Being hoisted on my own petard

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My first incarnation

Let me tell you about my first incarnation here on Earth. I say on Earth because I had lives before on other planets and universes. I came here to help humanity transcend in consciousness. A very noble task, don’t you think?

There are millions and millions of planets. What do you think is so important about Earth? Earth is the heart chakra of the Universe. If all beings on Earth lived in peace and harmony with each other, then it would affect the whole Universe in an incredibly positive way, but if there is war, envy, arrogance, anger, frustration, it also affects the rest of the Universe in a negative way.

Something had to be done because the trajectory of Earth was not good. A collective of beings decided to incarnate on Earth to absorb the harshness and cruelty, and by doing this, change the future of all planets in a positive way.

The first incarnation was tough, incredible lonely, and I was overtaken by all these negative emotions. I didn’t want to be here. What could I do? The abode where I came from was peaceful, loving, and inspirational. All things were good. I didn’t realize fully what the impact of dropping from higher consciousness would be. I started to feel sorry for myself. I was not familiar with these emotions of sorrow, anger, pity. I felt my ego was becoming stronger and stronger. The heaviness of the planet took a toll. I was constantly trying to balance the positive with the negative emotions. I needed a game plan to survive this.

The game plan

I decided to look for people who were leaders in the local community or at least had thoughts that went beyond where to find food and shelter. I told them many stories about my planet and the history, but I made it out to be the history of Earth. They needed something to hold onto, something bigger than themselves. They needed beings to look up to and to have some standards on how to behave. The stories were told from mouth to mouth and they grew larger than life. The beings in the stories started to get worshiped. This was not really the intention. As you read the stories, you could see the beings all had issues and egos. They all needed to overcome something. Mastering something does not make you a God. It just makes you a being that is invested in self-development.

I lived for over five hundred years that lifetime. Everywhere temples were being constructed. People devoted their time to prayer and to be taught by a guru. I had hoped that the self-development of humans would go faster, but they got stuck in being programmed and conditioned by religions, traditions, society and the ones who had the ruling power. It also didn’t help that humans forgot the past lives they had lived before they reincarnated. Their health deteriorated. Their lifespan got shorter and shorter. It was crazy. Every time humanity took a step forwards, it also took two steps back.

The burden of being worshiped

After that initial incarnation on Earth, I began to be worshiped by the people to whom I told those stories in my first incarnation on Earth. The stories that I told were only meant to be an example of what humans were capable of themselves. It was not the plan for me to be the object of their worship. I fell into my own trap. You see worshiping another being is the same as handing your self-empowerment to someone else. It renders you helpless, dependent on someone outside of yourself. That someone else is made out of the same atoms as you and is a reflection of you. You and that so called “God” are equals.

Do you know how draining it is to be worshiped? People call on you to help them every second of the day, bargaining with more prayer time for their needs to be met. What a joke! The enormous responsibility people put in your hands when they worship you was never ending. It is still going on with no end in sight. It was like I was a prisoner to the people. I sometimes discussed with my co-workers what to do. Should we create a cataclysm so we can start over again? I was getting tired of it and decided it was time to incarnate again to get the full human experience.

Reflections on the human experience

Now I have had hundreds of incarnations as part of the human experience. I have experienced every horror you can imagine. It is tiring. I now know how difficult it is to be a human and to stay centered and discerning in every moment. I see the damage that religions have done. So many deaths in the name of God, so many people divided in the name of God. It is horrifying.  When will humanity finally awaken from this slumber? It is like everyone is sleepwalking through life. They know deep inside there is so much more to life but are afraid to step away from the programming and conditioning of society. It is a decision I now leave fully in their hands. I have decided that this is my last incarnation, my last try to assist humanity from within. I know you are close, but for some reason your ego doesn’t allow you to get off the fence.

Be your own god

Humanity is capable of so much more than they are doing now. I know many people are searching for truth, but they get lost in the platitudes and start following someone to show them the way. This is not the solution. For sure, listen to what other people have to say, but for “god’s” sake, be discerning. Do your own research and listen to your intuition. You are a part of Source and Source is a part of you. Just don’t fall back in fear. You really have nothing to fear. Your soul cannot and will not be destroyed. Yes, you can experience a lot of bad things and humans are capable of destroying Earth, and without Earth, humanity will be lost too. So, grab this chance to show up for yourself, for humanity, all the beautiful flora and fauna of Earth. I know it is scary. You might feel like a child without parents, but you have so much wisdom within. And this wisdom will be wasted if you never tap into it. The time is now to be your own god.

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