The fishbowl of humanity

Discover how to transcend limitations and expand consciousness beyond the fishbowl of life, with insights from Jenuine Healing’s Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider.

All references to fish are meant as an analogy only. The author of this piece respects and loves fish.

What if humanity was caught inside a fishbowl but didn’t know it? What if you could hop out at any time but the belief you wouldn’t survive prevented you from trying to leave?

There are plenty of distractions to keep you busy in the fishbowl: What is everyone else doing? Do I have enough food to eat or space to move?

Some fish are bigger and know the ropes better than others. The most powerful know how to control others. They feed messages to the population like, “There is a limited amount of love and you will have to fight for resources that you need,” or “Don’t embarrass yourself in front of other fish,” or “What would your mother say?”

Many in the bowl only communicate with their kind and think they are superior to other species. There are plants like the reef and seaweed, too, but many ignore them and look down on their intelligence.

The irony is other species in the fishbowl have skills the you don’t have. Many can communicate beyond language to beings on the other side of the bowl with thought, sound or imagery.

I imagine there are wise ones outside looking in at us fish wondering, when will they figure that they can adapt their minds and bodies to survive outside?

But instead of imagining life beyond the bowl, many believe the restrictions imposed on them instead of working to break through the limitations to greater freedom.

There have been individuals throughout history who did make it out. Souls like Buddha, Mother Teresa, Socrates and others who are not well known. They didn’t believe the limitations imposed on them; they sacrificed and pushed through invisible barriers.

Many of these imaginative souls who transcended limitations were controversial and maligned during their lifetime. People like Joan of Arc, Jesus, and more recently, Martin Luther King Jr., artists like John Lennon or athletes like Muhammad Ali. Even those who transcend gender roles are maligned because they have expanded their consciousness beyond traditional genders.

These inspired souls are connected to some force which energizes and directs them. You can see it in their actions. This force feeds them purpose and tenacity. I see examples like President Zelenskyy who is breaking through the limiting belief that Ukraine could not defeat an authoritarian aggressor, or Greta Thunberg who at a young age wanted to heal the planet before it was too late. It looks like the more these people give of themselves to help the world, the more they have to give.

This force that moves through the heart and is used to uplift others is the conduit to get out of the fishbowl that humanity is stuck in. It is some mix of inspiration, truth, love, and purpose and allows those who harness it to uplift others through their words, deeds, art, or healing.

But how do you move through this resistance in ourselves and in the zeitgeist to access our purpose and expansion of consciousness?

I stumbled upon this ability to expand consciousness when I was younger. In my 20s, I traveled to the other side of the world in meditation and brought information back that I learned later was true. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what to do with this “power” and I didn’t know how to make it happen again. I also lacked the strength to break through again on my own.

I have learned how to break through blockages and expand consciousness through working with Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider of Jenuine Healing. They offer workshops, private sessions and SFT taps that help you transcend limitations and expand consciousness.

When you do the SFT taps that Jen Ward created over a 12-year period working with adepts, pushing through daily resistance herself, you break free of the illusions of this world as well as personal obstacles and blockages. Then you can expand your consciousness, access more love, and even clear a path so others can see how to make the journey out of the illusion themselves.

This expansion of consciousness is the final frontier. Maybe not exactly like Captain Kirk or Gene Roddenberry imagined, though I’m grateful for all they created. Artists like Roddenberry used the force of their imagination to pierce through limitations and ignite our own sense of wonder.

Results of expanding consciousness:

  • You gain insights on how to heal yourself and others.
  • You can look at the fish bowl from a higher viewpoint and help heal and uplift others.
  • You can communicate with other species when you drop the limitations around your heart and mind.
  • You can tune into your purpose and wisdom to guide you each step of the way.

To keep breaking through resistance and expand consciousness requires:

  • A strong intention to realize your highest purpose.
  • An understanding that you are more than this physical body and can use your heart to bring more kindness, compassion and truth into the world.
  • Assistance in avoiding the traps of the mind and ego (Jenuine Healing can help you avoid falling back into fear or ego as well as help you recognize when you do.)
  • Enough tenacity combined with flexibility to move through the ups and downs.

Challenge your beliefs and past experiences. Explore what is possible for yourself and for the world. Break free from the illusions of this physical world and help uplift humanity.

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