The partnership between the law of attraction and the law of love

Harness the power of love and attraction to manifest world healing. Discover how combining these spiritual laws can transform our reality.

My cat doesn’t understand the law of gravity. Yet he is beholden to it. When he jumps, he lands on the ground. This is true of us as well. There are other spiritual laws as binding as the law of gravity that govern our world. Two of them that could benefit everyone if they were practiced in conjunction with each other are the law of attraction and the law of love.

Many people are familiar with the law of attraction from reading the book, The Secret. It states that whatever you focus on will be drawn into your world. That your attention is like a tractor beam drawing into your personal realm, whatever you hold your attention on. People are having great results keeping a vision board and attracting into their life those things that they desire.

The spiritual law of love is the highest and noblest spiritual law there is. We think of love as the passionate self-feeding desire. But love is so much more than that. Love is the goodwill, trust, and kindness that exude from people who are imbued in the law of love. Love is a powerful force in the universe, the most powerful of all. There is nothing that is not possible if invoking and practicing love. It is stronger than any deception or selfish motive. It is cleansing, healing and empowering. The spiritual law of love simply states that nothing is impossible when maintaining the conviction of love.

The spiritual law of love and the law of attraction are as exacting as the law of gravity is to my cat and everyone else in the world. Everything is possible with love, and we attract to ourselves what we focus our attention on. When people think of administering these laws, they think of them in their own personal realm. They diminish love to the affection of one other person and they focus their attention on attracting that one person or a single desire that they believe will bring them happiness.

The spiritual laws are exacting. But our scope of understanding them and using them to empower ourselves is limited. Our personal affairs are our microcosm. Our microcosm is what we deal with and how we engage in things that directly affect our lives. Our macrocosm is the world and everyone that is engaged in it. Most of us, if we are consciously using the spiritual laws, are doing so in a small way. It is to get the car, house or mate of our dreams. We think of them in terms of our microcosm.

But what if we all used these two dynamic spiritual laws in conjunction to benefit the macrocosm of the world? What if we held up a vision board of the world with the things that would bring healing to the whole world? What if we all put on our vision boar sustainability, health, freedom, education and empowerment for all? What if we infused all these things with love and focused on what we wanted for the world, like our hope for all children, nature, innocence and animals of the world? What if we removed everything else from our scope of reasoning?

This would mean not listening to the news, not subscribing to politics, not trying to manipulate the world through our philosophies of right or wrong. What if we simply held a vision of what we desire in the world and totally dried up all references or agreements with what we don’t want in the world? The brain filters out about eighty percent of what is not relevant to it. It takes its cues from what we feed it with our attention. When we listen to the news, we are edging out charitable acts with our filter. When we listen to hate crimes, we are edging out kindness from our realm.

Most people who believe in a cause use their energy to emphasize the plight instead of the remedy for it. They believe that they are gaining awareness of an injustice. But what they are doing is working against the law of attraction and feeding the injustice that they are against. This is why I don’t focus on the issues of the world. I do not want one ounce of my energy going to feed them in any small way. People come to me all the time with issues and are surprised they get the reaction that they do. They are expecting my sympathy, outrage, or a call to action. These are all food to attract an issue, not to dry it up. I will not feed an issue.

The pink ribbon campaign works totally against our best interests using the law of attraction. We are attracting what we don’t want for the world. It is a disgrace how our love and admiration for those who have endured a life and death struggle with disease are being used to feed and propagate the disease itself. Our loved ones get lost in the message and we are left using our energy to feed the disease. This is how the law of attraction and the law of love together are currently being used in the world. It is up to those of us that can still reason to educate those who are swept up in mass consciousness. We must change the dynamics of the world using the law of love with the law of attraction for our benefit and not our detriment.

There is literally no limit to what the human heart working in cooperation with the mind can accomplish. It has never occurred to us before to use it as a conscious means of manifesting positive outcomes in the world. Change comes with us being aware at such a level that we bypass all the programmed promptings that sabotage our accomplishing world peace. Using these two spiritual laws together is tapping into the omnipotence that is the untapped potential of childlike wonder. It is harnessing their partnership for a vital outcome. Those who abuse power know all the tricks of the trade. Using the law of love and the law of attraction together is the conscious cure for the ills of man.

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