How to consciously open your energy

Unlock your body’s energy. Practice gratitude and present-moment awareness to open energy systems, contrasting with fear-based closure.

The energy systems of the body are all apertures to the opening of your consciousness. Not just the heart chakra. Every mitochondrion is an energy that opens and closes at your command. Gratitude, kind gestures, doing something for someone else or for something outside of yourself literally opens your energy.

Patience, stillness, paying attention to the present moment are all ways to hold the energy of an energy system open regardless of whether it is a chakra or all the cells of the body. You can consciously practice staying healthy by practicing keeping your energy systems open. 

Energy systems close down as a form of self-protection. They respond to fear, negative thoughts, selfish intentions, regret, avoiding the present by conjuring up the past or future, worry, and complaints. When an energy system closes down, it is unable to receive the energy of the universe. 

This is the main difference between traditional western medicine and alternative medicine. Western medicine will use fear tactics to make certain that the individual understands how dire their situation is. They want the situation to have labels to identify what the condition is so all the facilitators have a consensus for treatment. This is a way to lock the issues into the programming of the cells and make it an absolute.

Alternative medicine will address an issue in more fluid terms. It will empower the individual to keep their energy systems open by not comparing their situation with others who have experienced similar issues. Comparisons are a way to find the lowest common denominator of an issue. It deduces all involved to the lowest vibratory rate possible.

Just because we don’t listen doesn’t mean that the energy systems of the body are not communicating with us. Alternative medicine is a means of trying to understand what the energy systems of the body are trying to convey to us. Attempting to listen to the body is very validating in its own way. It can even be considered healing. 

Have you ever had something that you wanted to share so badly that you could just burst?  The energy systems of the body experience this all the time. Those who live healthier lives are those who try to understand what the body is telling them on a molecular level. They attempt to validate whatever comes to “heart”. 

The great thing about this information is that the choices don’t have to be so black and white. You can still go to your western doctors but also validate the cells of the body at the same time. This can be very healing.

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