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Discover the enchanting tale of Luna, a bat with a unique bond to a human friend. Venture into Luna’s world, exploring past lives, cosmic connections, and the perspective of our winged companion.

I want to introduce you all to a very special friend of mine. Her name is Luna and she is a bat. Now I know what you are thinking: how can anyone be friends with a bat? But I can assure you that it is true. It is the same way people can be friends with a dog or a parrot.

When I first saw Luna, I was a bit afraid. I was in the garden at twilight and I was looking at the seagulls when she appeared. I got a bit scared. You hear a lot of stories about bats and rabies or other diseases. But every time I went in the garden, Luna appeared. Jen Ward encouraged me to get over my fear and I was rewarded with this very special friendship. The rest of this blog will be written of the perspective of Luna.

Hello there, my friends! Here I am again. My name is Luna and I’m a special bat who has lived many lives. Sometimes I’m a boy bat, and sometimes I’m a girl bat. It’s so much fun! I sleep during the day and come alive at night when it’s dark outside. The whole world goes quiet and there is a sacred stillness in the air. I sleep upside down, and when I fly, my wings are super-fast!

I really enjoy life, and I love to play. Most humans creep into their nest at night. But not all lay down at night and I watch you and all the other earthlings from high up in the sky. Even though I lived many lifetimes, I still don’t understand many humans and they scare me a little. Some hurt other plants and animals without having a reason. It makes the human unpredictable.

I do have a very special human friend who I’ve known for a long, long time. We met when she was scared and alone in a special place called a tomb. She had not left her body on time, so she was still waiting there. I felt her fear of being trapped and not being able to move or communicate. I flew a few rounds around the bell tower before I found a tiny gap in the wall where I could crawl through. I had to make myself really flat, but I made it. I flew to the dungeon where she was laid to rest. She was scared of me at first. I danced my beautiful dance for her and twirled around while I also flew in circles. She tried to ignore me at first, because she was so scared. I was a bit disappointed that I could not help her, but I wasn’t giving up.

You see, this was not really the first time that we met. We were part of the same energy at the beginning of time. We were one. Then there was a loud bang and we fell apart in all these tiny pieces. She landed somewhere else and I somewhere else, but I still recognize my energy when I sense her. Humans can’t do this very easily. It is like they a desensitized. They also can’t remember the beginning of the Universe or even their previous life. Maybe, this is the reason why some are so mean.

Anyway, I helped my human by eating the big scary spiders, which I think are yummy! We talked to each other using a special energy. She would know what I was telling her in energy, and I knew what she was telling me in energy.  And I also made her happy by dancing around in circles.

One day, it was time for me to move on to a new adventure. You see, I was getting a bit old. I couldn’t fly super fast anymore and my vision was getting blurry. It was time to leave this body behind and take on a new one. I took my friend with me on my wings so she could be free too. I was able to do this because our beautiful connection was restored. In our next life we were siblings. That was so wonderful!

 In her current life, I visited her three times, but she didn’t remember our friendship until recently. I can sense that she wants to fly with me again, but she doesn’t because she has a duty to work for humanity, even though she really doesn’t like a lot of humans. It is hard to be a human. Now, she knows me and loves it when I come to play in her garden at night. We play games like hide and seek, and I’m always there for her when she needs me. She even leaves yummy fruit for me!

I was on a break for a while. This is, because it all gets a bit much for me when I want to help my friend, I get disappointed that I can’t help her as much as I like to. I feel that she needs me, and I hope to teach her more about the world from my high vantage point so she can share it with all Earthlings.

It’s important for everyone to know how they can make the world better in a positive way. I will be dropping by to tell you more stories. Although I like to stay a bit mysterious, I really need you all to hear the stories from a fabulous bat’s perspective. In the meantime, I’ll be watching all of you from afar! Take care! 

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