about finding authenticity in the spiritual realm.


I am someone who has always searched for more spiritual truth in life, while at the same time maintaining a linear existence. What I mean with linear existence is that I have a regular 9 to 5 job and responsibilities. I don’t want to abstain from the normal responsibilities, although sometimes I do. I know that there is more to life that the cycle of growing up, working, having a family and dying.

I was raised as a Hindu, so I already believed in reincarnation. I seems very logical that you continue the path of learning more and evolving, although I think it is unfair that we forget our past lives. I am still contemplating what the meaning of life is. Why are we here? What is our goal, our purpose? I was sure that this was connected to a universal goal.

I did several courses in Feng Shui and decorated my house with several Feng Shui objects. But I felt disappointed after a while. My life didn’t improve, and every year you had to buy another object to appease another deity. I visited psychic fairs because I wanted to know more about my future. Of course, nothing of what they told me actually came true. So, it was just a bit of entertainment.

I watched a lot of YouTube vlogs of psychics, tarotists, and channelers. It is very interesting what they had to say and a lot of them speak with such conviction that is almost like they are telling truths. I believe that they are convinced that they are speaking truth. But I urge you to be very discerning about what information you take in. I will talk more about this later. I also did a reiki course, which I liked very much. This modality to (self)healing was practical and easy.

Spiritual freedom technique

My sister is a reiki master, so she decided to give me and my other sister the reiki II course. In preparation of the course, she sent us the Energetic Cleanse protocol created by world renowned energy healer, Jen Ward. Every day I had to run through this protocol with a subject or person that I had issues with. Saying the statement three times while tapping on the top of my head, one time while tapping on my heart, and one time while tapping on my abdomen. I liked doing this very much. Although I wasn’t sure what the result of this was.

One day my sister messaged me, saying that Pamela Aaralyn was doing an interview with Jen Ward, the creator of the Energetic Cleanse protocol. I was not a fan of Pamela, but I decided to watch the interview. I remember I was fascinated by this lady, who claimed to be the reincarnation of madam Blatvatsky. I had no idea who that was, but apparently she was the founder of the Theosophical Society.

Jen explained that she was a shaman. In private healing sessions she sees what the main blockage are of the client. The issue often originates from a past life. Jen removes this blockage with the help of sounds and taps. This really resonated with me and more important, it gave me a positive feeling that I was on the right track, so I decided to research this further.

Private session

Some of Jen’s clients gave her permission to tape the session and publish it. I binged listened to a lot of her earlier sessions on Spotify. It was so fascinating. The issues were so divers. I really advise you to listen to one of the sessions if you are interested. I was still having issues with someone from my past, whose energy I could not seem to shake from me. So, I decided to have a session with Jen. Although I did have to think about several times, because it was quite expensive for me.

I had my session in August of 2020. I had to wait a month because she was so fully booked. I had given consent for the session to be recorded, but Jen stopped the recording after five minutes into the session because she could see that I was not disclosing everything. Yes, I am a very private person, and I don’t want everybody to know everything about me.

Anyway, in the session, she sensed a person that was so cruel that he could kill an animal. And that was correct. That person had left a dead bat at my doorstep as part of his voodoo ritual. Jen helped me to get rid of that energy. She also explained the past life connection with that person. Apparently, my family sacrificed me to him and I had developed a Stockholm syndrome for this person. Jen gave a lot of taps to get rid of the stagnant energy. She even sang a song for me to heal me. I didn’t say it at the time that I could hear her singing, but I couldn’t hear a word of what she was actually singing. It was like my brains couldn’t register it. I did hear Jen sing that song to someone else later and then I recognized that she was singing: You are worthy.

Stepping out of the cycle

After the session I felt like there were magnets in my feet. I felt really grounded for the first time in my life. I went to do more sessions and workshops with Jen and her partner Marvin, because there is so much to work on. The reason that I like to work with Jen is:

  1. She does not pretend to know it all and she is very hard on people who try to put her on a pedestal. The time of gurus who teaches the students is over. People should always question the information that they receive and also take the initiative to come with their own questions and theories. The group dynamics and the competition that goes with it is discouraged.
  2. My life improved for the better. Before this, I was struggling with the same issues and now I’m in a more stable place. This doesn’t mean that life has become easy breezy. No. You break the cycle and get handed other things to work on.
  3. She gives information in a very direct and logical manner. Even children can understand this, and I that is what I need. I don’t have the attention span to listen for hours to someone to explain things. I think that is the true nature of spirituality – everyone should be able to understand it.

