Overcoming the emotional toll of divorce

Explore the transformative healing of past life insights and SFT tapping in the aftermath of divorce. Dive into emotional depths and emerge renewed.

Picture this. You are standing at the crossroads of your life with a whirlwind of emotions swirling around you. The pain of a broken marriage, the fear of an uncertain future, dealing with divorce lawyers, and the weight of your shattered dreams bear down on your shoulders. Divorce, like it has with many, has left its mark on you, leaving you wounded and searching for solace.

How can you overcome the emotional toll of divorce? How can you rise above the pain, the anger, and the sense of loss? Is it possible to heal your wounded heart and rediscover your own strength amidst the chaos? The answer is a resounding yes. From hurt to healing, there is a path waiting for you to embark upon. It is a transformative journey that will lead you to finding inner peace and embracing your own empowerment.


Marriage, or more broadly, a committed relationship, is that almost universally sought after union built on love, commitment, and common purpose. It is a journey that many embark upon with hopes of a lifelong partnership.

But unfortunately, not many marriages or committed relationships follow the fairytale script. As the years pass, most relationships become strained, communications break down, and the once unbreakable bond begins to crumble. For many, the burdens of life including dealing with the extended family, raising children, paying the mortgage, and climbing the corporate ladder, to name just a few, become too much. They get in the way of the whimsical and spontaneous special moments that you and your partner used to engage in.

Understanding the emotional toll of divorce

Divorce is a reality faced by many individuals around the world. Approximately 40 percent of first marriages in the United States end in divorce within the first eight years. These numbers serve as a stark reminder that divorce is a prevalent issue that affects countless individuals and families.

Navigating the choppy waters of divorce is a harrowing experience. The emotional toll it can take on individuals is daunting. Feelings of loss, fear, anger, and confusion are all too common.

The problem is that most people in a divorce scenario get caught up in the drama and the emotions of the experience. It is like a broken record that is endlessly playing in the background with no resolve. And traditional therapy or psychological counseling is often either not able break through the mire at all, or it takes years of effort at great financial and emotional cost to you.

Be proactive and take a different approach

The solution is to be proactive and to take a different approach.

If you are not proactive about your own healing, you will simply run on autopilot and be overwhelmed by the ego and the emotions. This is unfortunately the state that most people operate within. Burying your head in the sand will not get you anywhere. If anything, it will cause the emotions to boil over to the point of negatively impacting your mental health and well-being. The fact that you are reading this article is an indication that you have taken the initiative to act on the proactive angle of the solution. Keep it up and keep being proactive.

Want to know a secret about the broader human condition? Most people are programmed and conditioned to look for solutions within their limited field of view. But the reality is that doing things the way they have always been done is never a successful path to breakthrough transformation. Think about it. Would you be reading this article if the platitudes and generic solutions offered about overcoming the emotional toll of divorce actually worked? Didn’t think so.

By taking a higher vantage point, understanding past life influences affecting the dysfunction of the relationship, and utilizing a technique known as Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping, you can overcome the emotional toll of divorce, take back your empowerment, and find renewed purpose in your life. So, buckle up as we embark on a transformative journey from hurt to healing, one step at a time.

Take a higher vantage point

The first and arguably the most important step in overcoming the emotional toll of divorce, is to take a higher vantage point. A higher vantage point in this context is not about physical elevation. It is about a mental and spiritual one. It refers to the ability to rise above your immediate circumstances and observe your situation from a broader perspective.

This can be likened to the difference between being lost in a dense forest and looking at that same forest from a mountaintop. When you are in the thick of the forest, your view is limited. You can only see the trees immediately around you. But from the mountaintop, you gain a comprehensive view of the entire forest. You can see pathways that weren’t visible from within the trees. You can understand how different parts of the forest connect and interact. In short, you have gained perspective.

Applying this metaphor to your situation means looking beyond the here-and-now of your present circumstances and acknowledging the interconnectedness of your life experiences across time, including your past lives. In doing so, you might come to realize that the intense emotions you are experiencing during the divorce, or any significant life event, are not solely rooted in the present. They might also be reverberations of unresolved emotions and traumas from our past lives.

Adopting a higher vantage point also allows you to reconsider your understanding of personal responsibility and self-empowerment. From this viewpoint, you are not merely a victim of our circumstances but an active participant in your life’s journey. You get to recognize that your past life experiences, though impactful, don’t define you or dictate your future. Instead, you see them as opportunities for learning, growth, and healing.

By understanding the concept of the higher vantage point, you can start to see that your emotional responses to events like divorce are complex and layered and are influenced by both your current life situation and our past life experiences. This realization may initially seem overwhelming. But it opens the door to deep healing and transformation. By acknowledging the influence of past life engrams, we empower ourselves to confront and release these hidden sources of pain, facilitating a journey towards healing that is both profound and lasting.

Unraveling past life influences

You may be asking, “What do past lives have to do with my divorce?” The answer lies in the subconscious influence these past life engrams have on your current life. They shape your responses, our emotions, our decisions, and most importantly, our relationships.

