23 ways to attract abundance

Unlock the secrets to holistic prosperity with ‘these 23 ways to attract abundance. Shift your mindset, align with universal energies, and manifest boundless wealth

Abundance in its many forms is an energy state that you have the potential to tap into. However, the path to prosperity requires more than just the desire for wealth. It demands a holistic approach that addresses your mindset, your vibrations, and your actions. From the simple act of picking up a penny as a sign of recognizing and honoring abundance, to reframing our perceptions about wealth and those who possess it, there’s a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Many people get caught in the trap of lamenting their lack, letting their wants overpower their gratitude. This guide is crafted to help you shift your paradigm, uncovering strategies that not only focus on financial prosperity but also emphasize the richness of health, love, freedom, and joy.

Let’s delve into understanding how you can be in harmony with the universe, honor the spiritual law of abundance, and create a resonating frequency that attracts boundless prosperity.

If you see a penny, pick it up. It is a way to honor abundance. If you dismiss a penny as insignificant, you may be dismissing other ways of taking the initiative to accept personal wealth.

Forgo wasting energy on lamenting what you don’t have. When you do that, you are actually feeding the concept of lack.

Stop wanting things. The desire of want has a vibration that repulses whatever you desire away from you.

Stop telling yourself that you need something that you desire. Understand that in energy, “need’ and “have” are orbits away from each other. They don’t even exist in the same galaxy. So, when you keep focusing on needing something, you are taking yourself away from where it actually exists.

Instead of trying to use the law of attraction to dream of all the things you want, merely visualize a lot of numbers in your bank account. Because If you tell yourself that you are going to be rich, the mind will swoop in as the devil’s advocate and deflate you. But the intention of imagining bigger numbers in an account may fly under the radar of the naysayer aspect of the mind.

Instead of choosing a job that you aren’t passionate about, make certain that your choice of vocation is something you can put your passion into. The definition of vocation is: “Suitable for a particular career or occupation.” The definition of vocation in Christianity is: “How God calls you to serve him in the world.” These two definitions should be combined into one definition for everyone. How about this definition of true vocation: “An occupation that you are drawn to and is suitable for you that best allows you to serve humanity.”

Get over feelings of unworthiness. When you give of yourself in a vocation that you are passionate about, worthiness flows out of you in a wellspring of gratitude and confidence. Outflowing to others with your talents and intentions is the sure cure for systemic unworthiness.

Don’t try to figure out all the steps in how abundance will manifest. Just focus on the “when” and “why” to initiate every intention and then allow the Universe to provide the “where” and “how”.

Don’t try to figure out the trajectory between you now, and you with incredible wealth. The you that you are now needs to go through an incredible transformation to be ready to accept wealth. It can happen in an instant or take many years. But it never happens by the you now micromanaging the way that wealth comes to you. You are just not qualified as a micromanager until you actually receive the wealth. By fixating on the process, you may be keeping yourself trapped in the perimeters of not having.

Don’t ever turn a payment down. This is something that generations of us were taught to do as polite. But it is actually you closing the door to your own windfalls. If someone wants to pay you, be confident and ready to accept it.

Expect payment for your service. Healers are trained that they are not allowed to take payment for their gifts. This is a means of negating their gifts altogether. No one would expect a plumber to come to their house without getting paid. Your time is just as valuable.

Don’t expect to get your ego stroked for your talents. This can lead to disappointment and burn out. The truth is that no one can truly appreciate all the intangible ways they have benefited from your assistance. So don’t expect them to rise to the occasion. Always keep in mind that you serve humanity and the Universe through your universe. Once you start operating to please one individual, you have deflated your own vantage point to a less effective stance. 

Stop resenting rich people and thinking or saying negative things about them. These are curses. Why would you curse someone who has acquired what you intend for yourself. It is like cursing your future self. If you don’t like what rich people stand for, create incredible wealth for yourself and do incredible acts with the opportunity it affords.

Overshoot your intended goals of manifestation. Instead of thinking millions, think billions.

