The history of man as related by the trees

Explore the profound bond between trees and humans, uncovering how trees influence our lives and human history.

I was lying in a hammock at our favorite campsite recently. The position of our tarp and tent placed us in the middle of a circle of adult gum trees. We had been to this site before and felt lavish attention from this family of trees. Yes, trees have families. They enjoy their interpersonal relationships and mourn the cutting down of their loved ones.

Understanding tree reincarnation and natural disasters

It is interesting to note that when trees are destroyed in natural disasters like fires or hurricanes, there is no sadness about their demise. The energy in the tree, or soul if you wish, scurries back into the rooting system underground or buddies up with a nearby tree until the sprout of a new physical tree begins. This is what reincarnation looks like in the tree world.

The kind of death that the tree mourns is when a tree is chopped down by ignorant humans. I have also felt trees mourn their dear one when a blight of vines suffocated the tree to death. It is a slow and treacherous way to go. And it is painful to watch those you love slowly be suffocated and cut off from communion with you. This kind of loss stays with a tree. I met a tree that shared this level of despair and mourning with me once. It was painful to feel his depth of despair, but I was honored that the tree confided in me.

Natural deaths are met with excitement by trees. The trees love a billowing wind and rainfall. They feel most alive during a torrential downpour. Right before a huge storm, you can feel the excitement of the trees. It is similar to humans preparing for a holiday. If you think about it, the abundance of rain for a tree is similar to humans being satiated with food.

I posed the question once, asking no one particular, if trees were sad when a storm takes them out. No. They love the excitement of the storm. Trees have something similar to an adrenaline rush. A good hearty storm gets their version of adrenaline pumping and they feel totally alive. This is similar to people who die in battle. There is no pain or suffering dying in battle because adrenaline levels are amped up so high that humans don’t feel the pain of dying. It is more of a surprise than anything else.

Human impact on trees

So, it is not death that trees mourn but the intentions of humans and the lack of consideration they give trees. The intention to cut down a tree saddens them. The indiscriminate elimination of whole forests causes them regret as well. These days, it is harder for trees to embrace their version of reincarnation because the ground is not replenished with enough trees for them to easily come back into the sprout of another tree. In a way, trees learned to experience the finality of death because of what humans have inflicted on the world.

In the old days, a tree perpetuated itself through seedlings dropping close to its base. There were new saplings every year. But now with overgroomed yards, asphalt and pavement, trees don’t have the same luxury of raising a tree family. Humanity is losing the warm and fuzzy feelings trees are capable of exuding through the trees’ desire to grow a family.

You don’t believe me? If you ever have an opportunity to go to an old orchard where the trees are cared for and appreciated or to a forest or park where trees grow of their own volition, you will sense the family warmth and goodwill the trees exude. Even in your own neighborhood, the trees that stand vigil outside your home are capable of giving you wise counsel and nurturing the children in the neighborhood.

Did you ever leave a hard day at work, pass a row of trees on the side of the road and feel instantly better? If the trees are growing on both sides of the road, that is even better. You can pass off a lot of stagnant energy just by driving through a row of trees. When you do this, you are benefiting from being immersed in the trees’ energy systems and it will relieve you of some heavy energy.

If you have a tree growing outside your bedroom window, you have access to a providence that is keeping you well balanced and protected. Pay attention to all the benefits that you receive from interacting with trees. It will be life changing. In fact, if we can support this on a grand scale, there will be an evolutionary shift in the consciousness of the world.

Ancient wisdom

There is a secret that all trees know about the history of man. As I was lying under the gum trees and appreciating their presence, they shared more of an understanding of the history of trees and man. I was given remnants of the story by trees who trusted me. Perhaps you have been given these truths as well. But as I lay in the hammock, I grabbed the bare essentials of a more linear understanding of the significance of trees. I am certain that all who read this will get a better understanding of this history by being present to the trees around them.

As I sat in this circle of gum trees, the voice of an ancient gum tree shared the history of trees and man. Please use the following explanation from an ancient gum tree as a rudimentary understanding to base your own research on.

The voice of the gum trees

In the early days of man’s evolution, humans took comfort and protection in our limbs, where they were high above those who roamed the land to eat them. Trees were man’s home, solace, transportation, food supply and resource for tools.

A lot of man’s early instructions on how to survive came from trees. The trees were amused at how much information humans ingested from them. At first, trees treated humans with the same mild interest that they had in birds, monkeys and other tree inhabitants. But they soon realized humans were different. They could retain information and react more quickly creating a cause and effect.

Humans co-opted what trees gave them as if it were their own truth. The relationship between man and trees became constrained the more man disregarded trees and took total credit for the information the trees gave him. The problem was that the relationship between men and trees was so symbiotic that humans assumed the wisdom they received from the trees was their own. They took the nurturing that trees gave them for granted as if they were entitled to it.

With all the survival skills trees had given man, he felt safe to come down from the trees to live on the ground. He used the skills trees taught him such as how to control fire and use it to burn off dead branches. The trees taught man how to collect fallen branches to build a home. Trees infused in man the ability to make rudimentary tools like rope for survival. This was beneficial to trees. They got tended to by the humans and still held them with an endearing regard.

