Heart over mind

Explore the dance between heart and mind in this Daily Rejuvenation podcast episode. Join hosts Marvin and Jen as they dive into SFT Tapping to awaken humanity’s consciousness.


In this insightful episode of the Daily Rejuvenation series on Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward dive into the intricate interplay between the heart and mind. The episode begins with an introduction to their daily rejuvenation practice series, emphasizing the transformative power of these sessions. Jen and Marvin engage in a profound discussion about the limitations of a mind-dominated approach to life and the expansive potential of leading with the heart. Drawing inspiration from influential figures like Gandhi and Mother Teresa, Jen articulates how a heart-led life, unrefuted by the confines of the mind, can catalyze significant change and personal empowerment.

The conversation then shifts to practical applications of living from the heart. Jen provides insights into the synergy between the heart’s passion and the mind’s structure, illustrating how they can complement each other to achieve a harmonious balance. Marvin, reflecting his practical nature, queries about the tangible aspects of heart-led living. They explore how people often fluctuate between heart and mind, with Jen emphasizing the importance of nurturing and strengthening both aspects to become one’s own wise counsel. This balance, they agree, is crucial for personal growth and spiritual alignment.

The episode culminates with a powerful Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) Tapping session, led by Jen and facilitated by Marvin. This session is designed to help listeners release doubts about their heart, balance the head and heart relationship, and empower them to live more holistically. These SFT taps serve as practical tools for viewers to integrate the episode’s teachings into their daily lives, fostering a deeper connection between their emotional and intellectual selves. The episode not only provides insightful discussion but also offers tangible practices for viewers to achieve greater self-awareness and harmony within.

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