The concept of past lives and their influence on our present lives may be unfamiliar territory for many. Yet, there is a growing body of spiritual and psychological literature that supports this perspective. The idea is that we are spiritual beings who reincarnate across numerous lifetimes and carry memories and experiences from one life to another. These memories and experiences, known as engrams, may subtly influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in our current life, often without our conscious awareness.

Let’s understand this through a metaphor. Imagine your soul as a book and each life as a chapter in that book. While we may consciously live and experience only the current chapter, the previous chapters subtly influence the narrative of our present chapter. The joys, the traumas, the lessons from our past lives – all contribute to the story of our current life.

Consider, for instance, the pervasive sense of fear or anger that some people experience during a divorce. These emotions may not entirely stem from the current situation but may be amplified by unresolved traumas from past lives that are triggered by the present circumstances. These triggers can lead to intense emotional responses, contributing to the dysfunction and ultimate breakdown of the relationship.

The interesting thing is that most intimate relationships carry with them intense past life dynamics. Let’s just say that in most cases, your intimate coupling in this life is not your first rodeo with the other person. Some relationships are true love bonds from past lives playing out for another night at the opera. But in most cases, intimate relationships in this life are forged for the purpose of playing out and resolving karma from past lives. To be honest, it is amazing that not more committed relationships end in divorce!

Uncovering and acknowledging these past life influences requires a willingness to delve into the unknown and a readiness to shift your perspective. It means setting aside your purely physical view of the world and embracing an understanding that we are all spiritual beings and eternal souls having a human experience. This shift in perspective can be challenging for some because it compels them to question their long-held beliefs and assumptions. However, it can also be deeply enlightening and empowering, providing you with a fresh lens to understand your experiences and emotions.

Unraveling these past life influences requires a mix of self-awareness, spiritual guidance, and the utilization of specific energy healing techniques. It involves exploring the landscape of your soul across lifetimes and bringing to light the hidden engrams that may be affecting your present life. It requires the courage to face these deeply entrenched patterns and the willingness to release them. Unless you are able to perceive in energy and read akashic records, you may need help to identify and unravel your past life influences.

Transforming with SFT tapping

Once you have identified the past life engrams that are influencing your relationship with the ex, the next question becomes: How do you resolve these issues? How do you release these past life engrams that keep you entangled in emotional distress? This is where the Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping process comes in.

SFT tapping is a unique healing modality developed by world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward. It is based on the principles of energy healing and is influenced by modalities such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and BodyTalk systems. But SFT tapping takes these principles much further. It is designed to access and release not just emotional and psychological distress, but also the unresolved trauma and engrams from your past lives across all planes of existence and in all moments.

The process of SFT tapping is straightforward and can be done by anyone, anywhere. It involves carefully crafting a statement reflecting something that you want to address in energy, and then repeating that statement three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest at the heart chakra, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen at the root chakra. Simple right?

Well, yes. But the real magic is in the way the statements are crafted and how those statements target the underlying core issue in energy. Notice that all SFT taps end in the phrase “in all moments”. And notice the use of the pronouns “we and us”, not “I and me”. When completing the taps, say each statement in an authoritative voice like you are giving a command to the universe. And pause before the phrase “in all moments”.

Beyond the simple face of things, there is a lot to be understood and learned about SFT tapping. An experienced energy healer like Jen Ward is able to help you identify your past life engrams, read your akashic record, and then craft a series of SFT taps to shift the energies that are holding you hostage.

Showcasing a Jenuine Healing private session

The best way to see and experience the amazing transformation available in overcoming the emotional toll of divorce based on this approach is through a real-life case study. In this case study, world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, works with a client who come to her asking for an emergency healing session.

The client, let’s call her Emily, was in the throes of a dysfunctional relationship breakdown and facing the prospect of divorce. She was suffering from anxiety and did not know what to do or how to break free from the emotional roller coaster she was experiencing. Interestingly, Emily was convinced that her husband was her soul mate. This additional dimension placed an additional layer of confusion and anxiety on Emily.

The same dynamics were being played out in Emily’s marriage in this life. For the most part, Emily played the same diminutive role she played as the young woman in the royal court. But over time, the relationship became more and more dysfunctional. As a side note, the husband’s brother in this life was also his younger and more capable brother in the royal family. In fact, the entire core of the royal family reincarnated together with Emily at the center of the complex royal family politics. No wonder things got challenging!

Once these past life dynamics were exposed, Jen was able to facilitate a series of SFT taps designed to allow Emily to break the energetic hold of the husband and the royal family on her, and for her to reclaim her own sovereign empowerment.


Divorce anxiety, like Emily’s, is more than just the fear of the unknown. Often, it is a manifestation of past traumas that the soul carries from one lifetime to another. By unearthing these hidden past life engrams and using SFT tapping protocols, you can confront and release these energies, paving the way for healing and transformation. Remember: there is always a higher vantage point, a deeper understanding, and a path towards healing and empowerment available to you. You’re not alone.

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