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Delving into the harrowing tale of a loveless childhood, Jen Ward challenges pro-life perspectives by intertwining past lives, karmic transactions, and the profound need for love in every child’s life.

My sister is a hanger baby. My mother was terrified of giving birth after then having seven children. When she was pregnant with my sister, she tried to abort her using a hanger. It was one of those secrets of the family. My sister was born normal. But as she grew, she was more street smart than book smart. My mother favored her terribly because of the guilt in what she had attempted to do. She thought she made her stupid.

Life amidst dysfunction and poverty

My mother had three nervous breakdowns, suffered with debilitating alcoholism, and we lived in incredible poverty our whole lives. The only pride we were afforded was knowing our father was a good catholic. A good catholic father of ten children was the schtick he used at every turn to borrow money. We the ten children were his collateral.

There were little joyful experiences in my childhood. One friend asked me once to think of my happiest moment when I was a child. I have a photographic memory but could not think of one happy experience. I am sure there were some, but they got blurred out by the abuse, poverty, demoralization, and the dysfunction.

I was cursed on my birth by my mother. She delivered me in a drunken stupor. She hung on to the doorway frame of the wall when they tried to take her to deliver me. She just screamed how much she hated me. I lived my life ensconced in numbness. I don’t think I have been able to fully shake it. I was well into my twenties before it occurred to me that some parents not only love their children, they like them as well.

Challenging pro-life perspectives

People always say they are speaking for the unborn. But they are not. They are speaking for their religious bias. They are speaking for a conditioning to bring babies into the world for some kind of political numbers game. The unborn would be better off if they landed in a place of love for them. It worked out well for my sister being born because of my mother’s guilt, she had an advantage in life. I was not so lucky.

Every child has the right to be loved. I did not have to endure such a loveless existence. As I grew, I have had many memories bleed through about my past lives. It was not a thing that was in my belief system and yet the memories bled through.

Karmic transactions and past lives

If I had past lives, then I know I have future lives. I have the knowing that all of who I am doesn’t depend on this one lifetime. Nor does it with any fetus. I have had sessions with clients who brushed through heavy karmic interactions with certain individuals by being their miscarried baby. It was all the interaction they needed to complete the karmic transaction between parent and child.

What I have endured, I would not inflict on an innocent baby. There is the starving, being poor, being unloved, and trying desperately to thrive through incredible dysfunction. It is not something I think of everyday but the trauma of being a “have not” in a world of “haves” is the cruellest fate you can thrust on a baby. It would be different if it was merely a material thing. A mother’s love can help a child through any disadvantage. But without the love between a mother and child, the fate of both seems an unnecessary burden.

I know everyone who says they are pro-life think they have the most scrupulous vantage point. But if they lived the life of a loveless baby, they may be much more agreeable to allowing there to be a choice. If they had more ability to tap into their own past lives, maybe they would get a sense of the depravity that a loveless child endures. If they had more understanding of the depth and nuances of karmic interactions, perhaps they would  trust others to make the best choice for themselves.

The soul’s agreement with the universe

I know people reading this will argue that it was good that I was born because I do so much good for others. But I would be me wherever I incarnated.  My agreement with the Universe is mine alone. Every individual should be in charge of their own incarnations.

It is cruel to force souls to incarnate with the enemy when it is possible for them to work out their karma together in the gestation period and then be free. Please appreciate this wisdom that being thrust into a difficult incarnation has afforded me.  Allow other souls the freedom to escape the cruelty that religious zealots so carelessly sentence to so many generations.

Tapping for choice and empowerment

Say each statement three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

We remove all blockages to all individuals consciously accessing their akashic records; in all moments.

We release forcing souls to incarnate; in all moments.

We remove all tyrannical obsession over the gestation period of humans; in all moments.

We release phasing out all species of sacred life simply to make space for more humans; in all moments.

We release revering human children over the children of all other species; in all moments.

We release the selfish ignorance and denial of entitled humans; in all moments.

We strip all illusion off the continuation of life; in all moments.

We thwart humans from proliferating like cockroaches; in all moments.

We remove all curses to overpopulate the earth that the bible has put on humanity; in all moments.

We release the primal compulsion to over procreate; in all moments.

We release the compulsion or obligation to procreate; in all moments.

We release enslaving humanity through overpopulation; in all moments.

We dissipate all psychic streams of energy that contribute to the overpopulation of humans; in all moments.

We remove all blockages to universal birth control; in all moments.

We remove the hand of a man-made God from a woman’s uterus; in all moments.

We remove all masks, walls, armor, illusion, and entitlement off all pro-life zealots; in all moments.

All of society awakens to the natural understanding of the continuity of life; in all moments.

All of humanity transcends procreating out of habit; in all moments.

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