Facing your demons with love, actually

In the dance of life, confronting past traumas is essential for growth. Dive deep into the power of energy healing, exploring the ties between past lives, spiritual understanding, and the transformative love that can change everything.

In the intricate dance of life where love meets adversity and spirituality intertwines with human experience, how do we face our deepest fears and embrace our true selves?

My witnessing of a recent energy healing session by Jen Ward with a young boy facing behavior challenges became the spark that ignited these musings, leading to a deeper exploration of life’s complex landscape. From the challenges of parenthood to the mysteries of reincarnation, energy healing, and personal transformation, this article delves into the profound connections that shape our lives. Join me as I explore with you the power of love, the wisdom of embracing life’s struggles, and the practical methods to transform negativity into growth.

Whether you are a parent seeking guidance, an individual facing personal demons, or someone curious about spiritual healing, these thoughts offer insights and inspiration for you to navigate the complex terrain of human existence.

Being born is not for the faint of heart

What lies ahead of you when you arrive in your baby body? If you knew what life had in store for you, would you be eager to enter the world, or would you turn back in horror to get away? I sometimes wonder whether having limited awareness of the life ahead is a kind of failsafe scenario that forces you to take situations as they come and to handle the unexpected (pleasant or otherwise) surprises. It reminds me of the old adage in which a calm sea does not an able sailor make. But of course, the intention for joy, health, happiness, and success, both personally and collectively, is the hopeful wish and expectation of most.

It is a blind trust that has graced my best bearings to weather and endure many twists and turns, or what I affectionally and reverently call ‘the crazies.’ I have found it good to befriend especially uncomfortable aspects of life because they have been in my face from minute/hour/day one. How about you?

I have always been drawn to unravel the mysterious paradox of hardship being the meal ticket to all good things. If love is how we got here (mostly), and it is love underlying and carrying the entire show, why the endless suffering and struggles? Whoever or whatever set this stage up, it is definitely bonkers for dazed onlookers and participants alike. That is, until, in a flash of clarity and resolve, you see the wisdom and beauty of it.

Now, I like to imagine an alternative life outcome if in my beginning years, I could have side-stepped a few rough spots by having awareness that it was even possible to do so. Such is the case highlighted in one of Jen Ward’s many private healing sessions, where she identifies and releases significant emotional baggage of a six-year-old boy whose mom reached out for sincere help with his baffling behavior issues. It involved digging deeper to expose the acting-out crisis that got him suspended from school, something that devoted and loving parents never fathom having to deal with. Let me indulge in a short backstory of mine as to why this situation and video speaks to a passion within me.

Raising children is not for the faint of heart

It is a daunting endeavor to have children and be plopped unaware into parenting. Who really knows beforehand the nitty gritty of providing the best care possible to tiny beings who upend your singular existence?

Not everyone is destined to be a parent. In hindsight, I suspect some parents may come to realize at the end of the journey that they were not suited to the task. But some of us know instinctively that having children is a given, even though the journey is fraught with challenges.

My instincts for motherhood started with a favorite doll having realistic features of an actual baby in size and weight. It had a floppy head and limbs, and I cuddled and loved it as a real mother would. From my early babysitting days at age twelve, I was surprised and awed by the awareness of infants and children. I marveled at their intense observation skills, and how they developed and persevered in figuring things out. Little miracles. I loved being around them.

When I became a mother myself, it reconnected me to those memories of childlike curiosity and wonder. But it also resurfaced painful family drama that tainted my own “carefree” childhood. I would understand much later that there is no perfect-life landscape in our learning of things. I learned that your individual journey aligns with a bigger picture.

As my young children endured an unanticipated curve in their otherwise content lives through me divorcing their father, realizing the extent of their angst from that experience multiplied mine. It became important to me to advocate for all children to have healthier, less scarred passageways to adulthood. This called for a better understanding of the spiritual nature of my life’s purpose, which is still actually revealing itself, by the way.

In earning a teaching degree in Elementary Education, I was able to tune in and help children navigate through a ‘conforming’ school setting. I especially identified with those students who felt out of place in an environment where measuring up to others’ standards weighed heavily on their sensitivities. I also witnessed and studied firsthand the varied skill sets and emotional intelligence of individual students. Their capabilities and wisdom beyond their age furthered my understanding and truth of reincarnation in knowing these children as seasoned veterans of rich background knowledge and expertise. Even their early writings and illustrations sometimes provided clues as to their who, what, when, and where! I loved recognizing the more complete angles of their personal history that they themselves revealed in the classroom.

Tough love in an insightful private energy healing session

So, while I viewed Jen Ward’s energy healing session of ‘Weston’ facing his behavior challenges, I imagined all parents and teaching professionals gleaning valuable insights to help all other troubled children. It is a highly perceptive and skilled alternative healing adept who confronts the stagnant energy of a hardened criminal-like engram (engrained memory) from a young child’s past-life experience. It is his mother’s intuition, strength, trust, and love that allowed it to be addressed.