Then the relationship started to change. The more humans lived on the ground, the less they respected the wise counsel of the trees. In fact, many disregarded their relationship with trees altogether. Instead of seeking the trees’ wise counsel, man filled in the gaps of understanding with his own conjectures. He treated these conjectures as absolute truths.

Many of the humans, mostly male, stopped interacting with trees. Others still accepted assistance from trees, but they gave credit to an imaginary ominous figure they called god. This god was the manifestation of their own collective ego. It had a cruel controlling nature that trees were never privy to.

Man began to offend trees in an oppressive way. He not only stopped tending to the trees, but also subjugated them by treating them as dead material for his own benefit. Without the trees’ wise counsel as balance, man developed an appetite for violence. He cut down trees, eventually destroyed whole forests and inflicted more and more cruelty on his enemies. His god became more ruthless and demanding. Their man made god had a jealous, petty nature to justify and satiate the cruelty of the collective ego.

Those who still communicated with trees lived simpler lives. Their nonverbal communications and reverence for trees became a threat to the collective ego. The simple folk who loved the land and lived in harmony with trees were called pagans. At first, the word pagan was a neutral word depicting those who spoke with nature.

Many were secretly jealous and threatened by the pagans’ relationship with trees, so man demonized pagans. Man accused pagans of sinister things with no merit. The only thing that man could actually prove was that pagans did not worship the man made god of the collective ego. He grew ruthless defending this collective ego as all knowing.

Man made it a decree of the collective ego to eradicate those who revered trees. This involved systemic cruelty towards pagans. The Crusades were actually a systemic genocide of pagans. Whoever didn’t bow down to the man made god was enslaved, tortured, or killed. Trees lost their inclination to communicate with humans on a mass scale. They were devastated with how this species they had nurtured so vehemently betrayed them. The age of trees counseling man ended which meant a slow death of creativity, imagination and innovation.

The Dark Ages started when man veered off the trajectory towards mass enlightenment on the planet. It is when he came out of balance with tree kind. The dark ages of ignorance sprang from the superiority man felt over trees. The cruelty of man did not end with this sense of entitlement. Man invented new enemies. Factions of man created slightly different versions of their man made god.

With the trees’ tutelage, man could have continued on a trajectory of greatness. Instead, he wasted his energy creating enemies for himself. He became vested in enemies as a means of denying culpability on any matter. He created different interpretations of the qualities of this man made god and deemed them superior to all the rest. Factions of man could claim superiority over other factions of man for their ‘more accurate’ understanding of god.

A lot of man’s energy has been wasted in maintaining a stagnant state of superiority over others. This has created mass apathy in the world.

An ever-greater schism was created between man’s nurturing female energy and the goal-oriented nature of his male energy. Male energy subjugated female energy which meant squelching its own propensity for compassion and vulnerability.

There were a few things that the different factions agreed upon: Mankind was the superior species over all others, man was superior to woman, and the god that each faction invented needed to be worshipped and revered over all others.

This superiority was important to the collective ego because it gave man deniability. Man knew in his heart of hearts that trees were sacred and that accessing female nature was key to regaining his sensitivities. Yet man could not acknowledge the cruelty and indifference of his own actions. Because of that, he refuses to acknowledge his own actions from past lives and he continues to demonize those who show deference to trees. The unfortunate reality is that man is in danger of destroying the whole planet because of the destruction his collective ego has inflicted on earth and his inability to face this truth.

The Dark Ages never ended by the way. Man has just become savvier in his ability to block out the suffering of others. The true signs that the Dark Ages have ended are when: women are treated as equals, compassion is reinstated as a viable response, all forms of life both animate and inanimate are respected, technology is used to upgrade humanity instead of being used to subjugate people. Wars are a great indicator that man is still in the Dark Ages. The fact that man has become savvy in blocking out the suffering of the collective is a true testament to how sick humanity is.

In general, the sicker individuals are, the more this is an indication they feel the pain of the collective. They need to understand that the pain in their body is reflective of the suffering of the whole. The key is not to lay down and die because of it but to open up their beingness as a portal of understanding that the collective pain of the masses can pass through. The more that individuals can relax their atoms and open up their energy systems, the more the stagnant energy of the collective mind can dissipate and higher reasoning can prevail.

Trees exist on many planets. The planets with the greatest survival rate are the ones that defer to the counsel of trees. Earth has a sliver of a chance to survive. Those who have strong relationships with trees and are advocates for truth have reincarnated in the present lifetime to give earth a fighting chance. Those who can process the information here and assimilate it will be helping earth survive. Many have incarnated at this time to help earth thrive. In fact, this topic would not be discussed here if there was no fighting chance.

It is up to all humans to forgo the programming and conditioning of the collective ego and return to the sovereignty of communing with trees. Spend some time among the trees, clear some vines from their trunks, plant flowers at their base, sit under their shade. By reinstating your original relationship with trees, you will be activating a more civilized means for humans to evolve. You will begin to redirect all of humanity to be in communion with all life.

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