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Witnessing the depth of human suffering

I have learned from witnessing more than five hundred of Jen Ward’s energy healing sessions, that a lot of people suffer from some of the most horrible and horrific experiences associated with the human condition. The desperate desire for relief from this pain, trauma, abuse, and isolation, is often the catalyst for seeking out Jen’s help. For many people, Jen represents the last line of defense, and the only remaining option, for getting the relief they so desperately desire. This may be your story as well. Welcome. You are in the right place, and you are in safe hands.

Jenuine Healing is a place of healing, as the name suggests. And while the initial priority is often to stop the bleeding and heal the gaping wounds, our broader mission is to help you (and all the 8 billion people on the planet) to be fully aligned in your body, mind, and soul so that you can live your best life of passion and purpose with abundance, health, and success. It is about regaining your empowerment and allowing all others to be empowered as well. This is a journey. It requires work.

Transactional healing versus broader healing

To be fair, not all people that encounter Jenuine Healing will be interested in working on the broader body, mind, and soul healing process. Many will simply want Jen’s help to get relief from specific issues they are facing in their immediate circumstance. That is fine. With this in mind, let’s start the description of the healing process at the transactional end of the spectrum.

As I said in my opening remarks, a lot of people are suffering from incredible pain, trauma, abuse, and a sense of isolation, or a sense of being lost. When someone reaches their limit in enduring life’s challenges, they are often compelled to seek out a solution that is ordinarily beyond their comfort zone. This is when a lot of people are ready for their first private session with Jen.

Ever since Jen started doing energy healing many years ago, people have been led to her with unusual asks. She seemed to deliver. They usually confided to her that when they were praying or meditating for an answer to their problem, their spirit guides, an Archangel, God, or their own inner compass, led them inwardly to have a session with Jen.

The miraculous impact of a session with Jen

The first private session people have with Jen is often their first experience of:

  • being free of incredible physical and emotional pain
  • learning of past lives of suffering and trauma, and learning and how past life engrams affect the present life
  • alleviating pain by releasing past life trauma
  • an easing of negative compulsive thoughts
  • being validated as a dynamic energy being
  • interrupting the programming and conditioning that has driven them towards mediocrity
  • removing engrams of past life trauma that has been stored in their DNA
  • releasing the genetic propensity for disease that their parents have endured
  • interrupting the muscle memory of rigid belief systems
  • reconnecting with their inner compass
  • being protected from the curses and voodoo of the astral realm
  • alleviating some of the aspects that weigh down the human spirit
  • regaining a deep sense of purpose.

Many first-time clients understandably can’t totally process or even articulate what has transpired during their first private session. The relief comes seemingly so easy – perhaps too easy. And for a lot of people, that is where the process ends. Which is unfortunate for them, because there is so much to be done, and so much that should be done in order to truly heal the body, mind, and soul. This is because your immediate symptoms are often just the tip of the iceberg in terms of work that needs to be done in the broader sense of the soul’s infinite journey.

Beyond the tip of the iceberg

More and more people are awakening to the realization that their existence extends well beyond the physical world they observe on a day-to-day basis. They are beginning to realize that they are in fact a spiritual Being having a human experience for the purpose of expanding universal consciousness. They are beginning to realize they are connected to Source and “all that is” in the universe. They are beginning to realize they are an energy body that simultaneously operates on five planes of existence. And many people are becoming highly attuned to perceiving in energy.

The primary purpose of life is to transcend the ego as part of the ascension process under the veil of separation from Source that descends at the time of incarnation. Most souls have unsuccessfully struggled through this process over many thousands of lives. During most of those lifetimes, most of us have not even been aware of our primary purpose. Such is the heaviness of the veil of separation. We have bumbled through life after life in a state of ignorance, all the while accumulating experiences and collecting karma.

Beyond the transactional healing work that Jen does, helping you navigate your way through this spiritual journey is a core part of Jenuine Healing’s broader purpose. This is what we mean by “healing your body, mind, and soul.”

Core tenets of universal consciousness

Everything we do in Jenuine Healing is based on a set of core tenets of universal consciousness as we understand them. They include the understanding that:

  • there is a universal consciousness. We will call it Source to avoid drawing upon the tainted concept of God
  • we are spiritual beings whose consciousness exists beyond a single incarnated life. Most people alive on Earth right now have had many hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of incarnated lives, not all of which have played out on Earth
  • as spiritual Beings, we are an aspect of Source. We are interconnected in energy with everything in the universe, both animate and inanimate
  • all individual atoms of Source possess awareness and are therefore conscious
  • the purpose of an individual’s life in its incarnated form is to realize itself as a conscious Being in its relationship to all other conscious Beings
  • the purpose of life in its broadest perspective is to perceive life from every possible vantage point as a means to move the collective closer to Source
  • the base nature of Source is love
  • gratitude and enthusiasm are the doorways to higher consciousness, whereas regret and apathy shut down opportunity
  • the journey towards and beyond enlightenment never ends.

These core tenets speak to our identity as spiritual Beings that are an aspect of Source having a human experience for the purpose of expanding universal consciousness; and in the process, realizing ourselves as being an aspect of Source by piercing through the veil of separation that descends upon incarnation.

Living a spiritual life

It is one thing to have this spiritual awareness and understanding. It is entirely another thing to incorporate this understanding as a daily part of you living a spiritual life, becoming empowered, and experiencing perpetual abundance, health, and success.

The overwhelming impression I get from the thousands of private healing sessions that Jen has done over the decades is that many people who are already on a spiritual journey are finding it tough going. I often wonder how people who are not on a spiritual path are coping.

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • feeling misunderstood by those in your life
  • being the strength system and support for many yet feeling depleted in return
  • believing on some level that God or some higher power is punishing or targeting you
  • a need for answers to life’s questions that aren’t being satiated in any outer way
  • having an “out-of-the-box experience” that you don’t feel like you can ask others about
  • a chaotic overwhelming feeling that you are just keeping your head above water
  • an apathetic reaction to living that makes you wonder, “why bother?”
  • excruciating physical pain that has no seeming resolve and is difficult to manage
  • questioning your faith, government, and the necessity of other social structures
  • curious about all things and being drawn to buying into increasingly convoluted conspiracy theories
  • feeling incredible sensitivities to the suffering of others
  • desperation to get back to nature and live a holistic life
  • feeling alone in your greater understandings, and that there is no one else who can understand you
  • feeling rejected, abandoned, ostracized or isolated in some deep way
  • a desperation to get back to your joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, success, or empowerment
  • mourning an event or simpler time that has left you indifferent in life
  • gutted by a relationship that leaves you feeling like a fraction of your former self
  • trusting someone who seemed like they knew the answers and being let down.

You are not alone.

Grounding you in your spiritual experience

When you become part of the Jenuine Healing community, there are two things that you will primarily focus on in order to ground yourself in your spiritual experience. The first is to transcend the ego. The second is to use your human experience as a portal to outflow for the benefit of all of life – not just human life.

Continuously working on these two foundational aspects of living a spiritual life is what you are doing when you participate in our daily rejuvenation program, participate in the weekly open house events, become a member of the Jenuine Healing writer’s forum, participate in creative endeavors as part of our craft sharing circle, joining workshops and masterclasses, and participating in group SFT tapping events.

This is how you heal your body, mind, and soul. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Jenuine Healing tribe.

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