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Unlock the secrets of spiritual growth with these 16 transformative tips. Dive into a journey beyond the physical realm, seeking inner harmony and universal connection.

In a world where the race for material success often overshadows the quest for inner harmony, the word ‘spiritual’ gets thrown around, often stripped of its depth and sanctity. However, true spirituality is not a trend you can be part of just because it is trendy. It is a journey of understanding and aligning yourself with the universe. The spiritual tips provided here serve as a roadmap for those who dare to venture beyond the visible, tangible world, guiding souls towards a heightened state of consciousness and interconnectedness.

Realize that you are much more than a physical body.

Forgo getting caught up in emotional drama.

Realize that emotions are an escape valve for stagnant energy. Emotions are a gauge to when you are coming out of alignment. You are not meant to operate in reaction to your feeling all the time. In fact, feelings are very low on the survival scale. People who are always reacting emotionally can be difficult to be around.

Realize that there are realms of experience beyond the mind. The mind exists at the same level as the ego. The ego works against transcending the mind because it doesn’t want to lose its position of importance. Worshipping the mind is misguided.

Understand that judging others is merely a distraction from working on your own self. It is a form of denial.

Forgo indulging in the future or the past. Your omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence always exist in the moment. The more you indulge in the past or present, the more you take your attention off your own effectiveness.

Bow out of politics and religion. Both politics and religions in general have become a tourniquet on the lifeblood of humanity.

Realize Source is always accessed from within. Whatever you learn outwardly is merely a breadcrumb trail to access your inner compass.

Trust in the fact that you never die. Life is a continuation of experiences. If you have an aversion to looking at past lives, it may be that the pain and trauma of a past experience could be so excruciating that you don’t want to acknowledge that you have had past lives.

Your job as spiritual being is to accrue every possible scenario of existence through all your lifetimes so as to develop compassion for all life. If you don’t have a reference point for a particular experience, it may be because you have never experienced it or the experience was so painful that you block it out as a form of denial.

Stop taking sides in the rhetoric of life. The manipulators of situations use your energy to fuel division. Learn from those family dynamics that are so exasperating.

Worry less about being good and focus more on holding space for truth. Truth and love resonate similarly. If you focus more on being truthful and loving, you will discover much more of the secrets withheld from those who compartmentalize life.

Honor, respect and listen to all life. This includes all atoms of life.

Humans are not superior in importance. This belief is their own limitation to overcome. Wisdom is held in the ability to connect in energy to all animals, plants, trees, even sacred stones, and all inanimate life as well. All life is speaking to you. It is a matter of tuning in to listen.

Forgo all self-deprecation. This includes feeling unworthy and having a false sense of humility. True humility is a practice of honoring all life. It has been used as a means to self subjugate.

Practice love, gratitude, and truth in all ways. The more painful it is to expose your own failings, the more free your true self will be.

Do these Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps to live a spiritual life. Say each statement three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We expound our understanding of ourselves beyond the physical realms; in all moments.

We command the astral, causal, mental and etheric aspects of ourselves as well as our physical self; in all moments.

We release being distracted by drama; in all moments.

We dry up all psychic streams of energy created through drama; in all moments.

We release being in reactionary mode; in all moments.

We transcend our emotions; in all moments.

We release worshipping the mind; in all moments.

We release strengthening the ego through mental pursuits; in all moments.

We release ignoring our own spiritual lessons by judging others; in all moments.

We forego judging others; in all moments.

We release being trapped in the past; in all moments.

We release obsessing over the future; in all moments.

We release giving our power over to politics or religion; in all moments.

We reconnect to our inner compass; in all moments.

We release being stuck in a one life scenario; in all moments.

We remove all blockages to accessing the totality of our compassion; in all moments.

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