How we resonate

Explore the power of vibration in personal growth. Embrace positivity, repel negativity, and unlock your highest potential with mind-heart synergy.

Every word, every thought, every action carries a vibration. We ourselves are a vibration. We are a summary of everything we allow or do not allow into our sphere of influence.

Talking about problems activates the vibration of the problem. In this way, problems maintain a resonance in the individual. It doesn’t matter if you talk or listen to a problem. If people choose to hold a frequency of problems by talking about them, that doesn’t mean the people around them need to maintain that same frequency by listening to them.

When someone truly sympathizes, they are sharing a frequency of love with the individual. It’s a heartfelt experience. This frequency of love is what people are seeking when they talk about problems, but it’s unrealistic to expect that frequency of love to open up every instance they share problems. People who are love starved keep searching for that love frequency through sharing their problems.

A person’s religion should be a vibration that they are ensconced in. When they try to force others into that vibration, it doesn’t work. To force someone else to resonate as you do, takes the vibration from love to power.

The way to turn around vibrating at a lower frequency is for everyone to embrace their individuality and use their tools to raise their vibration level. Live with purpose, perform acts of kindness, tap into the source of your highest vibration and feed it into your core so that your vibration can withstand a negative attack and can resonate at such a high rate that it will pull up others around you. The only thing preventing you from doing this is a determination to stay at a lower vibration through thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Thoughts loaded with passion are a powerful force in the world. We have examples of positive and negative extremes. We’ve seen what thoughts loaded with passion can do, but we attribute the success of others’ thoughts and passion to having talent. What if we are all talented but we haven’t found the universal key to raising our vibrations?

What if the universal key is mind and heart working together with a passion? What if the heart that feeds the mind, which in turn nourishes the heart, is the secret sauce for everyone to display their highest potential? What if negative thoughts and feelings were sticks in our gears to block this beautiful simple tool of creation?

If this were true, all it would take to display our highest potential would be to keep the mind and heart working together unhindered by limiting thoughts or feelings. This is doable. In our lifetime, this is possible. I see so many people getting their sticks ready to put in my gears. But this is my steering wheel case; I turn all the sticks into butter and continue to do my thing.

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