Childhood dreams of flight

Exploring vivid flying dreams from childhood, this article delves into out-of-body experiences, spiritual dimensions, and the quest for understanding with Jenuine Healing.

When I was a boy, about five or six years old, I experienced what I called flying dreams almost every night. They weren’t really dreams because even though my physical body was asleep in my bed, I was out of the body having a real experience in another dimension. I’m not sure if I was actually flying or floating along somewhere in what appeared to be a night sky. The experience began so suddenly that it seemed that it was occurring all the time and I was just unaware of it while awake. I just slipped into it naturally.

There was no direct source of light (like the sun), yet I could see somewhat. I had a form, but it was not like a physical body. It was more like a cloud. I was not able to see myself so I can’t be sure what it was. The area above where I was floating had a few pinpricks of light, but they were distant and didn’t illuminate much.

It was what was below me that attracted most of my attention. Looking down, I saw small lights that when taken together reminded me of the lights of a city at night. Some were clustered together while others were separate or in just a small group. If I had to guess, I would say each light was the size of a small campfire, but I really do not know as I could not judge the distance between them and me. But these lights did not flicker and did not illuminate the surrounding area. They simply were lights unto themselves. Perhaps they were souls living in this dimension. They didn’t seem to be doing anything from my vantage point, but they must have had some purpose that I would not have been able to guess at my age.

I was not there alone. I sensed that other disembodied beings were floating around also. I did not see them, but I sensed there was someone behind me having their own experience or perhaps we were together. I was neither afraid nor felt that I was in any danger at all. It was a calm and comfortable environment where we floated along in the same direction. I had no thoughts about my physical body back in bed or my earthly life. I do believe that there was some order to this place, but I do not know more than that.

But returning to my physical body was never as smooth as leaving it. When the experience was over, there was a strong sensation of falling very fast. One time I landed back in the body with such a thud that I fell out of bed. I tried processing what happened, but really didn’t know. Actually, it seemed pretty natural.

One time, after waking up, I mentioned to my mother (and to my aunt and my cousin who were visiting us) that I had a flying dream. My cousin said she did too. She was a year and a half older than me. I don’t know if she was one of the other beings with me. She didn’t give any details of her experience. But my mother and aunt made no comment, and the subject was dropped. Because my cousin didn’t elaborate on her experiences, I don’t know if her flying dreams were the same as mine. For all I know, her experiences might have been very different from mine, but it did not seem that she was uncomfortable with them. 

It did bother me that the adults in my life ignored what I said. But they just couldn’t relate to flying dreams. They weren’t “spiritual” people or particularly religious either.  Actually, it was just as well that my parents weren’t religious. They didn’t try to indoctrinate me in other people’s belief systems about God, or try to squeeze my experiences into someone else’s teachings. Besides, I knew what I experienced and always knew there was more to life than just the physical world, and that it was all somehow connected.

These childhood flying dreams dissipated over a few years. I’m not sure why. However, the awakening in my dreams to other dimensions never was far from my mind. It fueled my life as a spiritual seeker. As an adult I did have dreams where I was flying but they were slightly different. I had to jump off the ground but I did experience flying. I remember having an actual body on another dimension, not a cloud.

My vivid dreams of flying as a child and later as an adult showed me I was more than a physical being. I became a seeker, which eventually led me to Jenuine Healing.

Perhaps some people have flying dreams and don’t recall them after waking up, or think of them as “only a dream,” or don’t know what to make of them. But if any of this resonates with you, try connecting with Jenuine Healing to learn more.

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