The crossing of a beloved pet

Explore the heartwarming journey of pets returning after crossing over, and learn how to prepare for and recognize their return in a new body, fostering a hopeful transition and reunion.

When pets are ready to crossover, they take their cues from us. If you can be happy and excited for their new adventure, it can ease their transition. It helps you and an older pet to prepare for its crossing by having a contingency plan in place for them to return to you.

Tell your pet that you will welcome them back in a new body. Tune into them before they cross and get a sense of what they will look like. Don’t worry about finding each other again.  The love bond is literally a drawing force to reunite you both. Be reassured that your pet will recognize you when they return. 

After your beloved pet has crossed, pay attention after a few months when they start popping up in your thoughts in a new way. This may be them telling you that they are on their way back. If you are going to actively search for your pet’s return, look for one that was born after your pet’s transition.

It may take more than a few months for you and your baby to be reunited or they may return right away. There is no need to look too hard to find them. Just invite your pet back and ask the universe to take care of the details. Then stay open to the possibilities.

Being reunited

A man contacted me devastated that his beloved dog had died too soon. He was heartbroken. It is difficult to comfort someone who has just experienced a great loss. I had a nudge to tell him to look for his dog to come back in a puppy body. He was skeptical but his pain opened him up to the possibility.

He told me that he actually had a puppy reserved from a litter that was going to be born soon. The puppy was to be a companion for his dog that had just died. He was hesitant about even entertaining the fact that he could be reunited with his dog that crossed. He wondered how he would even know.

A month later he contacted me. He was very excited and grateful. When he picked up his puppy and looked into its eyes, he just knew that it was his beloved dog in a new body. Having this puppy was something that he had already set in motion. But now he was more aware of how love had returned to him. If he had not reached out to talk to me, he may not have readily recognized his old companion in the puppy’s eyes.

These reunions between pets and humans happen more than people realize. Perhaps you are being led to this message for the specific purpose of opening up to an old friend who has passed and is soon returning. The thought of someone you have loved so dearly returning to you can also ease the sting of their initial passing. Imagine all the people who could more easily shift out of grief into hopeful expectation merely with this understanding of pets returning. Here is to staying open to possibilities.

SFT taps

Here are some SFT taps to help you stay receptive to your dear companion returning.

Put your pet’s name in each blank below. Say each statement three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We release holding ___________ back with our grief; in all moments.

We release the grief of losing ___________ ; in all moments.

We remove all blockages to ____________ returning to us in a new body; in all moments.

We remove all blockages to recognizing ______________ when they return to us; in all moments.

We are aligned with ______________ returning to us; in all moments.

We are centered and empowered in ____________ returning to us; in all moments.

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