Find a means to be around the frequency of abundance. Spend time walking around an affluent neighborhood. Take a position at a high end resort. Create a sense of your own expensive life style in your imagination. Do what ever you can to merge the vibration of money with your everyday life.

Study the energy of money. Study rich people when you can. Do a field study on how they honor the things that they accrue with their wealth. Be around rich people as much as possible. Energy systems share energy. So be in the proximity of rich people so their energy system shares information with you through osmosis.

Recant all your vows of poverty, servitude, self-deprivation, and martyrdom.

Take care of the things you have now. If you don’t honor the inanimate energies around you, how can you expect the Universe to trust you to manage the responsibility of having a better quality of things. Keep everything that you have neat, tidy, and well accounted for. That is a way of showing the Universe that you can be responsible as the caretaker of more abundance and more things.

Have gratitude for what you do have. Nobody wants to give something to someone who doesn’t appreciate it. Being disrespectful of your possessions is a form of showing ingratitude to the Universe for what it has given you. Ingratitude energetically closes doors of opportunity and abundance. It just does.

Remove the victim and martyr mentality from your repertoire. Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you that you haven’t earned. Stop feeling sorry for your situation in life. Everything that you are given or not given is your own private lesson plan on how to tap into your omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.

Honor others for their contribution by paying them well for their services rendered. If you expect abundance for yourself, hold that intention for all others.

Honor the spiritual law of abundance regarding money. Don’t use money as a status symbol. See money merely as evidence of the law of abundance working in your life. Hoarding money away is like creating a pool of water. It will stagnate. Money, like water needs be fluid so that it doesn’t stagnate. Watch the spiritual law of abundance working in your life when you practice the randomness of both giving and receiving money.

Remember that there are other forms of abundance besides money. The goal should not be to accrue money at the costs to your health, leisure, peace of mind, or freedom. You want to make certain that your intentions to be rich are not merely you converting the energy of your joy, love, health and freedom into wealth.

Do these Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps to attract abundance in your life. Say each statement three time while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We accept all the abundance that is offered; in all moments.

We release feeding lack within ourselves; in all moments.

We shift our paradigm from want to have; in all moments.

We shift our paradigm from need to have; in all moments.

We release allowing the ego to sabotage our abundance; in all moments.

We release being lured away from our true vocation by the desire to be rich; in all moments.

We are centered and empowered in worthiness and abundance through following our true vocation; in all moments.

We resonate, emanate and are interconnected with all life in the worthiness and abundance of following our true vocation; in all moments.

We release sabotaging our abundance by micromanaging the Universe; in all moments.

We immediately shift our paradigm from not having abundance to having abundance; in all moments.

We release rejecting our windfalls through a false sense of humility; in all moments.

We remove all engrams, muscle memory, and belief systems of poverty consciousness; in all moments.

We extract all poverty consciousness from our beingness; in all moments.

We release choosing ego stroking as payment for our services; in all moments.

We remove all curses that we have put on the rich; in all moments.

We release cursing ourselves; in all moments.

We expound our own propensity for wealth; in all moments.

We remove all belief systems preventing us from receiving wealth; in all moments.

We infuse the vibration of wealth into our sound frequency and light emanation; in all moments.

We recant all vows of poverty; in all moments.

We recant all vows of servitude; in all moments.

We recant all vows of self-deprivation; in all moments.

We recant all vows of martyrdom; in all moments.

We imbue gratitude in and for all the things that we have; in all moments.

We release closing the door to wealth and abundance through ingratitude; in all moments.

We shift our paradigm from self-pity to the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence of our  wealth and abundance; in all moments.

We activate and honor our wealth by holding the intention for all others to enjoy wealth; in all moments.

We remove all blockages to living in accordance with the spiritual law of abundance; in all moments.

We release depleting our joy, love, freedom and health by converting them into monetary wealth; in all moments.

We are centered and empowered in living in the joy, love, health and freedom of wealth and abundance; in all moments.

We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all life in living the joy, love, health and freedom of wealth and abundance; in all moments.

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