This process of untangling her son’s disguised emotions from past hurt is the epitome of tough love. By ‘calling out’, literally, a demon from the past, it changed his whole lifetime trajectory. Here we witness the best of getting to a core issue and tackling it in energy. And this little boy could not be more endearing in this showcasing of his life transformed. His hanging in there with all the ‘tapping’ is another beautiful marvel.

He was already familiar with repeating a certain phrase while tapping continuously three times on the top of his head, one time on his chest, and one more time on his abdomen. He and his twin sister had already been taught this method to release ‘kid’ versions of fear and anxiety, as well as affirming joy, love, wholeness, and empowerment into their young psyches. But this was the mother-load of taps, perfect for his needs.  It is a heart-opening wonderment to imagine his changed possibilities moving forward. Anyone who works with and loves children will be touched.

Reincarnation and root cause connections to present life dis-ease

The missing piece in understanding any health or behavioral disorder is identifying the root cause that began its spiraling effects. A premise of energy healing is that highly charged, or emotionally taxing life experiences become lodged in your energy field, and after blocking the crucial natural flow of energy, this manifests in your physical body as dis-ease. It can be from this lifetime or past ones. In mainstream discussions, you can refer to this as generational trauma lodged in your family’s ancestral DNA.

You only have to watch the news or look back through history to understand what trauma can befall any particular individual or a civilization’s glory days. Been there, done that? Having searched my akashic records, I now know many of my past transgressions against my brethren, as well as those against me. Eventually you get weary and cease fire.

The thing is, you seem to have to have a lot of challenging experiences before you realize yourself as spiritual beings. To be honest, I still grapple to reconcile why the curtain is drawn each lifetime just to start all over again, and to spend countless incarnations absorbed in the illusions of time and space. But there comes a time in most people’s lives when the pain is dialed up so high that it brings out that moment of clarity about their true spiritual nature. Like, “Hey, here are the real facts of your true spiritual nature once and for all…now get on with being omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent already! Come on, you’ve got this!”

I consider enlightenment to be all about conscious awareness and integrating lessons learned. What have I gleaned in hindsight from my successes and failures in advancing my and others’ betterment each lifetime? Because that is what the incarnating system is set up to teach; that everyone and everything, man, plant, animal, mineral, are all connected, and that the harm we do to any, is harm we do to ourselves. So, this insightful truth calls for more respect and responsibility in every action.

Simple can-do tips for handling negative energy

As daunting as it is to live a spiritual life, and as a parent to boot, there are some simple and helpful takeaways from Jen Ward’s private energy healing session with ‘Weston”.

For example, we all occasionally feel out of control, paranoid, or unsettled by negative influences that seem bigger than ourselves. Instead of engaging in the drama of it all, how about looking at issues that don’t feel like a part of your present life and try to see from where they stem? Imagine various possibilities and hone in on the clues that abound.

I had been wondering and asked inwardly why I had a certain contentious relationship with someone. Soon after, I was visiting my cousin in another state and started reading an unlikely, for my usual interest, random biography off her bookshelf, which she allowed me to take back home to finish. The main characters’ difficult relationship mirrored my own situation and provided me with exact dynamics of what I had asked to understand. Look for answers to come in odd ways.

Another useful point is to forgo negative influences such as social media, peer pressure, negative videos, and video games. The evidence of their effect on your psyche is not favorable. Better to venture out into nature with your free time.

Also, pay attention to the cause and effect of certain behaviors and patterns that manifest in yourself. Remove any triggers from your environment, like sugar or other diet ingredients with known negative reactions. Try to dig out the core issues of the trigger. And find ways to redirect the energy when you or someone is having a troubling reaction to something. Figure out alternative actions that assist in re-balancing and calming the energy.  Self-soothe with jigsaw puzzles, hobbies, or walking the dog. Provide enough distraction to give permission to not have to do anything and relax your energy to just being. Address your fears and get creative with ways to crowd them out. The fear-based engrams of past-life experiences can be understood for what they are and left in the dust.  

Here is a good visualization technique taught by Jen Ward that I find particularly helpful. Make your love bigger than the fear. Mockup a love bigger that is millions of times the size of the sun. Then pull it into your body like a nerf ball and let it expand out and burn off any and all negativities.

Level it up with a private energy healing session

I was in my late 50’s when a gnawing discontent led me to a private session with Jen Ward. Better late than never. That blind trust that I placed in myself when I took the initiative to book my energy healing session with Jen Ward has graced me a million times over. The transformation was profound and the clarity I gained was life changing. From confronting past-life traumas to understanding the complex connections between mind, body, and spirit, the insights were illuminating and empowering.

Give yourself this gift. Whether you are struggling with emotional burdens, health issues, parenting challenges, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, Jen’s unique approach can guide you through the healing process. Her methods are not only powerful but also compassionate, addressing the very root of the challenges you face. The wisdom, the love, and the spiritual growth you’ll experience are beyond measure.

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