Anyway, at the beginning of 2021 I had my second session. In this session, my current life was processed, especially the dynamics with my sisters. It seemed that my sisters had cursed me a lot. I don’t mean that they looked in the book of curses and cast a spell on me. A negative thought or intention is already a curse This was not easy for me to hear, although it did not surprise me. I really had to think about putting this session on YouTube, but I decided to do it anyway, because other people, who may not be able to afford a session can benefit from it.

I informed my mother and my sisters that I had done the session and that they could see it on YouTube. I think they watched it, but they never said a word about it.

Holding my ground

I started to notice that my sisters were starting to criticize Jen more and more. First it was Marvin that was leading her astray. Then the yoga teacher of the sisters had scanned Jen, and said that she was a black magic sorcerer. They even suggested that the accident that my sister and later my mother had, was because of Jen. I stopped talking about Jenuine Healing, because they only used it to turn it into something sinister. A year later, they contacted me because their yoga teacher had a vision of a saint Theresia and she came to warn him that somebody had put some heavy voodoo on me. They advised me to go to the yoga center to get rid of the black magic.

This startled me of course. It is not nice to hear these kinds of things. I was irritated by my sisters that they put this kind of energy on me. I contacted Jen and she informed me that this is their way to hold their power. By inducing fear, they make others feel like they are in danger. This puts people in primal mode and the first reaction of people is of course to get rid of the danger. Very clever. I messaged the sisters back that they were mistaken. I was good and nothing could hurt me.

Pitfalls and how to avoid them

A year later, and I’m still doing good. I am still evolving and learning. I don’t know everything, and I do not have it all figured out. You don’t become a saint when you start to develop yourself more spiritually. I am still very much human with an ego and things I have to work on. But I do want to give some advice about the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Listen to your intuition:

Please listen to your intuition. That inner voice that tells you whether something is good or not. I sometimes get a sense to stay away from people I meet or hear for the first time. And every time I ignored this feeling, I pay the price for it. Listen to your intuition, even if everybody goes right and your intuition says left, go left. But please experiment with this so you can differentiate when it is the intuition and when it is the ego speaking.

Don’t let anybody put you in primal mode:

I made this mistake many times. Like I said before, I binge watched a lot of vlogs of spiritual people who channeled, did tarot reading, or were psychics. They tell all these wonderful things about planets where other species live in peace or about how everybody in the future will live hundreds of years. And then, very slowly start to talk about the danger of other aliens and how humanity is enslaved. Some even appoint one person to be the savior of us. Be very careful of this. Because of this information, you are being pulled in primal mode because there is danger and there is a common enemy.

Whether these theories are true or not is not even relevant. I personally don’t think that someone will come to save us, and if it is true, it would certainly not be a white man. I believe we can avoid a lot of conspiracy theories by rising above them see how they put a lot of spiritual, sensitive and a bit naïve people in primal mode. Also, I think there is nothing we cannot overcome. If something puts you in fear, I suggest you do the Energetic Cleanse on that subject to release all fear and karma around it.

Don’t put people on a pedestal:

This is something that people do automatically when someone has profound wisdom to share. We have been programmed to do this over the many centuries. So, I can understand that you must really focus to avoid doing this. Yes, some people have a lot of interesting things to say and have done amazing things for humanity. But they are still people. Look at the “holy” Dalai Lama kissing a boy. It was horrible to see, but a good lesson for humanity not to put other humans on a pedestal.

Always question what is being done and what somebody is saying. This is not only good for you, because you stay self-empowered, but it will also keep the other person grounded. If someone is constantly surrounded with people who agree with everything they say, then they will start to believe that they are always right. This is very dangerous and a breeding ground megalomaniac to be born. For the sake of humanity: DON”T EVER GIVE YOUR EMPOWERMENT TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Don’t think your life will be all butterflies and happiness

Yes, after you work on yourself and your issues that have bothered you for centuries, your life will take on a different course. You will be free of the same troubles that keep following you. Just don’t expect your life to be all happy and wonderful. Now other issues might surface where you have to work on. Remember, many of us have lived thousands of lives, so the issues will be many. Also, because you will be more enlightened, there is more work to do for humanity. Because we are all connected in the collective of humanity, others can benefit from you doing the work for humanity.

Sometimes by feeling the feelings and fear, hopelessness and anger, you can pass these feelings through you body, so the collective can get a release. You can also join one of the group tapping sessions that is regularly organized for the sake of humanity. For instance, we did a group tapping session to dry up the drive to war. Very necessary in these times. So, the work is never done, but you won’t run in circles anymore and it will be more rewarding.

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