Protecting advocates of truth

January 12, 2024 at 5PM New York time
Online Zoom event hosted by Jen Ward & Marvin Schneider
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Elevate consciousness with group SFT tapping events. Shift energy, transcend challenges, and unite in higher purpose for collective healing.

Throughout history, there have been courageous individuals who have stood as pillars of truth, often at great personal cost. These advocates, driven by a commitment to integrity, justice, and truth, have faced various challenges, ranging from being misunderstood to outright persecution. In many instances, their noble efforts have been met with resistance, and at times, they have even been demonized or crucified for their beliefs. This event is an homage to the current day heroes of truth and an effort to energetically support them in their ongoing endeavors.

In our current era, the battle for truth has taken on new dimensions. Propaganda, rhetoric, and personal smears have become sophisticated tools used to erode the fabric of society, diminish common goodwill, and sow seeds of fear and hate. These tactics, often invisible yet potent, have the power to destroy trust and undermine the efforts of those who work tirelessly to maintain the light of truth in an increasingly complex world. Our event aims to counteract these negative forces, using the powerful tool of SFT tapping to neutralize hate and violence, and to fortify the spirit of those at the forefront of this battle.

This upcoming group SFT tapping event, “Protecting the Advocates of Truth”, serves as a companion and continuation to our previous event focused on fostering collective governance in higher consciousness. It is an opportunity for you to actively participate, not just as a bystander, but as a crucial contributor in a shared mission. By joining us, you are assisting those handfuls of brave souls working against the formidable barriers of apathy, ignorance, and malice. It’s about protecting and energetically supporting those who advocate for and hold space for truth in our world. Together, we can create a wave of positive change and uphold the values of truth and justice for all.

Benefits of group SFT tapping

Group SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping events offer a unique and powerful way to address the significant issues facing our collective consciousness. These events are not just about individual healing; they are about harnessing the collective power of many individuals focused on a singular issue with a noble intention. When you come together in such events, the synergy of your combined energies creates a powerful force that shifts stagnant energy and elevates the collective consciousness. This is essential because the profound issues that plague our world – greed, hate, self-interest, apathy, and the limitations of existing man-made institutions – cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness where they were created. These challenges require a transformative approach, one that transcends traditional thinking and taps into a higher, more enlightened state of being.

Our group SFT tapping events are designed to facilitate this shift. By addressing issues in energy and from a higher vantage point, we connect directly to the source of universal consciousness. This connection allows the collective to transcend the lower vibrations of conflict and discord, elevating our collective mindset to a plane where solutions are not just possible, but are imbued with compassion, understanding, and a deep sense of interconnectedness. Through these events, participants experience a profound realignment with their own inner truth and with the greater truths of the universe. This alignment is not just healing on a personal level; it radiates outward, contributing to a global shift towards a more conscious, enlightened society. In essence, group SFT tapping is more than a healing practice – it’s a pathway to a new era of higher consciousness, where the collective challenges are met with collective wisdom and elevated intent.

What you will experience

  • Guided SFT tapping sessions led by Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider
  • Techniques to channel your energy towards protecting truth advocates
  • A sense of unity with like-minded individuals across the globe
  • Personal empowerment and spiritual upliftment

Event registration

This transformative experience is accessible via Zoom, with attendance requiring registration and a donation. Your contribution not only grants you access to this life-changing event but also supports the broader mission of spreading love, truth, and healing across the globe.

On completion of registration, please access your customer dashboard to download the calendar invitation with the zoom link details and the SFT taps for this event.

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