Flying to freedom and renewal

Experience this vivid dream of escape and transformation. Journey from oceanfront homes to newfound wings that symbolize breaking free from toxic ties and embracing self-healing.

Picture this. I am looking out into the ocean as the waves gently lap against the glass. I am in a great big, beautiful house that has a huge bay window looking into the water, similar to when you go to an amusement park with big pools with glass walls to see the animals in the water. I am able to see the abundant fish in the water and the endlessness of the ocean.

The house architecture has a lot of Mexican influences, including beautiful, tiled floors, brightly colored rooms, arches to the hallways, and some cultural decorations. As you go further into the house, down the stairs, there is a room that appears to be in a cave.

The cave room and unsettling encounters

The walls are a light sandy brown with stalagmites coming from the floor and stalactites hanging from up high. It is the size of a cathedral and naturally glows from the rock in the wall. The echo doesn’t feel as if you are standing in a void, but instead, is welcoming. I am able to explore and walk all around this house carefree and securely.

The neighbors are a nice family. I am not too familiar with them, but my parents know them. Everyone is smiling and laughing, having a great time, although one of the men makes me feel uneasy and I don’t trust him. He is shrouded in shadows, even though there is daylight, and his face is scruffy and rugged.

The unfolding chaos and wings of transformation

We are gathered outside the house, the ocean to the West and a large hill to the East. It is a cool summer evening, and a breeze gently goes through the strong trees and the tall grass. As we all talk and hang out outside, the sun sets, and a scuffle breaks out. I somehow got caught up in it along with two of the neighbor girls.

I push off the ground and try to fly away. I am awkward and shaky because it is my first time flying. Only certain people could see my wings – my family and the neighbor family. I fly back to our house to find my family and tell them what is going on. The man had seen my wings and had followed me to the house.

Finding refuge and true power

As I am calling for my parents, I turn a corner and see him inside. It is a violation. I begin to run or fly away, switching depending on how much space I have. I hear him staggering trying to keep up, favoring one leg over the other. I fly into the cavern room and my parents are there talking in the conversation pit.

There is a door on the wall that I go through. It leads to a movie theater and arcade place. I practically fall over on myself. My parents follow me in and ask me what is going on. I panically tell them that a man is chasing me for the wings that I now had. They acknowledge the situation and instead of panicking and asking questions, they immediately start helping.

The entertainment center was incredibly busy with people, so hiding among them was easy. Like I said, only the two families could see I had wings. I find places to catch my breath and hide. I hide in the arcade behind the loud machines and flashing lights. I hide in a pod meant for overnight sleeping or a quick recharge. All the while I try to talk to my parents and try to figure out what is happening. But every time I turn my head, I see his outline.

Final flight to freedom

He eventually gathers everyone’s attention and announces loudly to everyone there that I was different and to step away from me. A path opens up as people step away confused and cautious. There is a clear path from him to me. But this path is also open behind me and I see the exit. I make a mad dash for it, this time using my wings fully and confidently.

He tries to shoot me but misses and I bust through the doors. I try to catch my bearings and begin to fly away as he staggers, following me through the door. Golden bars begin to descend from the roof and rise from the floor of this enormous center. I feel panicked, as if I won’t make it out, but it pushes me harder. I barely make it through as I do a barrel roll through the bars as they are almost closed. I look back down at the golden cage that no longer imprisons me and at the man who is angrily ensnared. He is throwing a tantrum like a spoiled child being told no for the first time. I smile and throw my head back to laugh. I feel the sun envelop me in warmth, the clouds greet me, and the birds recognize me. I am free.

I wake up from the dream, heart racing, sweaty, and with a smile on my tear-stained face.

Dream symbols and interpretation

This dream came to me after doing some intense energy work. I was working to get a toxic relative out of my energy force. She had been following and tormenting me physically or energetically through many lives. I did energetic cleanse taps and cut the cords that were energetically connecting us. After this, I was exhausted and cried from the sudden strong release.

At a surface level, I knew that the man chasing me was her and outrunning him meant that I was finally free of her. After reflecting and talking about the dream with Jen in the Writing Forum sessions, more details emerged.

The house is my physical, causal, and astral body. The fact that the man was able to enter uninvited and with malicious intent showed how deeply and strong she had latched onto me. My wings have always symbolized my higher self. In other dreams, if I have wings. If I am struggling to fly, then there is work that needs to be done. If I can fly with ease, then I am on the right track to healing. Escaping the entertainment center and the golden cage like bars being the dividing symbol is breaking out of lower consciousness. No more was I being dragged and held down by her. I was able to take back my own power and have been better for it ever since.

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