Break free from labels

Explore the power of transcending labels with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider, and embrace a more expansive and authentic existence.


In the thought-provoking episode “Break Free from Labels” from Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward address the complex topic of how labels shape and restrict your understanding of the world. They start by exploring the concept of labels as a means for people to navigate their lives in a world where they are energetically ‘blind.’ Jen describes an enlightening experience with energy beings and their mode of communication, which transcends the need for labels, illustrating how labels are used by people to compensate for their lack of energetic perception. This analogy sets the stage for a deeper discussion on the limitations and implications of labeling in everyday life.

The conversation then delves into the dual nature of labels, acknowledging their functionality in organizing and understanding the physical world, while also pointing out their tendency to diminish and restrict the essence of what they describe. A poignant example given by Jen is the immediate labeling of a newborn as either boy or girl, which she argues, confines a being that is inherently limitless. They also discuss negative connotations associated with certain labels, such as ‘tree hugger’ or derogatory terms used to define gender fluid individuals, highlighting how labels often create barriers and perpetuate divisions.

The episode concludes with a powerful SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping session led by Jen, aimed at releasing the restrictions and limitations imposed by labels. This part of the podcast provides a practical application for the ideas discussed, offering you an opportunity to actively participate in shedding the constraints of labels from your life. Additionally, Jen shares a personal anecdote about her name, encouraging you to embrace your true identity, even if it means changing the labels you have been given. The episode, rich in spiritual insight and practical wisdom, invites listeners to reconsider the labels they use and to perceive the world and themselves with greater freedom and authenticity.

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