Jenuine Healing Community

One of the more interesting side effects of spiritual awakening, actively working on your own empowerment, and healing your body, mind, and soul, is that you quickly evolve beyond old patterns, friendships and structures. This can leave many that are on a path of inner healing to feel alone and isolated. But you are not. What you are experiencing is very common, and very fixable.

That is why we have put together a community and a sacred space for those on a path of inner healing to come together and be present with other in the sacred moment of now.

A key part of being a member of the Jenuine Healing community is participating in our weekly Open House zoom events where community member get to hang out and be present with your hosts Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider, and your tribe of community members. Think of these Open House events as being like your regular retreat to bath in the uplifting energy of the sacred moment.

Aside from being part of the weekly Open House events, community members are invited to be part of the studio audience when Jen and Marvin host regular live stream events such as the Daily Rejuvenation and Group SFT Tapping events. And most importantly, community members are invited to become part of the team of Jenuine Healing contributing authors. Being part of the Jenuine Healing writer’s forum is a powerful way of using your creative talents in a very positive way.

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