Kissed by a star

Discover the transformative power of bilingualism and the unique SFT tapping technique. Dive into the vibrational frequency of words and unlock profound soul insights with Jen Ward.

I can play with words. Being bilingual is an opportunity to have two words for just about everything! I can use both languages within the same sentence, provided that who I am speaking to can understand the same languages as I do, or find the “precise” word to use that doesn’t exist in the other language.

Do you think words can be used to carry a vibrational frequency? If so, which vibrational frequency do you use?

Words, words, words, so many at our fingertips. Evolving, revolving, floating off into the air, forever circulating around the world and out into the universe.

Can anyone receive spoken words that floated off into the air? If so, can words be attracted & pulled into someone else’s mind? What vibrational frequency is the receiver at?

Always seeking to enhance expansion and growth, I tuned into YouTube and was introduced to a unique technique of using words to unlock soul issues while tapping on the body to remove lifetimes of engrams. And it’s not necessary to repeat the same tap ever again, can this be true?

What are my main issues right now? How fast can engrams be permanently removed? I can help someone else in the world at the same time with the same issue? Really? Sign me up! I want to experience this.

I was very nervous to meet Jen Ward. Curious and uncertain of what the session could possibly reveal. At the beginning of my first session, I had put judgement and pressure on myself to memorize the key phrase provided by Jen to then in turn repeat it out loud while tapping at different places on my body.

Well, I did pretty good.

Once I relaxed and became comfortable, we got into a rhythm. I ended up enjoying the back and forth between us. It was kind of like a game of tennis. Following this session, time was set aside daily to complete The SFT Lexicon book. For me, tapping provided a feeling of centeredness, liberation, satisfaction and accomplishment.

In a group setting, SFT tapping is powerful. To be with a loving and supportive group with the same intention to assist humanity is like no other. My body afterwards would feel a buzzing vibrational high or a zen calmness or even a delayed fatigue inviting me to bed earlier than usual.

Tapping has assisted me with expansion and growth. When I hear a word or a word comes to mind that resonates with what I am feeling or inspired to send out into the universe then there’s a tap to create. It’s a simple yet profound practice of clearing up and cleaning up. There are moments of playful inspiration that a word summons leading to a flow of taps that keep coming and coming, you need to write them down to not forget!

Jen said we can create stars. I see an abundance in the night sky.

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