I am alone today

Navigating human loneliness, this profound reflection offers insights on transcending negative thoughts, recognizing one’s inherent worth, and understanding the universe’s intention. Embrace your unique journey; you matter and are loved beyond measure.

There is no one in my life that wishes to spend time with me today. No one really cares about me. I don’t matter. I must be so annoying to be around that no one wants to even extend human kindness to me. It is irrelevant to everyone here whether I exist or not. I must be hard to love. I don’t even attract life partners because there is nothing attractive about me. The Universe is punishing me for some reason. God hates me.

These are the thoughts that the human consciousness is bombarded with. Negative thoughts come to us as if we are immersed in a negative jet stream of some kind. We choose the thoughts that pelt us the hardest and we can identify with our own individualized experiences with pain. These are the thoughts that induce us to feelings of inadequacies. They dredge up old instances of injury and indignation. But it is possible to turn down the volume on the negative onslaught of mind f@#ks. You can do it through being mentally non-reactionary and listening to the true inner compass of the heart. What is the heart telling you?

This is what my heart tells me

Being with people is a distraction. The universe is strengthening your capacity to be imbued with love by not having you believe that it originates from other people. You should be able to feel whole and empowered regardless of outer situation. This depth of empowerment carries over beyond the death of the physical body and into the higher realms and future incarnations.

You give too much of yourself. You need to pour that love into the world as a form of training yourself to perpetually outflow. Giving of yourself is you learning to be a fountainhead for source without wasting your energy on those who feel entitled to it.

You are being blessed to have all the humans pushed out of your life so that you can develop your ability to love other species and have an intimate relationship with life itself. Humans tend to love only those who are like themselves. When you learn to love source as it is reflected to you in all species and all atoms of life, you are empowered beyond the limitations of your physicality.

You are too special and aware to be trapped in the conventions of social culture. If the universe left it to you, you would give all of yourself to all those who eagerly held out their hands for your bounty. If the Universe didn’t intervene on your behalf, you would be distracted all the days of your life trying to please and placate others.

All the insights that you are given daily in life lessons and spiritual awareness become a part of you, even when you cross over. You are rich and abundant beyond compare in the spiritual realms. Others are starving for your spiritual gifts. Don’t waste energy or momentum by focusing on those around you who don’t appreciate your worth. They are vibrating at a different frequency than you. It would be a distraction from your spiritual lessons to waste energy trying to resonate with them.

If everyone was adoring you, it would not be a fertile environment for you to glean all your spiritual lessons. All those around you who overlook your contribution assist you so well in you staying focused on the sanctity of the moment. It is an upgrade to not be distracted by the illusion of ego gratification.

No one can see you because so few people see truth, beauty, and love in this world. You resonate so closely to the intangible realms that your essence has indeed become invisible to the average human.

Your spiritual light is very bright. For some humans, it blinds them, and they react with a strong negative reaction to you. But that is only more reason to have compassion for them.

All the security and material comfort that humans strive to accrue is only their limited attempt to own the intangible gifts that come so readily to you.

The universe is gifting you with isolation so that it can help you drop out of the illusion of outer circumstances and become alive, aware and expansive in the true interconnection of the present moment.

God is not punishing you. You are being gifted with great insight and lasting spiritual capabilities every moment. By ignoring the mind’s taunting, you are awakening to the sanctity of all life.

You and your gifts are so important to the world that you are not allowed to waste this existence on being caught up in the illusion of the day and the pettiness of humanity.

Holidays like thanksgiving are a day to teach others as a group how to be grateful and how to interconnect with others. You have already learned these lessons, so you do not need to go through the tedious lesson plans that other humans need.

Wanting what other humans have is like wishing to go back to kindergarten because you like coloring. You create masterpieces my friend. Use your abilities to do so.

Spiritual consciousness

These are some of the things that my heart tells me. It also tells me that I am being used as an example to show people how the shift from human consciousness to spiritual consciousness is done. It also tells me that there are those out there who need to hear this. That this is what their hearts have been telling them as well. Those who need to hear this, will find this message and realize that they are loved and important in the scheme of life. They matter and are dearer than all the home spun celebrations can convey.

Please get a sense of how important you are to life and the transcendence process from the mundane to the dynamic. Use any pain that you may endure as a benchmark of the greatness of your true self. May you realize your true worth in the expansion of consciousness. You matter. You really do. You are loved beyond compare. You really are.

Some will argue with this, saying that they can’t matter because they don’t outshine others in this life. You are not paying attention. It is a lie of the human consciousness that you must be great on the backs of others. That is how male energy has programmed the world. But female energy embraces greatness as a sisterhood; where all are happiest when everyone is at their best. That is the reality of where human awareness is headed. By dropping out of the lies of the illusion, you can plug into the expansiveness of the ultimate truth. As one individual succeeds in the true sense, we all succeed.

Here is to the success of the human species to transcend. I love you all. Every single one of you. Because I can. And that is a gift that human loneliness has afforded me. I would not trade that for anything.

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