Embracing the wisdom of trees

Dive into a poetic journey linking the wisdom of trees with humanity’s role as Earth’s guardians. Rediscover the solace nature offers in every leaf and wind.

In ancient groves, we dwell, unseen by hasty eyes.
An ageless presence, rooted deep, beneath boundless skies.
Overlooked, mistreated, yet resilient in our stance.
A testament to strength and grace, we endure life’s dance.

We savor every moment, the essence of the now.
Embracing life’s rhythm, in the tranquil boughs.
We love to watch the creatures live among our leaves.
The ants, squirrels and birds, a company interweaved.

Amidst nature’s sweet serenade, a joyous melody we sing.
In this sacred sanctuary where life’s essence takes wing.
At night, we harmonize as crickets play their song.
With lightning bugs, owls and bats dancing along.

Much like humans, we have our kin, it’s true.
Yet, saplings of young and forests of old have become few.
As destruction strikes, our loss reverberates.
The decimation of life, its sorrow permeates.

Despite the heartache dealt, our love for humankind,
Endures through timeless eons, unyielding, intertwined.
Observing in compassion, their struggles, hopes, and fears,
Their souls yearn for connection, beyond the veil of tears.

Awaken now, dear humans, embrace your sacred call.
Guardians of this Earth, protectors, one and all.
In sovereign strength, reclaim your destined place,
Unite with the universe’s orchestra, its rhythm and embrace.

Remember, you are unique, a precious soul imbued.
With purpose woven deep, a mission to pursue.
When shadows cast their doubts, and darkness dims the view,
We are here, receptive listeners, to comfort and renew.

Embrace our sturdy trunks, in nature’s warm embrace.
A bond that spans the ages, an ever-loving space.
Climb high, blow kisses, and let worries fall away,
In the shelter of the trees, find solace every day.

So let us intertwine our wisdom, dreams and souls,
In the eternal dance of life, where every heartbeat tolls.
Together we shall flourish, in harmony we will stand.
As one, we will heal the world, and cherish its sacred land.

Angela Sloskey Avatar

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