Shedding light on scoliosis

Dive into the mysterious link between past lives and scoliosis. Learn about the transformative power of energy healing and harness the potent Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping.

Have you ever considered the hidden stories carried within the depths of the human body? What does your body tell you about your past lives? And how can this understanding help you release past life trauma and overcome pain or a medical diagnosis?

Your physical body and its organs, tissues, and cells is the most magnificent library in all of the universe. Buried deep within is a treasure trove of books contains unimaginable stories featuring you as the main character. Imagine billions of books and trillions of pages dedicated to telling the story of you. Today, we are going to open up one such book, flip through its pages, and unravel the narrative of scoliosis.

The medical encounter

Aside from obvious preexisting conditions, most cases of scoliosis have unknown causes from the mainstream medical perspective. This is not very encouraging because it doesn’t offer a particularly strong medical path to prevention. And left untreated, it tends to get worse with age, particularly in the more acute cases. Even in mild cases, a lot of people are constantly concerned about the risk of it progressing and negatively impacting on their quality of life.

In the case of adolescent scoliosis, the typical treatment is to wear a brace in an attempt to prevent further progression. Wearing a brace is typically not considered to be a cure, and it not guaranteed to even prevent progression. Surgery is the primary treatment option in about 0.7 percent of cases. Left untreated, more severe cases of progressive scoliosis can lead to constant back pain, breathing difficulties, problems with pregnancy, and physical disabilities impairing quality of life and an ability to work. Not very encouraging so far, right?

A glimmer of hope

For a lot of people suffering with scoliosis, the prognosis is not that great. But despite the dead weight of the diagnosis, there is a world of healing possibilities that extend beyond the realms of traditional medical interventions. Allow me to share a tale that illuminates this path. This not just a story of defying odds but a testament to the indomitable human spirit, the power of energy healing, and how it has been Jen Ward’s mission to guide people towards a life filled with less pain and more joy. Let’s dive into this remarkable journey.

The healing encounter for a tiny dancer

Permit me to take you back a few years, to a tiny dancer, a teenager with her dreams woven around theatre and cheerleading. She was a vibrant spirit. But she was weighed down by a diagnosis of scoliosis. She was on the brink of relinquishing her dreams because of her debilitating pain. Can you imagine the heartbreak?

But here’s where the story takes a miraculous turn. This tiny came to Jen Ward when she was practicing massage therapy out of her one-bedroom apartment back in Rochester, New York. She told Jen that she has regular massages to help her with the pain. Her regular massage therapist was fully booked up. To this day, Jen doesn’t know how she found her because Jen did not advertise her services. I guess the universe just led her to Jen.

Placing her on her massage table, Jen reached out to her in energy. And then the extraordinary happened. As Jen’s fingertips traced the path of her spine, they both felt a sudden release of trapped energy. The tiny dancer’s body seemed to elongate, breathe, come alive in a way it hadn’t before. Can you fathom the joy of witnessing a life coming back to its rhythm?

At this stage in Jen’s massage therapy career, she already knew she could move energy with her hands and her intention. But witnessing it in such an obvious way was eye opening even for her. And the cool thing is that the tiny dancer felt it as well.

The tiny dancer kept in touch with Jen over the years, which was nice for Jen. Jen has helped thousands of people in her time as an energy healer.Not many keep her updated with their progress. So in that respect, this tiny dancer is special to Jen. The tiny dancer is in her thirties now living her dream teaching jazzercise. And it all began on that day when she dared to believe in the power of energy healing.

Past lives revealed

Jen often asked herself, “Why does scoliosis seem to strike at puberty? Why does it etch itself onto the very blueprint of our genes?” Years passed, and the universe brought Jen another soul grappling with scoliosis. The answers to Jen’s questions came to her as she was doing an energy healing session with the new client. And the answers were far more profound than Jen could have imagined.

In past times, children were considered adults much earlier. Puberty in the present life was considered adulthood in past eras. The condition of scoliosis is typically onset by puberty. Something was occurring at that age in a past that was causing the spine to curve.

With Jen client’s consent, she delved into the tapestry of the client’s past lives. There, Jen found a young queen, barely out of childhood herself, bound in an iron chastity belt. The belt was a cruel cage, holding her growing body captive, bending her spine to its unyielding form. It was common to secure a chastity belt on a woman so that she could not have sexual relations with another man while the king was away. It was deathly important that the kings were never questioned as the rightful heir. So, the chastity belt was used to make sure that the queen only had relations with the king.

In that life, the king, the client’s husband, went away to war for months on end and left the young queen in this iron contraption while he was away. As she grew, her frame tried to grow around the belt. It caused deformity in her body. When the king returned, the chastity belt was removed. But there was a hideous deformity in the young queen’s spine. It became hard for her to even walk. Her promising life as a beautiful young queen became an exercise in isolation and being considered an abomination.

Jen was shown this lifetime as one that was having the most negative impact on the client’s present life. Jen learned from that session that scoliosis in the present life is directly related to having to wear a chastity belt in a past life. There were many more past life issues in this client’s session. Many of them had to do with incredible loneliness. Since that session, if someone has symptoms of scoliosis, Jen assist them with the issues of wearing a chastity belt, being forced into adulthood way too soon, and issues of loneliness.

Liberation with SFT tapping

Your past lives have an influence on your present life, that is true. But they don’t need to define you. You can change the direction of your life that you agreed upon in your prebirth contract by using Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping. This technique is a guiding light that leads you out of the shadows of our past lives.

Try some of these SFT taps for yourself if you would like to release the shackles of past life trauma related to scoliosis. Say each statement three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We remove the chastity belt; in all moments.

We remove all the responsibility on us; in all moments.

We remove all the engrams and muscle memory of wearing a chastity belt; in all moments.

We repair the deformities; in all moments.

We release being isolated and alone; in all moments.

We release being trapped in a situation out of our control; in all moments.

We remove all deformities from our akashic records and DNA; in all moments.

We release being blindsided by the cruelty of life; in all moments.

We are centered and empowered in an organic perpetual joy of life; in all moments.

The next chapter in your story

Every healing journey is deeply personal and unique, and every step taken, regardless of the trials faced, leads you closer to healing and freedom. These stories I share from Jen’s catalog of private sessions aim to ignite a spark of hope and convey the tangible reality of healing available to all who choose to embrace it.

Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads, asking, “Could this be the next step in my healing journey?” It’s a profound question, one that only you can answer. I assure you, it’s okay to feel uncertain. It’s your journey, and you’re in control.

If the universe has led you here, just as it led the tiny dancer to Jen, consider experiencing your own private healing session with Jen. Remember, every step you take brings you closer to healing, to liberation, to profound joy. Know that you are never alone. The universe guides you, and the next step on your path is only a heartbeat away. Together, you and Jen can take that step, unshackle the chains of past trauma, and embark on a transformative journey towards healing and true self-discovery.

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