Tree communion for comfort and creativity

Be in communion with your favorite tree for inner strength and guidance. Visualize, connect, and find solace in its energy, turning nature’s giants into lifelong allies.

Here is a technique you can use if you are going into a situation or an environment that does not feel safe or uplifting.

Tree visualization

Visualize a time you were around a tree that you can recall. It could be a tree you climbed, sat under, or one that was situated outside of your house. You could have admired it for its beauty or received fruit from its branches. Or maybe you were lulled to fall asleep underneath it as the wind rustled through its branches. By being able to remember a certain tree, you may actually be ready to tap into the love that it offered you.

Visualize being with that tree. At first you are merely holding space for a sweet memory. But then use your creative imagination to hug the tree. Extend that hug to merge your energy with the tree. Instead of standing outside the tree, imagine being inside the tree with all its strength and wisdom wrapped around you.

Steps to connect with tree energy

Ask the tree to be present with you during the day. If you are struggling with an issue, ask the tree for an answer. While the response may come out of the lips of a stranger, know that it is the tree that is answering you. Stay present with that tree as much as possible. When you have to go somewhere or be around people that are not supportive, connect with your tree inwardly. See if just thinking of your tree doesn’t comfort you. Get used to asking the tree questions within your mind. See if the answers seem to come to you.

When you do these things, you will be tapping into the infinite wisdom of the trees. You have just recognized your own new best friend.

This is great technique to share with children You know how experts tell a child to talk to a tree if they are lost in the forest? It is not just about preventing the child from wandering further. That tree will lead the search party to the child. That is why it is such an effective technique. Perhaps the reason that Native Americans are so effective trackers in the wood is because they question the trees along the way.

Unlocking creativity through tree connection

If you ever have any kind of creativity block, go outside to a tree that catches your fancy and sit with them. Perhaps write, paint, dance or create music right under the tree. You will be surprised at the venues that open up to you.

The poetry of trees

By the way, trees are the best poets. Here is one written by a tree.

Open up the floodgates
Between the human and Divine
Rest yourself in sweat stained sheets
Let your ego lay supine.

Offer yourself up to the heavens
That beckon you to undress
The real self walks in brilliant wonders
That the mind cannot suppress.

Bring a gift back to this world
A memory or an insight
Leave it as a bread crumb trail
So others may take flight.

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