Respecting inanimate life

Explore the conscious life of inanimate objects and how respecting them can transform your life and expand human consciousness.

All life is made up of living atoms, even the inanimate objects that we are surrounded by every day. If they are made up of living atoms, they have consciousness. They are alive.

When a group of atoms collect together in the form of an object, they form a group consciousness. This group consciousness can be considered their soul.

I have been researching inanimate life to bring understanding to the world as to why we are not in greater accord living here. Because I am receptive, inanimate life has been speaking to me, in a sense, to give me greater understanding. This greater understanding can be added to the group consciousness of humanity and can bring greater awareness to all individuals.

That is what happens when anyone makes a discovery that uplifts humanity. It is similar to running the four-minute mile. Once it was impossible, but now it is very doable. This is how we expand the consciousness of man. This would be happening more frequently but billionaires have been buying up innovations that would compete with their own industries, like coal.

I was watching the news about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. I kept seeing newscasters make comments on things that had been strewn about from the hurricane. There was a broken washing machine or a refrigerator that had been tossed and battered by the storm. But to me, they were dead bodies. They had been killed by the storm as readily as people were.

I don’t expect people to develop the sensitivities I have overnight, but from my vantage point of respecting all life, the loss of their life was something to have reverence for as well.

There is so much information here to awaken the consciousness of man. I understand the ridicule it could induce. I don’t care. People who don’t value life in all forms are missing an aspect of self-love, and they could expand their awareness so much more.

I have been contemplating on inanimate life and it has been feeding me insights. I was making my bed today and the blankets seemed to fall into place themselves. The blankets seemed to be telling me that the more respect that is given to inanimate life, the more it cooperates with its human. People who kick the car and abuse their things are working against themselves. My bedding felt very respected today and helped me lay it on the bed nicely.

I know my house has a consciousness. That feeling of being glad to be home is mutual. I feel my house greeting me when I get home. It loves that I know it is a living being and that I never say anything demeaning about it. Someone once insulted my house saying it should be torn down and rebuilt. I chided that person for their insensitivity. I wouldn’t talk about anyone that way.

When my car died, it was very sad to have it taken to the scrapyard. I did not want its soul to be left there feeling unloved and abandoned. So, I did a little ceremony before the tow truck driver came, where I transferred the soul of my car into the house temporarily. When a friend found me a new used car to drive, it was astounding to see that even though it was another make and model, it looked exactly like the last one. I transferred the soul of my last car into the new car. It has served me well.

Another piece of insight I received from inanimate wisdom was about rich people. Is being rich really about money, or is something greater happening? I saw on Oprah once how rich people take good care of their things. They love things. Maybe rich people have so many nice things because they love and respect things. We have demonized them for being materialistic. But we have also demonized those who love trees and those who advocate for peace.

Maybe we should revisit the possibility that being materialistic is a form of respecting all life. Maybe in that way, items sort of choose to be with a human who respects them. Perhaps the way to gain more abundance is to show deep gratitude and respect for inanimate life. Maybe that is the key to attracting more things into our world.

The new vocation

I fell into a new hobby that is starting to feel like a vocation. It started out with finding bears in Goodwill stores that were in plastic bags. I couldn’t stand the thought of them suffocating. So, I would poke holes in the bags. But then it became a matter of saving them.

One bear was trapped in a praying position. I had to get him and unfold his legs. He showed reverence by playing a singing bowl. One bear was trapped in a nursing outfit. There was palpable relief when I got her out of the outfit and got her other bears to spend time with.

My latest rescue was supposed to be a ghost bear, I guess. He didn’t know it was possible to be whole because he was orange. But then he saw my healing bear, Darshan, and he knew he could be a real bear even though he was orange. He was so ashamed of feeling like an abomination that he didn’t want to be with the other bears. But today was his transformation. We are still riding the joy of his transformation.

To some this may seem silly. But all matter is made up of living atoms so it is alive. All the atoms that have come together to make an inanimate life form create the consciousness of that life form.

If you are able to accept this, you are among the fortunate. If you are able to love and appreciate life in this form, you are able to appreciate life in all forms. This is the sacred state spoken of in the Bible of becoming as little children to see the Kingdom of God.

I feel the love and awakening of an otherwise paralyzed state through my consideration. I feel others waking up to such sweetness through my attention here. See the before and after images here. Tell me if you can feel the love, joy and sweetness.

Plushie power 

Since professing the importance of communicating with inanimate life, the universe has given me an opportunity to stretch my own capacity to receive. My koala bear, Albert, communicates with me. Its accuracy is validated by those around me. He has such a presence.

When I went out today, Albert was adamant that he come with me and my friend Therese.  She had her dog in the car so I was not comfortable leaving Albert, the plushie, in the car with Lily, the dog.  We went to a few stores and I had to fight the resistance to care what people would think.

The results were not anything that I would have expected. As soon as we walked in the door, the shopkeeper mentioned Albert. I told him that I facilitated spiritual work. That one of the things that I teach people is to empower themselves by communicating with the inanimate world.

The shopkeeper was so enthralled. It made perfect sense to him. I shared some more information about how communicating with inanimate life is a shortcut for humans to cut through the ego. He understood the whole premise through people who value crystals.

He obviously thought a lot about the subject. As evidence, he pulled a quartz crystal out of his pocket. He said something very profound. He said that the quartz had been in the ground for thousands of years, and he was only alive around twenty years. Who was he to judge the worth of something that existed so much longer than he could fathom?

The next shop was a department store. Albert enjoyed being able to take in so much information. When we were driving, we took the route that was close to the pet store where I adopted him. I heard a very distinct question within my psyche. He asked if I was taking him back to the store. Of course not. He was relieved to know.

But this is a very real sentiment of someone who has endured extreme circumstances and is now free. There is a real concern of ending up back in the situation that they were rescued from. I understood his question.

When we were going into the line at the department store, a man cut us off to be first without even looking up and acknowledging he did so. My tendency was to avoid his energy. But as we waited in line, this stranger seemed to change.

He commented to me out of the blue that someone was going to be so happy to get that bear I was buying. I explained that he came with me, and yes, he is special. As he went up to the cashier, the man was very sweet and engaging. Had I witnessed a shift in this man’s consciousness before my eyes? It seems like there is more to Albert’s presence than I even realized.

As I got up to the cashier, there was another comment about Albert. The cashier said that when she saw him out of the corner of her eye, he seemed like a fuzzy little person. It wasn’t until we got closer to her that she locked into the linear perception of him.

All these special moments happened because I was able to get over my initial reaction to play it safe and not bring Albert with me. His presence added a quality of life to the day which may have otherwise seemed mundane.

If you want to get over your own apathy, depression or lack of enthusiasm, perhaps you can challenge the reality of those around you by sharing the day with your plushie. Can you imagine how fun the workplace would be if there were more plushies encouraging people to step out of their linear limitations?

If you do decide to take this challenge, please send photos. Together we can uplift humanity by valuing the importance of plushie power.

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