Making love

A gift of a perfect apple becomes a lesson in nature’s interconnected consciousness. Trees, animals, and nature seamlessly blend energies, urging humans to stay present and embrace the wisdom around them. It is nature’s way of making love.

Finding solace under the apple tree

I went out to lay in the hammock like I do every day. It is under the huge apple tree that is the focal point for the bird feeder and the deer to graze under. The tree is really happy with all the communion that goes on within and around him. He is appreciative that I feed everyone under him.

When I went out there that day, there was a perfect red apple in the hammock. It had no worm holes and was a pretty good size. It didn’t fall through the netting of the hammock. I knew instantly that it was a gift from the apple tree to me.

Nature’s cycle of consciousness sharing

As I lay in the hammock, I thanked the tree for his gift. He implied that there was a selfish motive. Selfish is the wrong term in describing a tree. But he told me more. He told me that he wanted me to eat the apple so that he could experience the world through my consciousness. He explained that is the beauty of nature and how they share consciousness through ingesting each other. He showed me that when grass is eaten by rabbits and deer, they blend consciousness. And when the rabbit or deer is eaten in nature, they share consciousness through the being who ate them. In this way, all nature blends and is one.

He explained that humans are the only species that separate themselves from this process. They do so by their compartmentalizing life and death and the handicap of their linear thinking. He said that the only time humans get close to the process that nature is imbued in, is in the heights of making love. Not sex, but love. He made this distinction.

He was teaching me to be conscious when I ingested the apple he had given me. In doing so, I would be shown the miracle of nature that is experienced a trillion times over every day. There is no pain or sense of loss. There is only a transformation of form and an exchange of energy. It gave me an extended understanding of what other trees have told me in other learning sessions.

Recognizing life’s subtle teachers

The tree and the apple were my teacher that day. We have so many teachers all around us. The most prevalent are regarding pain and loss. I was grateful for the tree instilling knowledge in me without having to break through the resistance of a stubborn ego. That is the beauty of practicing staying in the moment. It is so you recognize the teachers that are presented to you.

The sacred altar of the moment is a landing point of all the wisdom of the world to be presented at your feet. The annoying bee, the dog that is demanding your attention, even the wind that rushes past unannounced. They are trying to tell you something. It is your job to stop feeling inconvenienced by them and simply stay present to listen.

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